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A presentation by Helium Knights - Brian Gaines, Goutham Pacha Ravi, Tiffanie Smith, Sagar Puro and Praveen Lobo for the HCC 8310 course.

A presentation by Helium Knights - Brian Gaines, Goutham Pacha Ravi, Tiffanie Smith, Sagar Puro and Praveen Lobo for the HCC 8310 course.

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  • 1. HeliumKnights
  • 2. HeliumKnights ―We are graduate students providing an easy to use, multifaceted, intuitive technological solution to graduate students to help cope with the rigors of academic life and to facilitate leisure activities.‖
  • 3. The Design Challenge Long hours spent in isolation are not uncommon to graduate students as they struggle through the four or five — or more — years required to finish their degrees. Though resources exist to help graduate students, many still struggle with academic stress, isolation and pressure to graduate on time. Some students may have to leave without a degree if they cannot pass their general exams on the first or second attempt, while others struggle through the proposal and defense stages. Though many people pass, the pressure of succeeding creates a lot of stress for students. As a part of this design challenge, we'll have to design a new system that works to counteract some of the effects of isolation for graduate students and supports them in achieving their goals.
  • 4. Initial Research Experts: Dr. Neil Burton, Director for the Center for Career & Professional Development Kathy Mabry, CAIF and International Students Literature Review Stress, anxiety and depression Surveys: Variety of Graduate Students Domestic, International) Focus on stressors, relievers, etc. familial (Masters, Doctoral, relationships, stress
  • 5. Survey Results  A survey was administered to Graduate Students at Clemson University  Of the 20 respondents, we found:  53% Female, 47% Male  53% 18-14, 37% 25-29, 5% 30-35, 5% 36-40  53% U.S. Citizen, 47% Non-U.S. Citizen  74% Master’s Students, 20% Ph.D.
  • 6. Insights From the survey, we were able to generate the following insights:  Graduate Students of all levels seem to struggle with managing their time  Finances seem to be a common stressor among graduate students  With the balancing of school/ research, work, and possibly a family, students find it difficult to carve out some time to de-stress themselves.
  • 7. The Concept LifeSync, A web-based application that enables graduate students to keep track of their hectic schedules, create a dynamic socially interactive experience with other users, and to compare schedules with other users in order to plan social events.
  • 8. Low-Fidelity Prototype  A paper prototype was devised to demonstrate the login, profile, calendar, and event creation functionalities of our design.  Usability testing, involving a think-aloud protocol while performing a series of tasks, was conducted with five participants at the Multimedia Authoring Teaching and Research Facility (MATRF) at Clemson University.  Prior to testing, the participants assembled a ballpoint pen while describing the process to build rapport with the researchers as well as to understand think-aloud protocols (Reddish and Dumas).
  • 9. Low-Fidelity Prototype
  • 10. Usability Test
  • 11. DEMO
  • 12. Heuristics 1. Visibility of system status 2. Match between system and the real world 3. User control and freedom 4. Consistency and standards 5. Error prevention 6. Recognition rather than recall 7. Flexibility and efficiency of use 8. Aesthetic and minimalist design 9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors 10. Help and documentation
  • 13. User Test Comments:  I like the way the website allows the user to set moods  The website is simple and easy to understand  The summary of events on my profile is a novel feature  I like how the information is arranged in the profile page it allows me easy access to all the features in a single click  The logo is kick a**  With a few more tweaks I think this could be a really awesome app  Oh !! I can access Spotify cool!!
  • 14. Future Work  Building for extensibility  Go-to for scheduling  Add more ―social‖ interaction  Build message/notification feature  Integrate with google calendar api, increase features  Reminders – Email, SMS, pop-up extension  Visual enhancement: ―rich-media‖ + ―subtle delivery‖
  • 15. Special Thanks To: The Multimedia Authoring Teaching and Research Facility (MATRF), Clemson University The Usability Testing Facility, (UTF) Clemson University Clemson Michelin Career Center Clemson Area International Friendship (CAIF)