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All bank po general awareness

  1. 1. BANK PO GENERAL AWARENESS1. In the absence of both the President and the Vice-President, who shall act as thePresident of India?(a)Prime Minister(b)Speaker of the Lok Sabha(c)Chief Justice of India(d)Deputy Chairman of Rajya SabhaANS (c)2. Who among the following advocated Scientific Socialism?(a) Robert(b)Proudhon Pierre Joseph(c)Karl Marx(d)Saint Simon Henri ClaudeANS (c)3. During the Mughal period, which one of the following trades were the first to come toIndia?(a) Portuguese(b) Dutch(c) Danish(d) EnglishANS (a)4. Among the following States, which one sends the highest number of members to the LokSabha?(a) Andhra Pradesh(b) Bihar(c) Karnataka(d) Madhya PradeshANS (ca)5. With reference to the Indian Parliament, consider the following statements :1. A member of the Lok Sabha cannot be arrested by the police under any case when theParliament is in session.2. Members of the Indian Parliament have the privilege of exemption from attendance aswitnesses in the law courts.Which of these statement is/are correct ?(a) 1 only(b) 2 only(c) Both 1 and 2(d) Neither 1 nor 2ANS (b)6. Who among the following was appointed by Ashoka to administer justice in his empire?(a) Shramana(b) Uparika(c) Rajuka(d) KumaramayaANS (c)7. Consider the following statement :1. Jainism in ancient India condemned the varna system.2. Jain religious literature was written in Ardhamgadhi.3. Mahavira admitted women into the order of his follows.Which if these statement is/are correct ?(a) G. G. Agarkar
  2. 2. (b) M. G. Ranade(c) R. G. Bhandarkar(d) G. H. DeshmukhANS (b)8. Who among the following was the author of Rajtarangini, commonly regarded as the firstgenuine history of India written by an Indian?(a) Banbhatta(b) Ravikirti(c) Pushpananda(d) KalhanaANS (d)9. Who among the following was the first economist to hold the office of Secretary,Department of Economic Affairs in the Union Finance Ministry?(a) Dr. I.G. Patel(b) Dr. Manmohan Singh(c) Rakesh Mohan(d) Dr. M.S. AhluwaliaANS (a)10.What does the abbreviation ATR stand for?(a) Action Taken Result(b) Actually True Report(c) Action Taken Report(d) Action Taken RejoinderANS (c)11. Which of the following cities will host 2012 Olympics Games?(a) Paris(b) New York(c) London(d) MadridANS (c)12. Why among the following was the founder of the Nyay Darshan, on of the six, majorschools of ancient Indian philosophy?(a) Patanjali(b) Panini(c) Kapil(d) GautamANS (d)13. Which of the following companies has started a rural marketing network called "e-chaupal"?(a) ITC(b)Dabur(c) Hindustan Lever(d) Procter & GambleANS (a)14. Th e decision to from the Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj) was taken at :(a) Rangoon(b) Bangkok(c) Kuala Lumpur(d) TokyoANS (d)15. Th e decision to from the Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj) was taken at :(a) Rangoon(b) Bangkok
  3. 3. (c) Kuala Lumpur(d) TokyoANS (d)16. Give the correct chronological sequence of the following :1. Russian Revolution2. American War of Independence3. Spanish Revolution4. The French Revolution(a) 1 2 4 3(b) 2 4 3 1(c) 2 1 4 3(d) 4 2 3 1ANS (b)17. Which of the following States has the highest female literacy rate, according to 2001Census?(a) Mizoram(b) Kerala(c) Tamil Nadu(d) MeghalayaANS (b)18. Who among the following has been choosen the FDI Personality of the Year 2007 inAsia?(a) P. Chidambaram(b) Kamal Nath(c) Ratish Nayaar(d) Kaushik RaiANS (b)19. At which of the following places Indias fist Net Route Server has been set up?(a) Mumbai(b) Noida(c) Chennai(d) HyderabadANS (c)20. Which of the following Fortune 500 Indian companies has suffered loss for the first timein the first quarter of 2005-06? (a) Indian Oil Corporation(b) ONGC(c) Reliance Industries(d) Bharat Petroleum CorporationANS (a)21. Answers Correct Answer User Answer(a) V.K. Duggal(b) Jairam Ramesh(c) Dr. I.G. Patel(d) JagmohanANS (d)22. Which one of the following is not a land-locked country?(a) Afghanistan(b ) Nepal(c) Bhutan(d) ThailandANS (d)23. Who invented polio vaccine (oral)?(a) Albert Sabin
  4. 4. (b) Burkholder(c) Luise Pasture(d) Jonas SalkANS (a)24. Which one of the following processes is not related with chemical weathering?(a) Exfoliation(b) Carbonation(c) Hydration(d) OxidationANS (a)25. Mist is caused by :(a) Dry ice(b) Ice at low temperature(c) Water vapours at low temperature(d) Carbon-monoxide in solid formANS (c)BANK PO GENERAL AWARENESS1. Which country has made a law on Climate change ?(A) Australia(B) Japan(C) Britain(D) Russia(E) None of theseAns (C)2. Which of the following states has highest population of Christians in India ?(A) Goa(B) Nagaland(C) Tamil Nadu(D) Kerala(E) MaharashtraAns (D)3. Hindi day is observed on –(A) March 20(B) September 14(C) June 15(D) December 19(E) April 28Ans (B)4. At which place India’s first Jawaharlal Nehru Co-operative University would be setup ?(A) Pune(B) Nagpur(C) Hyderabad(D) Noida(E) PatnaAns (A)5. Nathula Pass is located in the State :
