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Introduction to Techshop Enterprise, India

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Techshop automation

  1. 1. Techshop EnterpriseAutomation,Control & System Integration Techshop Enterprise S1, Vidyanagar, Lasalgaon-422306 ( Nasik District) +919890676018, " Technology for Everyone"
  2. 2. About Us• Our Group is SSI unit located at Lasalgaon i n Nasik District. (Rural / Semiurban Area).• We manufacture Products in IT segment, Ho me & Office Automation products ( Hardware & Software).• Techshop Enterprise is registered under Tin y SSI unit start-up project at DIC ( District In dustrial Center), Nasik.
  3. 3. Activity• We have developed various types Innovative pro ducts based on Software & Automation Control Panels for various segments viz, Home & Of fice Automation , Plant Lighting / Industrial Lighti ng Automation and PC based Networkw ide control automation products.• These products offer comfort and convenience t o end users as well as ensure Power saving as the softwares have timer based control facilities .• Details of each product category is provided in n ext slides.
  4. 4. Techshop Automation: Techshop Electric Control System (PCEC H1.10XP)An ideal home automation series for all PC and Laptop users at Home and smalloffices. Pioneered by Techshop with the solution to control electrical applianceswhich runs on 230V AC such as tube light, bulb, CLF, fan, bell etc. with the computermouse click from your desktop. These systems are designed for comfort andconvenience while you work on your computer .Just click on the feature richsoftware PCEC H1.10 on your monitor for desired operation and you can controlsurroundings of Home/Office as per your need without leaving your desk. With userfriendly GUI minimize thesoftware and carry on other important work on PC. With Wall mounted small panelfor increased safety and reliability these systems are ready perfectly for all yourautomation need and made just for you!System Setup Digram is Shown in Next slide
  5. 5. New Version PCEC H1.10xp Features :•• Solution to control four electrical appliances from PC desktop with mouse click.•• Electrical devices (230 V AC , single phase) e.g. tube-light, bulb, fan, bell, show lamp etc can be attached to panel for PC based user control.•• Clock Display on panel and graphical switch display.•• Devices can be operated normally with traditional switches when PC is shutdown.•• Emergency ON/OFF facility to operate all four devices simultaneously.•• Individual Timer for each four device. Precise timer control for each device up to 1sec to 24 hour.•• On-to-Off / Off-to-On timer scheduler for each switch. ( *New feature)•• Easy & fast PC installation and interfacing. Plug and Play ( Installation Guide andwiring Diagram included in Software CD.)•• NEW compact Wall Mounted Panel Size : 4 X 4 X 2 inch Panel weight : 100gm. Compact& light with Bright White color .•• User comfort GUI and simple to operate. Graphical Skin choise for software
  6. 6. Note: Package includes CD with Installation Manual. Easy Do-It-Yourself Kit .Installation takes only 30-45minutes to get system workingfor technically inclined person. Otherwise get the wiring done fromyour local electrician. (For step 2 below)Basic Installation Steps:( Time-Motion study for Installation)1. Hook the Wall mount panel near your existing electric switch Board firmly .( 10 minutes)2. Do wiring as per colors codes and installation diagram ( 10minutes)3. Attach Parallel port EPP cable provided from Panel to PC EPP port socket. ( Like aprinter cable) ( 2 Minutes)4. Start your Computer and Install software PCEC H1.10 provided. ( 5 Minutes)5. Switch on Panel safety & Main switch. ( 30 Sec)DONE !! Now you can control Lights/fan etc. with PC/laptop mouse click from your fingertip
  7. 7. PCEC H1.10XP Screenshots
  8. 8. PCEC H1.10XP Product Package :
  9. 9. PCEC H1.10XP Product Package :
  10. 10. PC Based Lights & Appliance Control
  11. 11. PCEC H1.10XP Product Package :
  12. 12. PCEC H1.10XP Product Package Installation Setup :
  13. 13. PCEC H1.10XP Product Package :
  14. 14. PCEC H1.10XP Product Package : Techshop Electric Control System PCEC H1.10xp incl udes following items. (1) Techshop Electric Control Panel (Wall-Mount) (2) PCEC H 1.10xp CDROM for software Installation (3) EPP cable ( 1.5 m) for connecting to parallel port. (4) Warrant y card (si x month) Applications: •• Home Automation • • Small-Office Automation • Shop Automation • •
  15. 15. PCEC H1.10XP System Requirement: PCEC H1.10xp For Home Automation: ( PC requirement/ Compatibility): • Pentium II 450 MHz or above processor • RAM 32 MB and HDD free space 14 MB • EPP/ECP Printer Parallel Port (DB25) • CDROM for software Installation This version is Compatible for MS Win 9X /2000/ME/XP/NT & Windows 7 Techshop Healthy Support: • Pre -post installation support • Six month carry-in warranty • Upgrading support • Sleek & Handy Wall Mount Design very safe and reliable.
