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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. INFOCRATS Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, ( part of SIGNET Group (
  • 2. Agenda
    • Corporate Structure
    • Introduction of INFOCRATS (IT Solutions)
    • Global Offices
    • Clientele
    • Capabilities
    • Technologies
    • Industries
    • Thanking Note
  • 3. SIGNET Corporate hierarchy SIGNET Group Petro-chem Plastic Power Gen IT Solutions (INFOCRATS) Polymers Spices Wax Electronics
  • 4. SIGNET IT Solutions - INFOCRATS Web & Application Solutions Solutions/ Products Business Consulting Marketing KPO Software Consulting Graphical Design BPO Asia Pacific North America Europe Africa EAI Consulting Call Center Software Support Data Processing Web Sites Brochures Logos Online Marketing ManageMate 4 Step web Site E-Accounting Web Portals Web Sites Desktop Application Misc. Software Match Making
  • 5. Introduction of INFOCRATS
    • Provider of choice for Information technology in Government and Commercial sector
    • Global presence with operations in Asia pacific, North America and Europe
    • 24x7 Operational support with around 100 employees around the globe
    • Over a decade of experience in Web & Application software and computer hardware & networking
    • Efficient and cost effective After sales customer service with unlimited phone and email support
  • 6. Global Operations
    • Asia Pacific
      • Indore – India
      • Mumbai - India
      • Bhopal – India
      • Jabalpur – India
      • Gwalior - India
      • Sharjah
      • Qatar
    • North America
      • San Antonio – USA
      • California – USA
    • Africa
      • Durban – South Africa
    • Europe
      • London - UK
  • 7. Major Clientele
  • 8. Capabilities
    • Application Software Development
    • Web Software development
    • Web and Application software products
    • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
      • Software Consulting
      • Business Consulting
    • Business Process Outsourcing
    • GUI Design, Logo Design and Animation
  • 9. Capabilities (cont.)
    • Application Software Development
      • We have expertise in VB, VB.NET, JAVA with Oracle, MS SQL server and My SQL for development for Application software
      • Technical Design and architecture
      • School and College Management Software
      • Inventory and accounting Software
      • Hotel Management Software
      • Pathology and Hospital Management Software
      • E-book publishing software
  • 10. Capabilities (cont.)
    • Web Software development
      • We are skilled with all latest and popular technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java-J2EE to produce, implement and maintain Web enabled software.
      • Technical Design and architectural solutions
      • Web sites and Web portal design and implementation
      • Hosting services for web portal
      • Electronic Transaction and Credit card processing
      • E-Accounting Software
      • Online Auction Module
      • Customizations of Jobs, Matrimonial and real estate matchmaking software
      • E-Tendering modules
      • E-Shopping Modules
  • 11. Capabilities (cont.)
    • Web and Application software products
      • 4Stepwebsite: Full features automated web site builder tool
      • ManageMate – Series of software for Information management for following sectors
        • School
        • Pathology
        • Hospital
        • Hotel
        • Inventory & Accounting
      • E-Accounting
      • Match making
        • Matrimonial
        • Real Estate buy-sell
        • Job portals
      • City portals
  • 12. Capabilities (cont.)
    • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
      • Software Consulting
        • Technical Design and architecture
        • Enterprise Application Integration – EAI: We provide consulting services for the EAI arena. These services includes the data integration between existing application to avoid data duplication and improve productivity.
      • Business Consulting
        • We provide business development consulting for the different industries we serve
        • Provide consulting for improving productivity and increase revenue then existing operations
  • 13. Capabilities (cont.)
    • Business Process Outsourcing
      • Data Processing: We provide Data processing and data entry operations for:
        • American Real Estate properties
        • Indian Banking sector
        • Indian Railways - Indian Govt enterprise
      • Call center
        • We operate inbound and outbound call center for US based customers
      • Software support
        • We provide software and business support for US based customers using Emails, Phone and Chat
  • 14. Capabilities (cont.)
    • Creative Design: Our skilled design team is capable of producing creative output for designing of front end of software and marketing material such as:
      • Graphical User Interface Design
      • Logo Design and Animation
      • Training software – CBT
      • Corporate multimedia based Presentations
      • Email campaign design
      • Brochures and leaflet designs
  • 15. Technologies
    • State of the art technologies
    • We implement solutions in many technologies:
      • Web Programming Languages
        • ASP
        • ASP.NET
        • Java
        • PHP
        • VB and Java Scripts
        • E-transaction Payment processing
      • Application software
        • VB
        • Java
      • Database
        • Oracle
        • SQL server
        • MySQL
  • 16. Industries
    • Government
    • Educational
    • Health
    • Financial
    • Aviation
    • Hotels
    • Telecommunication
    • Miscellanies
  • 17. Industries
    • Government
      • Provider of choice for software solution based on our capabilities, Technical skills, Time to market, after sales service and pricing
      • We specialize in handling government contract with the:
        • IT automation and Data processing
        • Web and application software development
        • Software consulting
        • Business consulting
        • After Sales service with satisfied customer base
      • Major Clients
        • Indian Railways, Govt of India
        • Indore City Bus Systems, Province Govt.