  5. 5. (A) Nagaland(B) Sikkim(C)West Bengal(D) Assam(E) TripuraAns (B)6. THE 2007 Durand Cup has been won by –(A) Mohan Bagan(B) Mahindra United(C) Churchill Brothers(D) Central Railways(E) None of theseAns (C)7. Who amongst the following has been named as the Forbes Asia Businessman of theyear 2007 ?(A) K.V.Kamath(B) Ratan Tata(C) Nandan Nilekani(D) Ajim Premji(E) None of theseAns (A)8. Konkan Railway is building world’s tallest railways bridge in which of the followingstates ?(A) Punjab(B) Jammu & Kashmir(C) Maharashtra(D) Kerala(E) None of theseAns (B)9. The biggest city in the world in area is :(A) New York(B) Mount Isa(C) Tokyo(D) Peris(E) MumbaiAns (B)10. World Investment Report is an annual publication of :(A) UNCTAD(B) WTO(C) World Bank(D)IMF(E) ADBAns (A)11. Which of the following countries has the maximum amount of external debt ?(A) USA(B) Brazil
  6. 6. (C)Mexico(D) Japan(E) RussiaAns (A)12. Lee Myung Bak is the president of –(A) China(B) South Korea(C) North Korea(D) Malaysia(E) None of theseAns (B)13. The author the book “ My Country My Life” is-(A) Sonia Gandhi(B) L.K.Advani(C) Jaswant Singh(D) Pervez Musharraf(E) None of theseAns (B)14. Who has been won the Chameli Devi Jain Award for the year 2007 ?(A) Nagma(B) Shweta Singh(C) Rupashree Nanda(D) Nalini Singh(E) None of theseAns (C)15. Who has been won Commonwealth Writers Prize 2008 ?(A) Kiran Desai(B) Shweta Singh(C) Rupashree Nanda(D) Indra Sinha(E) None of theseAns (D)16. What is the full form of the term “PIARC” ?(A) Permanent International Association of Road Congress(B) Permanent Indian Association of Road Congress(C) Permanent International Accident of Road Congress(D) Permanent International Association of Rapid Congress(E) None of theseAns (A)17. What is the percentage of the African countries in the earth areas ?(A) 28%(B) 18%(C) 20%(D) 25%(E) 35%Ans (C)
  7. 7. 18. International women’s day is celebrated every year on –(A) January 26(B) March 8(C) August 26(D) December 8(E) None of theseAns (B)19. Gary Kirsten signed a two year contract with BCCI to coach the Indian Cricket team,belongs to :(A) South Africa(B) England(C) West Indies(D) Australia(E) New ZealandAns (A)20. Capital formation in an economy depends on :(A) Total income(B) Total savings(C) Total demand(D) Total Production(E) None of theseAns (D)21. The National Old age Pension Scheme has now been extended to cover the entireBPL people above---------- of age(A) 55 years(B) 60 years(C) 62 years(D) 65 years(E) None of theseAns (D)22. According to the Union Finance Minister , by which year will India become middleincome nation ?(A) 2015(B) 2025(C) 2030(D) 2032(E) 2040Ans (B)23. Who has been conferred to Miss India World 2008 ?(A) Simran Kaur Mundi(B) Tanvi Vyas(C) Parvathy Omanakuttan(D) Pooja Chitgopekar(E) None of theseAns (C)24. The 20th Interpol Asian Regional Conference was held in March 2008 at _
  8. 8. (A) India(B) Hong Kong(C) Kuala Lumpur(D) Moscow(E) None of theseAns (B)25. Who is the new Chief Minister of Nagaland ?(A) Manik Sarkar(B) Neiphiu Rio(C) Donkupar Roy(D) Lapang(E) None of theseAns (B)BANK PO GENERAL ENGLISHDirection (Questions 1 to 5): Pick out word with the Opposite meaning.1. Though his view is correct his behavior was impertinent(a) healthy(b) respectful(c) inadequate(d) smooth(e) impressiveAns (b)2. The commission took two years to sift through the massive collection of documents.(a) meager(b) heavy(c) light(d) short(e) uglyAns (c)3. The Ministers speech precipitated the matter.(a) aggravate(b) create(c) defer(d) push(e) pullAns (c)4. The chairman rebuked the accounts officer.(a) received(b) awarded(c) invited(d) strengthened(e) praisedAns (b)
  9. 9. 5. The manager is quite tactful and handles the workers union very effectively.(a) disciplined(b) naive(c) strict(d) loose(e) relaxedAns (b)Direction (Questions 6 to 10): Pick out the word synonymous with the one in the sentencegiven below.6. After the dismal show the caption resigned his job.(a) poor(b) sorrowful(c) minimum(d) short(e) miserAns (a)7. The boy gave a graphic account of the theft.(a) picture(b) drawing(c) vivid(d) broad(e) vagueAns (c)8. The soldier displayed exceptional courage and saved the members of his platoon.(a) avoidable(b) unusual(c) strange(d) abnormal(e) newAns (b)9. The police officer found that the documents recovered were fabricated.(a) prepared(b) forged(c) genuine(d) historical(e) constrictedAns (b)10. In spite of their efforts, they could not make much headway.(a) progress(b) thinking(c) efforts(d) starts(e) resultsAns (a)Fill up to blanks in the following Questions from 11 to 18 picking out from the choices.
