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workshop on Social media for HR executives

workshop on Social media for HR executives



Interactive workshop on how HR can use social technologies internally within an organization as well as externally

Interactive workshop on how HR can use social technologies internally within an organization as well as externally



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    workshop on Social media for HR executives workshop on Social media for HR executives Presentation Transcript

    • How can HR build a Social Strategy
      Because Business is Social
      Twitter: @gautamghosh
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HR.Blogger
    • Last role: Consultant with Social Business firm 2020 Social where he led the Talent practice, looking at how organizations can build talent pipelines and internal employee engagement and development using such tools.
      HR Generalist and a Learning and Development Executive in firms like Deloitte, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Satyam
      MBA from XLRI in 1999.
      Manages a HR community of 1400 professionals at www.humanresourcespeople.com
      Given talks on Social Media at Conferences and Organizations.
      One of the top 25 HR Digital Influencers of 2010, No. 2 in the list of top 25 Influencers in Talent Management by HRExaminer.com, Top 25 influencers in Enterprise Social Media and has been featured as one of the 100 Influencers in HR.
      Published an article on “Talent Acquisition using the internet” in the February 2006 issue of “Consultants News”.
      His blog http://www.gautamblogs.com has won the following recognitions:
      Ranked amongst the top 75 Business Blogs of 2009 by Businesspundit.com
      In the top 50 HR Blogs to watch in 2009 by EvanCarmichael.com
      Top 100 most useful blogs for Women Business People
      In the top 25 in the list of Career 100 blogs compiled by RiseSmart,
      One the top 25 HR Blogs compiled by HRWorld in 2007
      Listed on the top HR, Career as well as Indian sites on Alltop.com
      Ranked amongst the top 3 Indian Blogs in the publicly voted Indiblogges contest in 2004
      Article in the HRD Newsletter on Virtual Communities, 2000.
      The blog has also been featured in the book Business Blogs: A Practical Guide
      Won the 3rd prize in the Young HR Managers Conference for a paper written on 'The HR and IT partnership at Satyam‘ at NHRD 1999.
      About Gautam
    • What is social media?
    • Understanding Social
      • Social networking
      • Blogging
      • Microblogging
      • Photo-sharing
      • Video-sharing
      We can look at social technologies through many lenses.
      • Product design
      • Sales and marketing
      • Customer support
      • Public relations
      • Partner relations
      • Employee relations
      • Content
      • Conversations
      • Collaboration
      • Community
      • Collective intelligence
      • Business-to-business
      • Business-to-consumer
      • Government
      • Non-profit
    • Focus on People vs. Content
      Most social platforms are including rich user profiles, to shift the focus towards people.
      Instead, content-centric platforms should build deep integration with people-centric platforms.
      Focus on People
      Focus on Content
    • Forrester Social Technographics
      Forrester Social Technographics report categorizes social media behavior into seven groups.
      In the US, joiners are the biggest group after spectators.
      Source: Forrester Social Technographics Report, 2009
    • Social Media in India
      Source: Monthly unique users in millions from http://vizisense.com ; Forrester Social Technographics Report
      In India, joiners are the biggest group after spectators, but the other groups are small.
      Conversationalists + Spectators
      Joiners + Creators + Critics + Collectors + Conversationalists
      Critics + Spectators
      Collectors + Spectators
      Creators + Spectators
    • How are social technologies changing people?
    • Cognitive Surplus
      Author Clay Shirky in his book “Here Comes everybody” talks about Cognitive Surplus
      Making consumers move to Creator/Critics
    • Real and Persistent Identities
      As more websites support log-ins using Facebook, Twitter or Google IDs, our online identities are becoming more real and persistent.
      More than 60 million Facebook users engage with Facebook Connect on 80,000 external websites every month.
      Source: http://developers.facebook.com/connect.php
    • The Online-Offline Continuum
      As we stay with offline contacts on online social networks and meet our online ‘friends’ at offline meetups, our online and offline relationships are merging.
      Source: http://twitvite.com
    • Social Proof: Friends of Friends
      As more of our lives move online, we are searching for social proof before making new friends, and seeking out friends of friends.
      Source: http://thread.com
    • From Consumers to Creators