  16. 16. Techshop Automation: Techshop Electric Control Syquencer-ECS V 1.10 DIY KitNEW COMPACT PANEL/Easy to Install/Wiring Diagram Included For MS Windows7/XP PC usersThis is advanced ECS timer control software & hardawre kit, User can set repeat times and ON/OFF time durations for each of the four switches , & can set sequ ence one by one or simultaneous mode Applications : Machine Automation/ Industrial Use
  17. 17. Techshop Automation:Techshop Electric Control Syquencer-ECS V 1.10 DIY Kit Software Screenshots:
  18. 18. Techshop Automation: PCEC CHA 1.10 XPTechshop Conference Hall Automation System: Software Screenshots:
  19. 19. Techshop Automation:Enterprise Networkwide Automation & Control SolutionTechshop Automation products are applicable forproviding Enterprisewide Network and electricallighting and appliances control in large IT firms , BPO’sand Call Centers, where, multiple desktops & ITinfrastructure such as ’ WLAN network facility’ isalready available.System Setup Digram is Shown in Next slide
  20. 20. Techshop Automation:Enterprise Networkwide Automation & Control Solution
  21. 21. Techshop Automation:Enterprise Networkwide Automation & Control SolutionBroad features of Enterprise Wide Lighting Automation Solution :· Multi location lights can be controlled from control room or Admin PC· Control panels with outputs from One to Eight are available that can be used as per site requirement.· Lighting Control possible from Client PC as well as Admin PC.· Automation and control possible for Local as well as Remote client over WLAN/LAN where wifi Network with Remote PC Control feature is available.· Enhances overall cor porate productivity and promotes efficient power utilization.· Any number of client PC user can be added to Network wide control application by just installing Techshop Control Panel and software.· Fast ,Safe and Secure corporate automation solution for PC based network lighting automation and control.· Cost effective and reliable solution.
  22. 22. Other Activity• Other interests of the group are in the field of mi cro-controller, embeded systems, IT peripheral p roducts and R&D ( Research and Development i n IT). Social goal of the project is to enhance ec onomic as well as technological growth by provi ding technical jobs to educated youth of India, th us, creating & increasing technological knowled ge base by developing R&D unit, and developin g new products for power savings which is the n eed of domestic energy sector.
  23. 23. Innovation Product Plan• In near future our enterprise is working & plans t o upgrade our products based on Zigbee Based wireless automation protocol, which will provid e, energy efficient and cost-effective import subs titution for such kind of advanced technology based products. to Indian industrial as well as D omestic AutomationSector.
  24. 24. What is Zigbee ?INTRODUCTIONThe ZigBee ® protocol is a wireless network protocol developed specifically for low data rate sensor and control networks. Wireless applications that may benefit from ZigBee include,but are not limited to, industrial controls, home and building automation, PC p eripherals, medical sensor applications and security networks. The latest protocol spe cifications ratified by the ZigBee Alliance is collectively referred to as ZigBee-2007. Zi gBee-2007 defines two distinct levels of functionality or feature sets. The standard set is called ZigBee, and the more advanced feature set is named ZigBee PRO.When co mpared against ZigBee, the ZigBee PRO feature set offers many enhanced networki ng capabilities, and, under certain conditions, is backwards compatible with ZigBee.ZigBee COMPLIANT PLATFORMThe Microchip ZigBee PRO Protocol Stack has been certified as a ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP)consisting of the following modules:• Processor: PIC24F and dsPIC33 families of microcontrollers• Transceiver: MRF24J40• Firmware: Version 2.0.PRO.2.0 of the Microchip ZigBee PRO Stack
  25. 25. Zigbee Based AutomationAPPLICATIONS• • IEEE 802.15.4 systems• • ZigBee® systems• • Industrial monitoring and control• • Home and building automation• • Automatic Meter Reading• • Low-power wireless sensor networks• • Set-top boxes and remote controls• • Consumer electronicsZigBee® is a registered trademark owned by ZigB ee Alliance, Inc.
  26. 26. Zigbee Based AutomationKEY FEATURES• • State-of-the-art selectivity/co-existence• Adjacent channel rejection: 49 dB• Alternate channel rejection: 54 dB• • Excellent link budget (103dB)• 400 m Line-of-sight range• • Extended temp range (-40 to +125°C)• • Wide supply range: 1.8 V - 3.8 V• • Extensive IEEE 802.15.4 MAC hardware• support to offload the microcontroller• • AES-128 security module• • CC2420 interface compatibility mode• Low Power• RX (receiving frame, -50 dBm) 18.5 mA• TX 33.6 mA @ +5 dBm• TX 25.8 mA @ 0 dBm• <1µA in power down
  27. 27. Zigbee Based AutomationDESCRIPTION The CC2520 is TIs second generation ZigBee® / IEEE 802.15.4 RF tr ansceiver for the 2.4 GHzunlicensed ISM band. This chip enables indu strial grade applications by offering state-of-the-art selectivity/co- existence, excellent link budget, operation up to 125°C and low voltag e operation.In addition, the CC2520 provides extensive hardware su pport for frame handling, data buffering, burst transmissions, data e ncryption, data authentication, clear channel assessment, link quality indicatio n and frame timing information. These features reduce the load on t he host controller. In a typical system, the CC2520 will be used toge ther with a microcontroller and a few additional passive compone nts.
  28. 28. Techshop EnterpriseAutomation,Control & System Integration Techshop Enterprise S1, Vidyanagar, Lasalgaon-422306 ( Nasik District) +919890676018, " Technology for Everyone"