  10. 10. 11. Mahesh _____ me coming to his table, he smiled and ___ me a chair(a) looked, gave(b) welcomed, took(c) saw, offered(d) found, signaled(e) met, satAns (c)12. The counter Clerk was very busy and ____ not pay any ___ to Sohans request.(a) did, attention(b) had, cash(c) could, respect(d) can, help(e) Certainly, acceptanceAns (a)13. We are ___ to have him ____ here to make this function a great success(a) happy, arrive(b) wonderful, again(c) sure, come(d) pleased, over(e) proud, leaveAns (d)14. Satyam ___ another feather ___ his cap by his performance in one day match.(a) created, by(b) took, in(c) captured, from(d) kept, in(e) added, toAns (e)15. The state Govt. staff ___ threatened to launch an indefinite strike from next month to ___their demands.(a) have, press(b) did, get(c) were, meet(d) nearly, fulfill(e) has, pressAns (a)16. The speech ___ with subtle threats has resulted in ___ tension.(a) full, escalating(b) started, reduced(c) followed, continuous(d) replete, increased(e) forced, dissolvingAns (d)17. By long queues and bad weather the voters__ their way to the polling stations ___ a lot.(a) undaunted, made(b) making, suffered(c) encouraged, prepared
  11. 11. (d) going, dropped(e) satisfied, turnedAns (b)18. The CM ____ the house that ____ action would be taken against all those involved incorruption.(a) instructed, preventive(b) called, stick(c) assured, stringent(d) reiterated, strictly(e) informed, constructiveAns (c)Direction (Questions 19 to 25):In each of the following questions , a part of sentence is givenwith underline. Below each sentence, four choices numbered (a), (b), (c), (d) are given whichcan substitute the part of the sentence printed with underline. Find out the choice which cancorrectly substitute that part of the sentence. The number of that choice is the answer. If Nocorrection needed is your answer, the choice is (e).19. He has received no other message than an urgent telegram asking him to rush villagesoon.(a) asked him to rush his village(b) asking him to have to his village(c) asking him to rush to his village(d) asking him rushing at his village(e) No correction requiredAns (a)20. We must take it granted that Anju will not come for todays function.(a) take it for granted(b) taking it granted(c) took it as granted(d) have it granted(e) Non correction requiredAns (a)21. I earnestly believes that you will visit our relatives during your trip to Mumbai.(a) had hardly believe that(b) sincerely believe(c) certainly believing that(d) could not believe(e) No correction requiredAns (b)22. The train will leave at 8.30 pm, we have been ready by 7.30 pm so that we can reachthe station in time(a) were(b) must be(c) are(d) should have(e) No correction requiredAns (b)23. Binita unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Sanjay and left the party.
  12. 12. (a) has picked up(b) picked on(c) picked(d) picking up(e) No correction requiredAns (e)24. Raja has the guts to rise from the occasion and come out successfully.(a) in rising from(b) to raise with(c) to rise against(d) to rise to(e) No correction requiredAns (d)25. I need not offer any explanation, my behaviour is speaking itself.(a) will speak to itself(b) speaks for itself(c) has been speaking(d) speaks about itself(e) No correction requiredAns (b)SBI BANK CLERK REASONING SOLVED PAPER1.Study each of the following table and choose the alternative which can best replacethe question mark (?)1 2 3 2 10 122 5 12 10 16 131 2 1 ? 10 24(a) 5 (b) 11 (c) 13 (d) 8Ans (c)2. Study each of the following table and choose the alternative which can bestreplace the question mark (?)3 8 10 2 ? 1
  13. 13. 6 56 90 2 20 0(a) 0 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 7Ans (c)3.In the following question one term in the number series is wrong. Find out thewrong term.11, 5, 20, 12, 40, 26, 74, 54(a) 5 (b) 20 (c) 40 (d) 26Ans (c)4. In the following question one term in the number series is wrong. Find out thewrong term.8, 14, 26, 48, 98, 194, 386(a) 14 (b) 48 (c) 98 (d) 194Ans (b)5. Calculate value of each word by the following formula:Consonants = (2 × Position of the letter in alphabet) - 1Vowels = (3 × Position in alphabet) + 1CHANGE(a) 77 (b) 79 (c) 83 (d) 80Ans (d)6. Calculate value of each word by the following formula:Consonants = (2 × Position of the letter in alphabet) - 1Vowels = (3 × Position in alphabet) + 1FLUTE(a) 153 (b) 157 (c) 151 (d) 149
