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  1. 1. Is Debian better thenUbuntu ??????By : Gaurav Paliwal/me =
  2. 2. This topic is even moredebatable then makingMark Zuckerberg theperson of the year and notJulian Assange
  3. 3. Decide on your own afterthe “next” few slides..........
  4. 4. 10.10 on ” 10/10/10” is“released” {with doublequotes}
  5. 5. The very next momentnext door guy shouted ????
  6. 6. Why ???
  7. 7. That poor /next_door_guyuses i945 and radeonchipset
  8. 8. The glamour of 101010 hasmade the i945 and radeonchipset bug digest in#canonical stomach
  9. 9. You already have reason #1to ditch Ubuntu
  10. 10. But why have an affair withDebian :P :3
  11. 11. Reason #1Because its not Linux it isGNU/Linux
  12. 12. Why you forget any distrobased on Linux kernel isLinux kernel + most of thebasic OS tools from theGNU project
  13. 13. So, No Linux onlyGNU/Linux
  14. 14. Reason #2Stability and Security
  15. 15. Increased stability andsecurity testing.
  16. 16. Debian is also one of thebest platform for servers{depends on you}.
  17. 17. Debian {Stable} has nobleeding edge but itnonetheless functions well.
  18. 18. If you want to use“Bleeding Edge” use theTesting repos and /you beset in no time.
  19. 19. Not to forget DebianTesting and Unstable aremore “Stable” then thosewho claims to be stable
  20. 20. Reason #2Debian is an absolutely freesoftware.
  21. 21. follows all the philosophiesof the free softwarecommunity
  22. 22. /me use Mozilla Firefox.Please close ur eyes fornext slide.
  23. 23. they even rebranded theFirefox Iceweasel becausethe original Firefoxconsisted of a certain partthat was copyrighted.
  24. 24. Reason #3Debian supported manyplatform
  25. 25. Debian supported platform >>>>> Ubuntu supported platform
  26. 26. Reason #4Debian is produced by anot-for-Profit firm
  27. 27. Remember Reason #1 toditch Ubuntu“This eliminates anyloopholes in producingsubstandard products”
  28. 28. Reason #5Debian is simpler to use.
  29. 29. *Almost out-of-box*{Condition apply :P}
  30. 30. Other personnel Reasons
  31. 31. {Debra } G/F loves Debian{Ian Murdock } #1993
  32. 32. Save your pocket money.
  33. 33. The factUbuntu is the organizationwhich transferred the devilsinto human (#Linux) nowmake them Saint(#GNU/Linux)
  34. 34. Father has moreexperience then Son
  35. 35. Your Experience ????
  36. 36. Others Experience Source
  37. 37. Debian has the largest number of packages offered by any Linux distribution. – By Kushal Debian changes less:Debian’s upgrade system seems to be better and more suited for what I need in an operating system , as it doesn’t change as frequent as Ubuntu , this way I know its going to work and be stable if I upgrade to the next major release of Debian. -By Charliebrownau Ubuntu is too bloated and runs rather slowly on my pc. – By Nikhil Debian way surpasses Ubuntu on the type of architecture that it will run on. that is why i prefer debian. – By Sleepy. Debian is liberated – free as in freedom – from proprietary junk software. – By PeterThe debian can be used both for desktop, server & netbook. Ubuntu has different distro for different audience (desktop, server, netbook). – By Zahid Debian has been built by the community. Ubuntu was heavily funded. Nothing beats a solid committed community. It’s been estimated that if you were to pay to build Debian 4.0 it would cost around 10 billion dollars. That’s quite a community. – By Dan switching to debian because my friend kept calling me a noon for using ubuntu :P – By Hintss
  38. 38. Are you ready for the#TRANSFORMATIONLinux to GNU/Linux Ubuntu to Debian
  39. 39. Thanks for having the {HUGE} patience of listening to /me./me =
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