      As we create and share more photos, videos and blog posts on social platforms, we are beginning to think of ourselves as authors, photographers and filmmakers, all rolled into one.
      Source: http://therengen.com
    • The Business Case
      Or how you can use social
    • How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0: McKinsey Global Survey Results
    • Internal Collaboration& Learning
    • The Bottom-Line Impact of Social Software
      Transferknowledge between and among workers
      Capture knowledge of existing workers
      Employee engagement
      August 2008, “Workforce Collaboration and Web 2.0
    • How can HR use Social Media?
      Some thoughts and example
    • Use Cases
    • Use Cases for Talent Communities
      Many to Many
      • Discussion Forum
      • Networking Forum
      • Social Networks
      • Activity Streams
      Many to Few
      • Ideation Forum
      • Ideation Forum
      Few to Many
      • Recruiters’ Blogs
      • Leadership Blogs
      • Leadership Blogs
      • Employee Communication
      • Team wikis
      • Collaborative communication platforms
      • Mentoring of people given offers to join
      • Induction
      Few to Few
    • The Social Employee Cycle
      Job Seeker
      • Accessing employer branding on social platforms
      • Consuming content
      • Contributing ideas to organization
      • Following activity streams of team members
      • Consuming content
      • Collaborating using wikis, shared workspaces
      • Microblogging
      • Private social networks
      • Discussion Forum
      • Interacting with recruiters over blogs
      • Leaving comments
      • Reading job postings on site, social outposts
      • Applying via job postings
    • The Big Question
      How do we engage the different talent pools with the organization?
      Different people have different needs – incentivise them to engage with you and each other – and start a conversation
    • Talent Communities Are Social
      It needs time and social engagement from the organization to build
      Find your most passionate and communicative employees and mentor them to become Talent Community Managers.
    • Engaging External Talent community
      1.Expert blogs
      4. UGC campaign module
      Your Organization
      2. News Aggregation platform
      5. Integration with social platforms
      3. Advocacy Program
      6. Discussion forums and groups
    • Employment Branding: EMC
      External employment branding- encourages bloggers to act as organic brand ambassadors
      EMC Careers - YouTube - Twitter- Facebook- Wordpress- LinkedIn
      Help Save Nick Glasgow – a social media campaign to save an employee suffering from cancer
    • Showcase work culture- Employee blogs
      HR and recruitment focused community platform
      Source: http://www.microspotting.com/
    • Connect recruiters with potential employees
      Social recruitment platform for potential employees.
      Recruiters help with job-hunting, resume writing, interview preparation, etc
      Share upcoming job fairs, events, vacancies
      Source: http://microsoftjobsblog.com/
    • Onboarding Candidates
      Source: http://campusconnect.infosys.com/forum/
      Idea: Discussion forum on relevant topics
      Reference: Infosys campus connect forum
    • Listen and Respond to Conversations
      Across different forums, social networks, platforms on the social web
      Use listening tools to figure out what current and prospective employees are saying about your culture, nature and type of work, and other competitors for your talent.
    • Use tools like Buzzstream, Techrigy or Radian6 to conduct these searches.
      Build a process that would empower users to respond and participate in the conversation
      Social CRM Results
    • Engaging Internal Talent Networks
      Some Examples
    • The components of Engagement
      Areas where Organizations usually focus employee engagement initiatives
    • Enterprise Collaboration - Benefits
      • Improve visibility on projects and initiatives
      • Improve employee productivity
      • Improve internal communication effectiveness
      • Promote corporate culture and community building
      • Ensure compliance to internal processes
      • Effectively leverage corporate knowledge & expertise
      • Eliminate inefficient communication tools and habits
    • Employee Networking
      Status updates to keep people informed, and other’s status to be informed
      Widgets to follow information useful to user
      Productivity tools like to do lists, calender can be included
    • Example: EMC
      Internal social network- Innovation showcase – Teams develop creative posters and showcase their work-Radio show where employees participate in free wheeling discussions-Photo contest on ‘A day in your life at EMC’- New recruits – volunteer mentorship program-Empowering employees – submit an Idea section
    • Connecting the workforce – breaking silos: Davies
      • collecting, refining and sharing company-wide best practices and subject matter expertise