  14. 14. Ans (a)7. Calculate value of each word by the following formula:Consonants = (2 × Position of the letter in alphabet) - 1Vowels = (3 × Position in alphabet) + 1BREAD(a) 67 (b) 62 (c) 59 (d) 65Ans (d)8. In a certain code language, ‘3a, 2b, 7c’ means ‘Truth is Eternal’; ‘7c, 9a, 8b, 3a’means ‘Enmity is not Eternal’ and 6a, 4d, 2b, 8b’ means ‘Truth does not perish’.Which of the following means ‘enmity’ in that language?(a) 3a (b) 7c (c) 8b (d) 9aAns (d)9. In a certain code language, ‘po ki top ma’ means ‘Usha is playing cards’; ‘Kop jaki ma’ means ‘Asha is playing tennis’; ki top sop ho’ means ‘they are playingfootball’; and ‘po sur kop’ means ‘cards and tennis’. Which word in that languagemeans ‘Asha’?(a) ja (b) ma (c) kop (d) topAns (a)10. A girl was born on September 6, 1970, which happened to be a Sunday. Herbirthday has again fall on Sunday in(a) 1975 (b) 1976 (c) 1977 (d) 1981Ans (d)11. A long rope has to be cut to make 23 small pieces. If it is double folded to startwith how many times does it need to be cut?(a) 9 (b) 23 (c) 11 (d) 12Ans (c)
  15. 15. 12. There are 19 hockey players in a club. On a particular day 14 were wearing thehockey shirts prescribed, while 11 were wearing the prescribed hockey pants. Noneof them was without either hockey pants or hockey shirts. How many were incomplete hockey uniform?(a) 8 (b) 6 (c) 9 (d) 7Ans (b)13. In a class room three fourth of the boys are above 160 cm in height and they are18 in number. Also out of the total strength, the boys form only two third and therest are girls. The total number of girls in the class is(a) 18 (b) 24 (c) 12 (d) 30Ans (c)14. ‘A’ is east of ‘B’ and west of ‘C’. ‘H’ is South-West of ‘C’, ‘B’ is South-East of‘X’. which is farthest West?(a) C (b) A (c) X (d) BAns (c)15. A girl earns twice as much in December as in each of the other months. Whatpart of her entire year’s earning does she earn in December?(a) 2/11 (b) 2/13 (c) 3/14 (d) 1/6Ans (b)16. One watch is 1 minute slow at 1 pm on Tuesday and 2 minutes fast at 1 pm onThursday. When did it show the correct time?(a) 1.00 am on Wednesday (b) 5.00 am on Wednesday (c) 1.00 pm on Wednesday (d)5.00 pm on WednesdayDirections (Question 17 to 22) :Given a statement followed by two assumptionsnumbered I and II. You have to consider the statement and the followingassumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.Mark (a) if only assumption I is implicitMark (b) if only assumption II is implicitMark (c) if either I or II is implicit
  16. 16. Mark (d) if neither I or II is implicit17.Statement: Even with the increase in the number of sugar factories in India. Westill continue to import sugar.Assumptions :I. The consumption of sugar per capita has increased in India.II. Many of the factories are not in a position to produce sugar to their fullestcapacity.Ans (c)18.Statement :I cannot contact you on phone from Karshik.Assumption : I. Telephone facility is not available at Karshik.II. Nowadays it is difficult to contact on phone.Ans (b)19.Statement : The government has decided to reduce the custom duty on computerperipherals.Assumptions : I. The domestic market price of computer peripherals may go up innear future.II. the domestic manufacturers may oppose the decision.Ans (a)20. Statement : In Bombay, railway trains are indispensable for people in thesuburbs to reach their places of work on time.Assumptions : I. Railway trains are the only mode of transport available in thesuburbs of Bombay.II. Only railway trains run punctually.Ans (a)21. Statement :The private bus services in the city has virtually collapsed because ofthe ongoing strike of its employees.Assumptions : I. Going on strikes has become the right of every employee.II. People no more require the services of private bus operators.
  17. 17. Ans (b)22. Statement : Detergents should be used. to clean clothes.Assumptions : I. Detergents from more lather.II. Detergents help to dislodge grease and dirt.Ans (d)23. Which letter when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete the matrix?ADHFIM?NR(a) P (b) N (c) K (c) OAns (c)24. Which letter when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete the matrix?AMBNRCSDEUF?(a) T (b) F (c) V (d) RAns (c)25. Which number when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete thematrix?149?1234246?(a) 16 and 8 (b) 36 and 4 (c) 25 and 5 (d) 49 and 7Ans (a)
  18. 18. 26. Which number when placed at the sign of interrogation shall complete thematrix?66857543?120 126 320(a) 12 (b) 16 (c) 8 (d) 4Ans (c)27. In the following questions, there are given two statements followed by twoconclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decidewhich of the given conclusions logically follows from two given statements,disregarding commonly known facts. Read both the statements and give answer as:(a) If only conclusion I follows. (b) If only conclusion II follows.(c) If either I or II follows. (d) If neither I nor II follows.Statements: I. Many scooters are trucks. II. All trucks are trainsConclusions: I. Some scooters are trains. II. No truck is a scooter.Ans (a)28. In the following questions, there are given two statements followed by twoconclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decidewhich of the given conclusions logically follows from two given statements,disregarding commonly known facts. Read both the statements and give answer as:(a) If only conclusion I follows. (b) If only conclusion II follows.(c) If either I or II follows. (d) If neither I nor II follows.Statements: I. All cars are cats. II. All fans are cats.Conclusions: I. All cars are fans. II. Some fans are cars.Ans (d)
