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Alabot Presentation at Barcamp Delhi

Alabot Presentation at Barcamp Delhi

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Role of NLP and AI in developing Intuitive Mobile /IM/Web applications [email_address]
  • 2. Summary
    • What is NLP ?
    • What do you (really)  mean by AI ?
    • How to develop intuitive Applications
    • Muti platform development
    • User Cases
    • Quick Demo
  • 3. What is NLP ?
    • Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.
    • The goal of the Natural Language Processing (NLP)  is to design and build software that will analyze, understand, and generate languages that humans use naturally, so that eventually you will be able to address your application as though you were addressing another person.
  • 4. What is NLP?
    • Word sense disambiguation:    Many words have more than one meaning; we have to select the meaning which makes the most sense in context.
      • Projects like wordNet , WordFreak are important tools which can remove ambiguity 
      • WordNet is a semantic lexicon for the English language. It groups English words into sets of synonyms called synsets, provides short, general definitions, and records the various semantic relations between these synonym sets.
    • Syntactic ambiguity    The grammar for natural languages is ambiguous, i.e. there are often multiple possible parse trees for a given sentence. Choosing the most appropriate one usually requires semantic and contextual information. Specific problem components of syntactic ambiguity include sentence boundary disambiguation.
  • 5. What is NLP?
    • Speech segmentation / Lexical Analysis : Lexical analysis is the process of converting a sequence of characters into a sequence of tokens. Programs performing lexical analysis are called lexical analyzers or lexers. A lexer consists of a scanner and a tokenizer.
    • A token is a categorized block of text, usually consisting of indivisible characters known as lexemes
      • sum=3+2; Tokenized in the following table
    • Tokenization is the process of demarcating and possibly classifying sections of a string of input characters
    • <sentence> <word>The</word> <word>quick</word> <word>brown</word>
  • 6. Alice…
    • Alice was created Dr Richard Wallace 
    • ALICE uses AIML or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, is an XML dialect for creating natural language software agents.
    • Efficiency of ALICE is directly proportional to number of elements in its AIM L files
    • ALICE is academic like other similar its ultimate aim is to pass turner test , its answers are human like but may not be relevant also it only answers what its already in database look at samples below
      • Human: how will be weather today ? ALICE: Ah. A lot of practise. Human: whats the stock prize of microsoft ? ALICE: Is there only one? Human: where is mount fuji ? ALICE: Where it is hard to find. There might be more than one.
  • 7. ALICE... A Peek at AIML …
    • Categories :Categories in AIML are the fundamental unit of knowledge. A category consists of at least two further elements: the pattern and template elements. Here is a simple category:  <category>    <pattern>WHAT IS YOUR NAME</pattern>    <template>My name is John.</template>  </category>  Patterns : A pattern is a string of characters intended to match one or more user inputs. A literal pattern like
      • WHAT IS YOUR * will match an infinite number of inputs, including &quot;what is your name&quot;, &quot;what is your shoe size&quot;, &quot;what is your purpose in life&quot;, etc.
  • 8. ALICE... A Peek at AIML … A template specifies the response to a matched pattern. A template may be as simple as some literal text, like  My name is John. A template may use variables, such as the example My name is <bot name=&quot;name&quot;/>. which will substitute the bot's name into the sentence, or example:  <category>    <pattern>WHAT IS YOUR NAME</pattern>    <template>My name is <bot name=&quot;name&quot;/>.</template>  </category>  <category>    <pattern>WHAT ARE YOU CALLED</pattern>    <template>      <srai>what is your name</srai>     </template>  </category>
  • 9. Computer Human Interface
    • Early Interfaces with computer  used CLI , where users were supposed to know sysntax (which is still used today)
    • As Graphics advanced Windowing system was was developed at palo alto along with pointing device
    • Interfaces are becoming more attractive as graphical capabilities progress (Apple Quartz , Aero , XGL etc)
    • Any Windowing system  requires learning curve for user  and dedicated display and input device
    • Would it be great if we could simple talk/chat  with the computer  
      • Have I got any emails from boss today ?
      • Will it rain today ?
      • Where is my file called &quot;Best vacation avenues &quot; ?
  • 10. Alabot ...Who is he?
    • We realized human conversation are dynamic and you can’t have generic statements to give relevant replies.
    • Also you need to take decisions (does a customer qualify for a discount?) on the fly.
    • Alabots algorithm custom solution (GFA) which consists  of rule engine , NLP engine and parser , helper API hooks  etc understands these queries and smoothens the process .
    • Ala was designed to work as Rapid Application development platform , one can put all business rules and configure NLP and phonetic engine  and you can have an application running in matter days or few weeks  in all connected  mediums.
  • 11. Alabot ...Who is he?
    • Supports the following IM networks
      • Yahoo
      • MSN
      • AOL
      • Gtalk
      • ICQ
      • Gadu Gadu
    • Mobile Support
      • GPRS
      • SMS
    • Web Client
      • Ajax Web client that can be integrated on any website
  • 12. Alabot ....User Cases - Travel Vertical Live user example 1  (4:18 PM) gp: bby to del on 21 nov 1 adult (4:18 PM) alabot: Please wait a moment while I do a search .... .... (4:18 PM) alabot: For the 21 of November from mumbai to delhi I suggest the following - Indigo Rs 6000 ( Departure 7am , Arrival 10 am ), Jet Airways Rs 5500 ( Departure 9pm to Arrival 10:30 am )    Live user example 2  gp: i want a tickt bombay deli on 21 nov (4:22 PM) alabot: How many Travellers ? eg 2 adult 1 kid (4:22 PM) gp: 2 (4:22 PM) alabot: Please wait a moment while I do a search .... .... (4:22 PM) alabot: For the 21 of November from mumbai to delhi I suggest the following - Deccan Rs 7800 ( Departure 7am , Arrival 10 am ), King Fisher Rs 7800 ( Departure 9pm to Arrival 10:30 am )
  • 13. Case Study for AI / NLP based SMS chat for a suburban railway line. User: Wht time kandivili chrchgte - Ala : The Kandivili to Churchgate local is 2.5 minutes late and will reach Churchgate at 1030 AM. Have a good day. User : Church kand morning Ala : The morning local (8:45 am) from Kandivili to Churchgate is on time and will reach Churchgate at 1030 AM. Have a good day. User : Aft chrch knd time Ala : The afternoon local (12:25 pm) from Kandivili to Churchgate is on time and will reach Churchgate at 1:45 pm. Have a pleasant day. User : Chch knd morn time Ala : The morning local (8:45 am) from Kandivili to Churchgate is on time and will reach Churchgate at 1030 AM. Have a good day. User : Chrch knd on time Ala : Yes, the Churchgate to Kandivili local is on time. User : Kitne baje knd chrh local hai (Hindi) Ala : Kandivili to Churchgate samay par hai. Wo Churchgate 10 30 pahunchegi.
  • 14. The basic sentence being: When is the Churchgate / Kandivili local coming?   The rest are iterations of the same sentence which Alabots GFA engine will comprehend.   Aft / Morn – Denotes time of day (afternoon or morning)   These are live user tests done on gtalk. We have entered wrong spellings for cities and also jumbled up the order of buying the ticket to make the tests more life like. Questions like these will be thrown at Ala in the real world.
  • 15. User : Whn This Over? Ala : NOW...!! Have a Good Day