      • Speeding up training and knowledge transfer
      • Creating a connected and collaborative workforce
      -Internal messaging system
      -Wikis + Blogs
      - Customizable dashboards
    • Breaking information silos at Angel.com
      -Efficient way to collect valuable insights from multiple contributors
      -Create a corporate memory of information/ insights, to surround deliverables with context
      -Allow team members in all departments to engage in a collaborative way.
      -Discover valuable work of others via notifications, update feeds, tagging and search, and then re-use that work
      -Wikis + Weblogs +Internal messaging tool + RSS feeds, tagging features
    • Internal Jobs @ StarBucks
      Tool for employees that allows them the option of charting their own career graph
      Interactive internal recruitment tool
      Career assistance through polls, blogs, forums and wikis
      Career development resources
    • Employee Ideas @ Dell
      Dell’s Employee Storm
      Use new listening platforms, identify in-house and external experts, and know and influence key people
    • Employee Collaboration Tools
    • Socialtext @ FONA
      Reducing emails by 50,000
      Knowledge Sharing
      Tracking certification and training needs of employees
      Customer Service with Self-Serve Extranet
    • Confluence @ Thoughtworks
      Wiki and People Directory for teams to collaborate and communicate
    • Yammer @ Qualcomm
      Employees learn with each other using microblogging tool Yammer
      Ease of accessing Yammer through various interfaces
    • Jive @ NetApp
      connect employees, customers and partners in order to enable technical conversations
      connect global user groups.
      exceeded NetApp's registration expectations by 300%.
    • Central Desktop @ Equipois
      enabling extensive, daily team collaboration
      Collaboration time cut in half
      25% faster finding documents
      Projects completed on-time - 25% more accurately
    • Your Employment Brand is not shaped by you
      But how people say who you are
    • Your employees and Alumni are rating you
      People sharing information about your organization’s practices, culture, and it can be represented online.
      Websites like criticat.com and talentequity.com make it easy to people to analyse such feedback
    • Finding & Attracting good talent – How?
      “Great Talent Knows Other Great Talent”
      • Identify, create and participate in conversations in relevant online communities
      • Showcase organizational culture on own community and on social outposts
      • Advocacy program to build pipeline
      • Talent identification campaigns
    • Be present where talent can find you
      Listen in on communities relevant to your business
      Identify active contributors to the community
      Encourage your employees to participate in such forums
      Project your company as a thought leader
    • Idea: Social aggregation on Corporate site
      Online platform that aggregates conversations mentioning :
    • Social aggregation on Corporate site
      Aggregated industry news on Supply Chain management powered by Kinaxis
    • Social aggregation on Corporate site
      Twitter on Zappos: Online platform that aggregates all twitter mentions of :
      Related brands/products
    • Showcase work culture- Employee blogs
      HR and recruitment focused community platform
      Empower employees to share their work to showcase how exciting it is to work
    • Employment Branding: EMC
      External employment branding- encourages bloggers to act as organic brand ambassadors
      EMC Careers - YouTube - Twitter- Facebook- Wordpress- LinkedIn
      Help Save Nick Glasgow – a social media campaign to save an employee suffering from cancer
    • Talent Identification Contest
      Idea: Launch a series of user generated contest resulting in exciting jobs
      Reference: Severus Credit Union launched the contest and made the winners their spokesperson
    • Engaging with active prospects
      • Connect active prospects with recruiters
      • Connect active prospects with current employees
      • Social background check and evaluation
    • Using a Facebook Page
      Targets fresh graduates
      Needs effort for engagement
    • Connecting with current employees
      Put up the Linkedin API on your website
      An active prospect can now see if he/she is directly or indirectly connected with any of your current employees and initiate an engagement
    • Social background check & evaluation
      Use social tools for a thorough background check on potential recruits- Personal blogs-LinkedIn recommendations-Group memberships on LinkedIn-Tweeting pattern
    • Alumni engagement
      Some Examples
    • Alumni networks
      Sustain formal relationships with alumni
      Help alumni stay connected with each other and your company
      Boast about your alumni network
    • Alumni networks
      Provide easy communication channels for your alumni to refer potential recruits to your company