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Protrainer india 3 fold brochure


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Protrainer india 3 fold brochure

  1. 1. A life isnt significant except for its impact on other lives, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Make an Impact.... PROTRAINER INDIA Building Knowledge for GrowthTo whom PTIPL Franchisee is suitable?PTIPL Franchisee is designed in such a way that any one irrespective of Be a Franchisee of PTIPLgender can easily run this business anywhere in India or any part of the Benefits to the Franchiseeworld. We work on a strong management system developed by the • Excellent business opportunity with high returns & safe investmentcompany to run our Franchisee outlets. • Franchisee will be our partner in growth • Established national brand name and logo with Multi diverse area of activityWhat is the main work of Franchisee? • Effective advertising & marketing support from companyFranchisee can simply follow the day to day guidelines provided by the SUCCESS • Full office support by company with day to day help in troubleshootingcompany which is informed through e-mail or by mail to our Franchisee. • New products are added up regularly in our listTheir respective staff can perform as per given directives. It will be very easy • Our products & services are marketable in domestic & international market as well as private GUARANTEEDto deal with orders from prospective customers in any service or product. & Govt. sectorCompany will manage to fulfill requirements within the time limit.How company support in marketing? Franchisee RequirementCompany is managing at least seven meetings with their Franchisee to deal • An investment of Rs. 5 to 8 Lac ( Rs.3.5 lac as non-refundable Franchisee fees for life time)with prospective clients in their territory. Our TEAM will approach to those • Carpet area required is min. 200 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. for office and other uses.clients and explain about our services/ products and book orders from • Infrastructure requirement as per our specification Enter the world of • Minimum Staff requirement (1 marketing manager, 1 computer operator, 1 peon)them in order to promote and expand the business. • Minimum office equipment (1 P.C & printer, 1 phone with internet connection, furniture as Value Added ProductsWhat is the office support to our Franchisee?Its a multi-product K.P.O. Company. There are so many services and per requirement) & Services through aproducts which covers almost every prospective field of business. We have To become our Franchisee, Contact us in person or Log on to www.protrainerindia.com Unique Franchiseecarefully selected range of products & services which are most demandedthroughout the country. Our company is empowered & supported by For our Franchise Form, Download (Franchisee Format) from www.protrainerindia.comstrong advisory board members. PTIPL is associated with Govt.undertakings and participating in Govt. plans and schemes. Therefore For our Franchisee Terms & Condition,company is decided to support their Franchisee at every step like Download (Franchisee Terms & Conditions) from www.protrainerindia.com “We never know how far reaching something we may think,Marketing, Executing projects, Finance, Training, Management etc. say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow”Franchisee can only deal with their clients. Company executes the deal withthe help of PROFESSIONALS and SERVICE PROVIDERS. Franchisee has just tofulfill the deal of company. Contact Us HEAD OFFICEWhat will Franchisee expect from us?Expectations of the Franchisee will depend on the volume of business that PLOT NO.5, MEZZANINE FLOOR,is carried out in a span of the financial year. PTIPL assures their Franchisee of BANK STREET, ZONE-II, MP NAGARmaking profitable business on long term basis. BHOPAL, M.P. INDIA – 462011 PHONE: +917554270653 INITIATE… MOB: +91 9425024648Shiraz E-mail: info@protrainerindia.comColor: The Shiraz shows a deep color with redreflections. Join and be the Game Changer,Nose: Fragrances of ripe plum, as well as hints of Get the First Mover Advantage…blueberry and blackberry. WeightWonderPalate: The aromas found in the nose are mirrored WeightWonder is a safe, natural & innovative programme to lose weight andin the palate, paired with a smooth velvety textureand hints of cherry. stay healthy. This programme doesnt only help you get rid of Obesity but Thats The Magic of Multi Product KPO also refreshes your system and keeps you away from problems like Diabetes, (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)Alcohol: 12.1% Vol. High Blood Pressure, Increased Cholesterol and various Heart Diseases.Food: Grilled meats, pizza or hearty pasta dishes, Weight Wonder has a unique method for weight loss and it is 100% effective.tandoori meats and biryani are perfect matches.
  2. 2. KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCING “Outsourcing simply means where the “What we call learning is only a work can be done outside better than it“Knowledge is power” Process of recollection” can be done inside, we should do it”ENTREPRENURSHIP DEVELOPMENT FINANACE MANAGEMENT HEALTHCAREMANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT CONSULTANCY FOOD PROCESSINGISO & OTHER STANDARDS CONSULTANCY IT CONSULTANCY MINES & MINERALSEDUCATION GOVT. PROJECTS & SCHEMES TRADING & MARKETING ENERGY (GAS TURBINE) Enjoy the process far more than the proceeds, Best concerns outsource to win and innovate faster, Prosper with us… Be part of their success mantra… Remember the Journey is always exciting than the Destination Do todays job with tomorrows method and be in business forever… Come on Board Still Thinking, Decide Your Destiny Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet-Shiraz Color: The Cabernet Sauvignon has a beautiful dark ruby, Color: The Cabernet-Shiraz has a deep cherry color. purplish color. With bright and shiny reflections. Nose: It has powerful aromas of cherry, berries and Nose: The nose shows a variety of dark fruit, moving to dark fruit changing to the full range of soft red plum, blackberry and a hint of spicy oak. fruits. Palate: Dense, rich and concentrated, developing a blend of Palate: The palate has characteristics of exotic blackcurrant, blackberry and vibrant cherry flavors. spices and aromatic blackcurrant flavors. Have knowledge; let others light their candles in it, Medium full body. Alcohol: 12.2% Vol. Enlighten Others… Alcohol: 12% Vol. Food: A great match for Barbeques, for grilled Make the most Knowledgeable choice of your life, Join Us Food: It will pair very well with lamb, hard cheese and a wide meats and vegetables as well as Tandoor-cooked variety of Indian food. dishes, Biryanis and milder spicy foods.