  19. 19. 29. In the following questions, there are given two statements followed by twoconclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decidewhich of the given conclusions logically follows from two given statements,disregarding commonly known facts. Read both the statements and give answer as:(a) If only conclusion I follows. (b) If only conclusion II follows.(c) If either I or II follows. (d) If neither I nor II follows.Statements: I. All pilots are experts. II. All authors are pilots.Conclusions: I. All authors are experts. II. No expert in an author.Ans (a)30.In the following questions, there are given two statements followed by twoconclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decidewhich of the given conclusions logically follows from two given statements,disregarding commonly known facts. Read both the statements and give answer as:(a) If only conclusion I follows. (b) If only conclusion II follows.(c) If either I or II follows. (d) If neither I nor II follows.Statements: I. Some doctors are institutes. II. Some crooks are institutes.Conclusions: I. All institutes are doctors. II. Some institutes are crooks.Ans (b)BANK CLERK NUMERICAL ABILITY1. Minimum number that should be added to 23087 to make it completely divisible by 8is ......(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4Ans (a)2. The angles ABC are 5x0, 7x0 and 6x0 respectively. What is the measure of the Ð BCA?(a) 500 (b) 600 (c) 700 (d) cannot decideAns (c)3. 390× 1000 × 201 × 34 = ?(a) 895 (b) 1540 (c) 1620 (d) 1780Ans (c)4. Ratio of costs of a table and a chair is 5:3 . If the tables cost Rs. 500 more than the cost ofchairs, what is the chairs cost?(a) Rs. 1250 (b) Rs. 1750 (c) Rs. 1450 (d) Rs. 750
  20. 20. Ans (d)5. 1646 − 13 × 18 + 249 = ? + 875(a) 786 (b) 687 (c) 2486 (d) 2356Ans (a)6. A number when divided by 5 leaves the remainder 3. What is the remainder when thesquare of the same number is divided by 5?(A) 9 (b) 3 (c) 0 (d) 4Ans (d)7. 12% 650 + ? % of 400 = 110(a) 25 (b) 18 (c) 8 (d) 80%Ans (c)8. train A crosses a 160 m standing train B in 15 sec and a standing person in 9 sec. Whatis its speed?(a) 96 km/hr (b) 72 km/hr (c) 84 km/hr (d) 92 km/hrAns (a)9. The type of matrix√2 0 00 √3 00 0 √2is?(a) Scalar (b) Unit (c) Diagonal (d) TransposeAns (c)10. The value of log 10000 is(a) 4 (b) 8 (c) 5 (d) 6Ans (a)11. The sum of all numbers between 800 and 1100 which are divisible by 79 is(a) 2846 (b) 2844 (c) 3844 (d) 3584Ans (b)12. The difference between the squares of any two consecutive integers is equal to(a) Product of two numbers (b) Sum of two numbers(c) Difference of two numbers (d) An even numberAns (b)13. 74 is divided into two parts so that 5 times one part and 11 times the others part aretogether equal to 454. Then the parts are(a) 14,60 (b) 60,14 (c) 30,44 (d) 20,34Ans (b)14. If 4 workers can make 42 toys in 6 days, how many toys can 12 workers make in 3 days?(a) 63 (b) 28 (c) 252 (d) 7Ans (a)15. The price of 349 coconuts are Rs 2094. What will be the price of 26 dozens of coconuts?(a) Rs 1662 (b) Rs 1562 (c) Rs 2062 (d) Rs 1872Ans (d)16. The area of a rectangular field is 10 times of its length. If the breadth of the field is 10m,what is its length?(a) 40m (b) 25m (c) 20m (d) data inadequateAns (d)16. The salary of an employee was reduced by 40% first and then was increased by 50%.How much percent did he lose?(a) 15% (b) 20% (c) 10% (d) 12%Ans (c)17. If 9 men & 15 women can do a piece of work in 25 days, then 39 men and 10 women willcomplete the same work in(a) 7 days (b) 6 days (c) 5 days (d) 4 days
  21. 21. Ans (c)18. One person took a loan of Rs. 5000 for 3 yrs on simple interest. After three years he paidback Rs. 6200 including the principal and the interest accrued. Calculate the rate of interest.(a) 6% (b) 7% (c) 8% (d) 7.5%Ans (c)19. The smallest number which when added to the number 1154 makes it a perfect square is(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4Ans (b)20. The present age of Ramesh is ¼ of his fathers age. After 4 years, the sum of their ageswill be 68. What is the present age of Ramesh?(a) 10 yrs (b) 15 yrs (c) 16 yrs (d) 12 yrsAns (b)21. Sheet metal required to make a hollow cone of height 24 cm and radius 7 cm is(a) 407 cm2 (b) 250 cm2 (c) 704 cm2 (d) 400 cm2Ans (c)22. If 42 men can do a work in 15 days, how many men are required to complete it in 21days?