Albert Einstein At School


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This is a presentation based on the chapter in CBSE Class 11 Snapshots Textbook.

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  • this is part of albert einstein's biography written by patrick pringle..
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Albert Einstein At School

  1. 1. Albert Einstein @ school By, Pat r ick Pr ingle
  2. 2. A bit about, Einstein!! Albert Einstein was born on 1879 and is considered as the greatest theory physicist. His main contribution to physics was the “Theory Of Relativity". This lead to a massive revolution in physics, and due to this, he is considered as the Father of Modern Physics He worked as a professor at the Berlin Academy of Sciences in Germany but later became a citizen of the U.S.He played major role in making the atom bomb. he received the 1921 Nobel Prize inPhysics "for his services to theoretical physics, and especially for his discovery of thelaw of the photoelectric effect".
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Albert Einstein hated the education he received, he believedthat learning facts is not education, and says that its not facts that matter but ideas!! He didn’t like studies, hated his school life, didnt like the place where he lived “He just wanted to escape from everything”
  4. 4. charactersThis is story is a part of the biography of Einstein written by ‘Patrick Pringle’The characters are:• Albert Einstein• Mr. Braun - his history teacher.• Yuri- his friend.• Dr. Ernest Weil - a neuro-specialist.• Mr. Koch –mathematics teacher.• Elsa-his cousin sister
  5. 5. • Albert’s class was on the history teacher Mr. Braun asked Albert if the Prussians defeated the French to Waterloo. Albert told him that he didn’t know and he must have forgotten. This irritated the teacher. He asked Albert, why? Albert replied that he didn’t see a point in learning dates. One could learn about them from books. Ideas are more important than facts and figures. The teacher attributed to Albert that he didn’t believe in education. He talked in a sarcastic manner. Albert told him that education should be about ideas and not facts. The teacher said that Albert was a disgrace to be there Albert felt miserable when he left the school that afternoon.• He didn’t like this school. He would have to come to it again. He lived in a small room. It was one of the poorest quarters of Munich. The landlady beat her children regularly. Her husband came every Saturday and drank in the evening. He then beat her. He didn’t like the children’s crying every time. He told these things to Yuri. He hated the atmosphere of slum violence. Next time his cousin [elsa] came to Munich. She told Albert that if he tried he could pass the examination. There were more stupid boys than him. Moreover, passing the examination was not difficult. It was simply just to be able to repeat in the examination that Elsa that he was not good at learning things by heart. He liked music as it gave him comfort. Albert didn’t like to remain in school. He met Yuri after six months. He had an idea. He told Yuri that if he had a medical certificate that he suffered from a nervous breakdown, he could get rid of school. He asked Yuri if he had a doctor friend. Yuri told him that he had in Dr. Ernest Weil. However, Yuri told him not to deceive him. He must be frank with him. When Albert visited Dr. Ernest Weil he had really come near a nervous breakdown. Dr. Ernest issued him the certificate. His fees were that he should serve Yuri with a meal. Albert told Dr. Ernest about his future plans.• He would go to Milan. He hoped to get admission into an Italian college or institute. It was possible from the comments of the Mathematics teacher, Mr. Koch. Yuri told him to get a reference in writing from the Mathematics teacher before going to the head teacher. Mr. Koch, the mathematics teacher encouraged him.
  6. 6. Einstein’s matriculation certificate at the age of 17.the heading reads “The Education Committee of Aargau”
  7. 7. At age 14At age 3 Einstein’s home in Berlin
  8. 8. He still lives on….. On 17 April 1955 ,he experienced heavy internal bleeding Caused by rupture of an abdominal aorta. He refused to undergo the surgery as he was preparing for a television appearance commemorating the State of Israels seventh anniversary, but he did not live long enough to complete it. Einstein refused surgery, saying: "I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly."During the autopsy, the pathologist of Princeton Hospital, Thomas Stoltz Harvey,removed Einsteins brain for preservation without the permission of his family, in thehope that the neuroscience of the future would be able to discover what madeEinstein so intelligent. Einsteins remains were cremated and his ashes werescattered at an undisclosed location.
  9. 9. Sample of Einsteins brain
  10. 10. elsa, his cousin sister Maja,einstein’s mother and himself maja
  11. 11. Dhanush MAthira P SArya S NairAthira santhanGautham Krishnan