        • Bhopal City Bus System, Province Govt.
        • Indo-German Tool Room – A Govt of India enterprise
      • Working with
        • Bexar county appraisal district, Province of San Antonio, TX, USA
  • 18. Industries
    • Educational
      • We specialize in educational services which includes Educational institute automation, online processing and integration of educational financial management
      • We specialize in Educational sector with the:
        • IT automation
        • Student management including attendance, reports etc.
        • Web and application software development
        • Software consulting
        • Alumni software
        • After Sales service with satisfied customer base
      • Major Clients
        • Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore (INDIA) – One of the top 10 management institutions of India
        • MANIT, Bhopal (Engineering College – INDIA) – One of the top 15 engineering institutes on India and top 3 National Institute of Technology
        • SGSITS (Engineering College), Indore (INDIA) – Top Engineering Institution of the State – A detailed MIS system for the institute
  • 19. Industries
    • Health
      • Our Health industry experts provide the solution for Pharmacy management, prescription filling - Rx, and Health care office management, Medical record keeping software, e-appointments etc.
      • We specialize in Medical sector with the:
        • IT automation and Medical record keeping
        • E-consultancy and e-appointments
        • Consulting services for Prescription (Rx) filling and Insurance claim processing including pharmacy workflows
        • Community portal for doctors of specific specialization
        • After Sales service with satisfied customer base
      • Major Clients
        • Bombay Hospital (One of the top 5 hospitals in INDIA)
        • SNG Hospital, Indore
        • CKD Mangers ( - UK
        • Vestranus Softtech Pvt. Ltd. – A Medical Record Keeping company
  • 20. Industries
    • Financial
      • Our Financial industry experts specializes in the automation of financial service such as e-banking, process automation and financial workflows, online accounting modules with multiple networked offices etc.
      • We specialize in Financial sector with the:
        • Banking automation, Networked accounting through internet
        • Utility graphical MIS reports
        • Consulting services in Banking and Investment companies
        • User friendly Electronic banking software
        • E-Stock and inventory management
        • Role and user based secured access to software
        • After Sales service with satisfied customer base
      • Major Clients
        • One of the fortune 200 companies in USA – Name can’t be disclosed
        • San Antonio CPA Association (USA)
        • E-banking for Credit Bureaus and cooperative banks
  • 21. Industries
    • Aviation
      • We specialize in the aviation consultant and integration software between aviation consultants and clients. Additionally our portals allow integration of Job finding as well as project seekers
      • We specialize in Medical sector with the:
        • IT automation
        • Aviation market place for Aviation project
        • Aviation Data migration
        • Aviation Forums and discussion boards
        • After Sales service with satisfied customer base
      • Major Clients
        • Av work market (USA)
        • Flying cats
        • Air Wizard
  • 22. Industries
    • Hotels
      • Our online portal integrates the Independent hotel/motels with the travelers. Our other hotel management software provides the solutions for hotel process
      • We specialize in Medical sector with the:
        • IT automation
        • Motel database and search
        • Electronic reservation system
        • Web portal and integration with other reservation portals
        • After Sales service with satisfied customer base
      • Major Clients
        • Independent Motels (USA) – One of the top and of its own kind integrated portal in North America for small size motels in United stated and Canada
        • Hotel Motel Inns (USA)
        • Shrimaya Hotel – One of the top Hotel chains in Central India
  • 23. Industries
    • Miscellaneous
      • Real Estate
        • Major Clients - Rex Report (USA), Big property sale, Vendor Auctions (UK)
      • Telecommunication
        • SMS gateway establishment and its integration with web applications to mass communicate all or a selected group of users in a cost effective way through SMS.
      • Tours and Travels
        • Major Clients - Frequent Travels, Sanghi Travels, Fairsky Travels
      • Other portals
        • Terminal Auctions (UK)
        • A Business Assistant (France)
        • The Bahrain Page (Bahrain)
        • The Qatar Page (QATAR)
        • Clear Learning Ltd. (CANADA)
        • Ethnic Kitchens (USA)
  • 24. Projection for South Africa Operations
    • Start with Information Technology Operations – Q1 2007
    • 3-4 major Projects execution – Q3 2007
    • Target turnover of $1 million for 2007
    • Target Employee base in South Africa – 30-50 by Q3/Q4 of 2007
  • 25. Projection for South Africa Operations
    • Proposed projects for Initial Phase
      • Knowledge process consulting
      • Online Match making software
        • Job search
        • Matrimonial
      • Real Estate resource portal
      • Online accounting
      • Industrial Automation for Web based and application software
      • MIS for Academic institutes
  • 26. Thanking Note
    • Once again we thank you on behalf of INFOCRATS Web solutions team, Senate global – South Africa to give us the opportunity to present our capabilities and giving us your valuable time.
    • We hope to start a successful venture in process of IT automation and skill generation in the field of IT.
  • 27.
    • Questions
    • Or
    • Queries