(a) 24 (b) 36 (c) 30 (d) none of theseAns (a)23. Average marks in Maths in a class of 40 students is 45. Average of all the 30 boys is 50.Then the average marks obtained by the girls is(a) 30 (b) 35 (c) 25 (d) none of theseAns (a)24. The largest angle of a quadrilateral is two times the smallest angle. If the angles form aseries (a, a+d, a+2d, a+3d), the other two angles would be(a) 600, 1200 (b) 800, 1000 (c) 900, 1000 (d) 700, 900Ans (b)25. A mixture of 20 kg of spirit and water contains 10% water. How much water must beadded to this mixture to raise the percentage of water to 25%(a) 4 kg (b) 5 kg (c) 8 kg (d) 30 kgAns (a)26. A shopkeeper bought locks at the rate of 8 locks for Rs. 34 and sold them at 12 locks forRs. 57. The number of locks he should sell to have a profit of Rs. 900 is(a) 1400 (b) 1600 (c) 1800 (d) 2000Ans (c)27. A person travels equal distance with speed of 3 km/hr; 4 km/hr and 5 km/hr. and takes atotal time of 47 minutes. The total distance (in km) is(a) 1 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5Ans (a)28. The perimeter of a circular and another square field are equal. Find the area in sq.m ofthe circular field if the area of the square field is 484 sq.m.(a) 888 (b) 770 (c) 616 (d) None of theseAns (c)29. If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 yrs at 10% annum is Rs. 2100, the simpleinterest on it at the same rate for 2 yrs will be.(a) Rs. 1700 (b) Rs. 1800 (c) Rs. 1900 (d) Rs. 2000Ans (d)30. The diagonal of a square A is x + y. The diagonal of a square B with twice the area of Ais(a) 2(x + y) (b) x + 2y (c) √2 (x + y) (d) 2x + 4yAns (c)31. If 10x+3y : 5n+2y = 9:5, then x : y is(a) 3:5 (b) 5:3 (c) 2:5 (d) 1:2
  22. 22. Ans (a)32. A conical tent of radius 12m and height 16m is to be made. Find its cost if canvas is Rs.10 per m2(a) Rs 7543 (b) Rs 7445 (c) Rs 7342 (d) 7600Ans (a)33. 1, 5, 14, 30, ?, 91(a) 45 (b) 55 (c) 46 (d) 60Ans (b)34. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 10, ?, 13(a) 7 (b) 11 (c) 14 (d) 12Ans (c)35. 2, 6, 30, 60, 130, ?(a) 210 (b) 216 (c) 200 (d) 160Ans (a)SBI BANK CLERK NUMERICAL ABILITY1. A clock shows the time as 6 a.m. If the minute hand gains 2 minutes every hour, howmany minutes will the clock gain by 9 p.m.?(a) 30 minutes(b) 25 minutes(c) 28 minutes(d) 34 minutes2. Find the right number, from the given options, at the place marked by the question mark:2, 4, 8, 32, 256, ?(a) 4096(b) 8192(c) 512(d) 10243. Find the number missing at question mark:10, 11, 23, 39, 64, ?, 149(a) 100(b) 103(c) 78(d) 1284. A super fast bus of KSRTC starting from Trivandrum and reaches Attingal in 45 minuteswith an average speed of 40 km/hr. If the speed is increased by 10 km/hr how much time it
  23. 23. will take to cover the same distance?(a) 34 minutes (b) 36 minutes (c) 38 minutes (d) 40 minutes5. The difference between 6 times and 8 times of a figure is 14. What is the figure?(a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 7 (d) 66. If 92y = 36 what is 9y?(a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 9 (d) 187. One fourth percent of 180 is:(a) 4.5 (b) 0.45 (c) 0.045 (d) 458. A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 40% marks to pass paper I. Buthe secured only 40 marks and failed by 20 marks. What is the maximum mark for paper I?(a) 100 (b) 200 (c) 180 (d) 1509. Find the missing number 32, 52, 74, 112, 135 ...............(a) 16 (b) 15 (c) 17 (d) 1410. If 250 is increased to 300, what is the percentage increase?(a) 16.67 (b) 20 (c) 23 (d) 1711. The ratio of 9 seconds to 10 hours is .............(a) 1:40 (b) 1:4000 (c) 9:10 (d) 1:40012. A person lost 10% when he sold goods at Rs.153. For how much should he sell them togain 20%?(a) 204 (b) 250 (c) 240 (d) 21013. What will be xy if 7862xy is to be divisible by 125?(a) 25 (b) 00 (c) 75 (d) 5014. A train of 100 meters long is running at the speed of 36 km per hour. In what time itpasses a bridge of 80 meters long?(a) 30 seconds (b) 36 seconds (c) 20 seconds (d) 18 seconds15. If two-third of a bucket is filled in one minute then the time taken to fill the bucketcompletely will be .......(a) 90 seconds (b) 70 seconds (c) 60 seconds (d) 100 seconds16. If a quarter kilogram costs Rs. 60 then how much will cost for 150 grams?
  24. 24. (a) Rs. 30 (b) Rs. 24 (c) Rs. 36 (d) Rs. 4017. If 3 men or 6 boys can do a piece of work in 20 days then how many days with 6 menand 8 boys take to do the same work?(a) 5 (b) 8 (c) 10 (d) 618. Find the sum of first 100 natural numbers(a) 5050 (b) 5005 (c) 9900 (d) 905019. Two poles of height 6 meters and 11 meters stand on a plane ground. If the distancebetween their feet is 12 meters then find the difference in the distance between their tops:(a) 12m (b) 5m (c) 13m (d) 11m20. How many balls of radius 4 cm can be made from a solid sphere of lead of radius 8 cm?(a) 4 (b) 8 (c) 16 (d) 221. The solution to x2 +6x+9 = 0 is ........(a) x1 = + 3, x2 = -3 (b) x1 = 3, x2 = 3(c) x1 = -3, x2 = -3 (d) No solution22. What is the chance of getting a 2 or 4 in rolling a die?(a) 2/3 (b) 1/6 (c) 1/3 (d) 1/223. At what rate of simple interest per annum an amount will be doubled in 10 years?(a) 10% (b) 7.5% (c) 16% (d) 15%24. Five times an unknown number is 5 less than 50. The unknown number(a) 10 (b) 11 (c) 9 (d) 525. The acute angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock at 4 PM(a) 900 (b) 1200 (c) 1500 (d) 240026. Water is filled in a cylindrical vessel in such a way that its volume doubles after every fiveminutes. If it takes 30 minutes for the vessel to be full, then the vessel will be one fourth fullin(a) 20 minute (b) 25 minutes(c) 7 minutes 30 seconds (d) 10 minutes27. If 10 cats can kill 10 rats in 10 minutes how long will it take 100 cats to kill 100 rats
