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The 2020 Social approach to building Talent Communities
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The 2020 Social approach to building Talent Communities


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2020 Social - an Indian social business strategy firm outlines how talent communities can be built

2020 Social - an Indian social business strategy firm outlines how talent communities can be built

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  • 1. 2020 Social: POV on Talent Communities
    Because Work is Social
    February 2010
  • 2. Five Reasons Why Business & Work is Social


    Consumer Generated Content
    Collective Intelligence
  • 3. User Generated Content
    Your prospective employees are socially active
    Tap into their creativity. Ask them to interpret their work and your brand.
    I just got certified on a new skill and am on a great project
    Our feedback system sucks
    I love being the C++ rockstarhere!

  • 4. Conversations
    Your employees and prospective employees talking about you, in public.
    Listen to them, reach out to them, engage them in a two-way conversation.
    I have got an offer from this company. Does it have a culture of work life balance?
    Yes! It rocks!

  • 5. Collaboration
    People work together in flow when they connect with each other as people.
    Create rich profiles and shared workspaces to enable people to help each other.
    How do I connect with the domain experts in this company?
    Let me tell you how!

  • 6. Community
    Communities come together around a shared social object: a lifestyle, cause or passion.
    Build and nurture a community platform to host your customers, partners, employees, and evangelists.
    I love building apps!
    I love being challenged!
    I love coding !

  • 7. Collective Intelligence
    Customers, employees partners and prospective employees can give you new ideas and insights.
    Observe their behavior, ask for their ideas, recognize and reward them for their contribution.
    Here’s how we can make it better!
    Here’s an idea!
    It worked! Thank you!

  • 8. Challenges for Organizations
    Create a positive employment brand
    Create a pipeline of superstar candidates
  • 9. Solutions for <Your Company>
    1.Listening & interpreting what your prospective talent desires
    5. Alumni connect
    Your Company
    2. Find & attract good talent
    4.Onboarding new recruits
    3. Engage with active prospects
  • 10. Your Employment Brand is not shaped by you
    But how people say who you are
  • 11. So, Listen & participate in relevant conversations
    • What do your prospective employees really look for in their ideal workplace ?
    • 12. What’s the perception in the market about your company and it’s culture?
    • 13. What’s the perception about your competitors?
  • Monitor Conversations
    Use tools like SM2, Buzzstreamor Radian6 to listen.
    Figure out what current and prospective employees are saying about your culture, nature and type of work, and other competitors for your talent.
  • 14. Monitor Conversations
    Personal growth
    What’s the buzz about your company and culture
    What are employees and prospective employees of your competitor talking
    Community involvement
    Upfront employee communications
  • 15. Your employees and Alumni are rating you
    People sharing information about your organization’s practices, culture, and it can be represented online.
    Websites like and make it easy to people to analyse such feedback
  • 16. Finding & Attracting good talent
    • Identify, create and participate in relevant online communities
    • 17. Showcase organizational culture
    • 18. Advocacy
    • 19. Talent identification
  • Be present where the talent can find you
    Listen in on communities relevant to your business
    Identify active contributors to the community
    Encourage your employees to participate in such forums
    Project your company as a thought leader
  • 20. Idea: Social aggregation on Corporate site
    Online platform that aggregates conversations mentioning :
  • 21. Social aggregation on Corporate site
    Aggregated industry news on Supply Chain management powered by Kinaxis
  • 22. Social aggregation on Corporate site
    Twitter on Zappos: Online platform that aggregates all twitter mentions of :
    Related brands/products
  • 23. Idea: Share your work culture- Social media outposts
    Share employee experiences on social platforms (YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook)
  • 24. Showcase your work culture
    Interesting blog post on how a third person analyses the corporate culture based on a picture found on Flickr
  • 25. Showcase work culture- Employee blogs
    HR and recruitment focused community platform
  • 26. Employment Branding: EMC
    External employment branding- encourages bloggers to act as organic brand ambassadors
    EMC Careers - YouTube - Twitter- Facebook- Wordpress- LinkedIn
    Help Save Nick Glasgow – a social media campaign to save an employee suffering from cancer
  • 27. Talent Identification Contest
    Idea: Launch a series of user generated contest resulting in exciting jobs
    Reference: Severus Credit Union launched the contest and made the winners their spokesperson
  • 28. Talent identification contest
    Design contests that attract relevant talent
    Create virality in your contest to spread the word and engage with a bigger talent pool
  • 29. Talent identification contest
    Most Valued Professional (MVP) program by Microsoft :- recognize the best and brightest from technology communities around the world (not necessarily Mocrosoft employees) with the MVP Award- MVP’s answer more than 10 mn questions on Microsoft technologies every year
  • 30. Advocacy program
    Idea: Launch an advocacy program to give recognition to brand or business evangelist
    Reference: Red bull university and Microsoft MVP program
  • 31. Advocacy – Back2Campus
    Cognizant encourages its employees to visit their colleges as CTS brand ambassadors and interact with students
    The mission is three fold - to look out for prospective recruits- share industry knowledge - increase employability
  • 32. Engaging with active prospects
    • Connect active prospects with recruiters
    • 33. Connect active prospects with current employees
    • 34. Social background check and evaluation
  • Connect recruiters with potential employees
    Social recruitment platform for potential employees.
    Recruiters help with job-hunting, resume writing, interview preparation, etc
    Share upcoming job fairs, events, vacancies
  • 35. Connecting with current employees
    Put up the Linkedin API on your website
    An active prospect can now see if he/she is directly or indirectly connected with any of your current employees and initiate an engagement
  • 36. Social background check & evaluation
    Use social tools for a thorough background check on potential recruits- Personal blogs-LinkedIn recommendations-Group memberships on LinkedIn-Tweeting pattern
  • 37. Alumni engagement
    Some Examples
  • 38. Alumni networks
    Sustain formal relationships with alumni
    Help alumni stay connected with each other and your company
    Boast about your alumni network
  • 39. Alumni networks
    Provide easy communication channels for your alumni to refer potential recruits to your company
  • 40. Suggested Platform Architecture
    4.2 Community Management
    3.4 Social Application
    3.3 News Aggregation
    3.5 Reputation System
    2.2 Profiles and Relationships
    3.2 Expert blogs
    3.6 Facebook/ Twitter integration
    4.1 Content Management
    4.3 Influencer Outreach
    2.1 Ladder of Engagement
    2.3 Tactical Programs
    3.7 Mobile Integration
    1.1 Social Object
    3.1 influencer panel
    #1 CORE
    The community should have all these modules and programs to achieve the stated business objectives.
  • 41. About 2020 Social
  • 42. Who Are We
    Strategy & Marketing
    Strategy & Marketing
    Gaurav Mishra
    IIMB, Tata Group, Yahoo! Fellow at Georgetown
    Dave Evans
    Consulting Director
    Author of ‘Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day’
    Organizational Development
    Enterprise Software
    Gautam Ghosh
    XLRI, Deloitte, HP, Dell
    Capgemini CRM, Uhuroo Founder
  • 43. What Do We Do
    We build and nurture online communities for clients
    help them build strong long-term relationships
    to catalyze collaboration and innovation
    and drive loyalty and advocacy.
  • 44. Ask Us How || @2020social