  25. 25. (a) 1 minutes (b) 10 minute (c) 100 minutes (d) 10000 minutes28. If 75 % of a number is added to 75, the result is the number itself, then the number is:(a) 250 (b) 750 (c) 400 (d) 30029. A school has enough food for 400 children for 12 days. How long will the food last if 80more children join them?(a) 6 days (b) 7 days (c) 10 days (d) 8 days30. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 55, which is the largest number?(a) 25 (b) 28 (c) 26 (d) 2731. When a shop keeper sold 2/3 of an item, he got the cost price of the whole lot. What isthe percentage of his profit?(a) 33 1/8 % (b) 66 2/3 % (c) 25 % (d) 50 %32. The perimeter of a rectangular field is 480 meters and the ratio between the length andbreadth is 5:3. The area of the field is:(a) 7,200m2 (b) 15,000m2 (c) 54,000m2 (d) 13,500m233. If you add 100 to a certain number, the result will be more than, if you multiply thatnumber by 1000 what is that number?(a) 1.5 (b) 1.0 (c) 2.5 (d) 2.034. A student has to secure 40 % marks to pass. He gets 150 marks and fails by 30 marks.What is the maximum marks?(a) 400 (b) 500 (c) 475 (d) 45035. The circumcentre of an obtuse triangle will always be in the(a) Interior of the triangle(b) Midpoint of the diameter(c) Exterior of the triangle(d) Midpoint of the side of the triangle36. What is the degree measure of a semicircle?(a) 360 (b) 90 (c) 270 (d) 18037. Which among the following is the point of intersection of the medians of a triangle?(a) Circumcentre (b) Centroid (c) Orthocenter (d) Incentre
  26. 26. 38. The height of a cone and its base diameter are equal. If the base radius is r what is itsslant height?(a) 3r (b) 4r (c) √5r (d) √3r39. The radii of two spheres are in the ratio 2:3. What is the ratio of their surface areas?(a) 4:9 (b) 2:3 (c) 8:27 (d) 4:640. What is the common ratio of the progression 3√2, 6, 6√2 ?(a) 3 (b) 2 (c) √2 (d) √341. In class of 100 students 50 students passed in Mathematics and 70 passed in English, 5students failed in both Mathematics and English. How many students passed in both thesubjects?(a) 25 (b) 30 (c) 50 (d) 4542. Speed of a boat in still water is 9 km/hr. It goes 12 km down stream and comes back tothe starting point in three hours.What is the speed of water in the stream?(a) 3 km/hr (b) 4 km/hr (c) 4.5 km/hr (d) 5 km/hr43. A student was asked to add 16 and subtract 10 from a number.He by mistake added 10and subtracted 16. If his answer is 14 what is the correct answer?(a) 20 (b) 26 (c) 30 (d) 3244. Find the area of a right angled triangle whose hypotenuse is 10 cm and base 8 cm.(a) 48 (b) 34 (c) 24 (d) 42 sq.cm45. Find the next term of the series: 3, 6, 9, 18, 27, 54, ......(a) 81 (b) 69 (c) 63 (d) 5746. A number consists of 20 plus 20% of its value. The number is:(a) 20 (b) 22 (c) 25 (d) 3047. 20% of 5 + 5% of 20 =(a) 5 (b) 2 (c) 6 (d) 2148. The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock, when the time is 8.30(a) 800 (b) 600 (c) 1050 (d) 75049. Rs. 1581 is divided among A, B and C in the ratio 10 : 15 : 6. What is the share of B?(a) 306 (b) 765 (c) 700 (d) 510
  27. 27. 50. The sum of four consecutive counting numbers is 154. Find the smallest number:(a) 36 (b) 37 (c) 38 (d) 31Answers1 A 11 B 21 C 31 D 41 A2 B 12 A 22 B 32 D 42 A3 A 13 D 23 A 33 B 43 B4 B 14 D 24 C 34 D 44 C5 C 15 A 25 B 35 C 45 A6 B 16 C 26 A 36 D 46 C7 C 17 D 27 B 37 B 47 B8 D 18 A 28 D 38 C 48 D9 C 19 C 29 C 39 C 49 B10 B 20 B 30 B 40 C 50 B1. The International Day for Elimination of RacialDiscrimination is observed on:(1) 20th February (2) 20th March(3) 25th May (4) 21st February(5) 21st March2. In 2006 Mahesh Bhupathi completed his CareerGrand Slam as he won the fourth Grand Slam mixeddoubles title. Which of the following is the open mixeddoubles title he won in January 2006?(1) Australian Open (2) US Open(3) French Open (4) Wimbledon(5) None of these3. The World Economic Forum Meet was organized inJanuary 2006 in Davos. Which of the following twocountries were in the spotlight in the meet?(1) Brazil and Russia (2) Russia and China(3) China and Brazil (4) India and China(5) India and Brazil4. Who amongst the following is going to establish afund of Rs 1000 crores for financing the food processingindustry?
  28. 28. (1) State Bank of India (2) SIDBI(3) ECGC (4) NABARD(5) None of these5. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided towithdraw its nominee directors from the boards of which ofthe following types of banks?(1) Co-operative Banks (2) Nationalized Banks(3) Private Sector Banks (4) Foreign Banks(5) None of these6. Some countries/organizations recently decided tosuspend any help/aid to Palestine. Which of the followingis/are the reason(s) for the same?(A) It is because Hamas got victory in general electionsheld in Palestine.(B) UN has imposed sanctions on Palestine as it hasviolated norms of the IAEA on nuclear policy.(C) It is openly supporting Iran’s nuclear programmewhereas USA is dead against it.(1) (A) and (C) both (2) Only (B)(3) Only (C) (4) (A) and (B) both(5) Only (A)7. Sonia Gandhi is the Member of the Lok Sabha fromwhich of the following seats?(1) Allahabad (2) Lucknow(3) Sultanpur (4) Amethi(5) None of these8. As announced in the Budget 2006-07 the Crop loanCredit to the farmers will be given at the rate of 7% upto aloan limit of:(1) Rs 1 lakh (2) Rs 2 lakhs(3) Rs 3 lakhs (4) Rs 4 lakhs(5) Rs 5 lakhs9. ‘New Horizons’ space craft which was launched bythe NASA is launched to study which of the followingplanets?(1) Mars (2) Saturn(3) Jupiter (4) pluto(5) Mercury10. As per the estimates released by the agencies PerCapita Income of average Indian in 2005-06 (at 1999-2000prices) was approximately:(1) Rs 15,000 (2) Rs 18,000(3) Rs 20,000 (4) Rs 22,000(5) Rs 25,00011. Which of the following years was adjudged as the‘Hottest Year of the Century’ as per the report prepared bythe NASA?(1) 2003 (2) 2004(3) 2005 (4) 2000(5) None of these12. As per a survey conducted by an agency what wasIndia’s rank in the field of Internet usage in 2005?(1) 2nd (2) 3rd(3) 4th (4) 8th(5) 10th13. Which of the following correctly describes what‘The Sultan’s Elephant’ is?(1) It is the name of the new film directed and producedby Maniratnam.
  29. 29. (2) It is a street theatre performance which took place inLondon recently.(3) It is a comedy serial being telecast on DD Metrothese days.(4) It is a novel written by Khushwant Singh(5) None of these14. Naushad who died recently was a famous:(1) Politician (2) Social worker(3) Sports personality (4) Music Director(5) Painter15. The 6th International Indian Film AcademyAwards function was organized in which of the following350 NOVEMBER 2006 THE COMPETITION MASTEROBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONSGENERAL AWARENESSQuestions asked in various Bank P.O. Examinations held in last 12 monthsplaces?(1) Dubai (2) Bangalore(3) Panaji (4) Moscow(5) Amsterdam16. Which of the following banks was adjudged best in‘Corporate Governance’ and was given Golden PeacockAward, 2005, for the same?(1) Bank of India (2) Punjab National Bank(3) ICICI Bank (4) State Bank of India(5) None of these17. The 6th African Union Summit was held in January2006 in Khartoum. Where is this place Khartoum? It is in:(1) Ghana (2) South Africa(3) Angola (4) Chad(5) Sudan18. Which amongst the following is one of the books byBill Gates?(1) Business @ The Speed of Thought(2) The Google Story (3) Net and Internet(4) The World is Flat (5) None of these19. Which of the following countries has developed alow cost anti-rabies vaccine, which is also the world’s firstcombination rabies vaccine?(1) China (2) India(3) Britain (4) USA(5) None of these20. Aung San Suu Kyi who was awarded the Olaf PalmPrize recently is a citizen of:(1) Singapore (2) China(3) Taiwan (4) Myanmar(5) Nepal21. The XXI Winter Olympics will be held in 2010 at:(1) Tokyo (2) Minsk(3) Rome (4) Vancouver(5) Bangkok22. Which of the following organizations has createdan ‘Investor Protection Fund’, which is funded by fines andpenalties collected by the organization itself from variousclients?(1) SEBI (2) RBI
  30. 30. (3) IRDA (4) AMFI(5) None of these23. To tackle the widespread rural unemployment theUnion Budget 2006-07 has approximately earmarked anamount of Rs:(1) 10000 crores (2) 12500 crores(3) 14300 crores (4) 16700 crores(5) 20000 crores24. Earlier it was thought safe to allow each financialinstitution to carry out only one type of financial service. Butnow banks are selling shares, insurance companies can sellbanking services. These new financial conglomerates arecolloquially referred to as:(1) Multinationals(2)Financial supermarkets(3) Market regulators(4) Brand Promoters(5) None of these25. Which of the following is the purpose owing towhich banks have created Investment Fluctuation Reserves(IFR)? This will help them in managing:(1) Interest rate risk(2) CRR(3) SLR(4) Foreign Currency Accounts(5) None of these26. As per the guidelines issued by the SEBI thePermanent Account Number (PAN) is a must for which ofthe following?(1) Demat Accounts(2) All Saving Banks Accounts(3) All Housing Loan Accounts(4) All Current Accounts(5) None of these27. Many times we read a term ‘Free Market’ innewspapers. What does it mean? [Pick up the correctstatement(s)]:(A) It is a market where pricing is driven by the laws ofsupply and demand.(B) In free market things are available without restraintsof the government.(C) In such markets goods are free from extraneousinfluences such as tariff or quotas.(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)(3) Only (C) (4) (A) and (B) both(5) (A), (B) and (C) all28. Which of the following correctly describes what ise-Bharat?(1) It is a comprehensive governance programme forrural India launched by the Government of India.(2) It is the new service launched by the MTNL whichwill provide cheap mobile connection to ruralIndians.(3) It is a newly launched internet service launched bythe Tatas providing cheap connections to ruralpeople.(4) It is a call center service launched by the ITC to helpfarmers.
  31. 31. (5) None of these29. Corporation Bank is also a distributor of theMutual Fund products. For this the bank has an agreementwith which of the following organizations?(1) Bajaj Allianz (2) DSP Merrill Lynch(3) HDFC Mututal Fund (4) SBI Mutual Fund(5) None of these30. Which of the following was the reason owing towhich Thaksin Shinawtra, the Thai Prime Minister has toresign even after his victory in recent general elections?(A) He got very marginal victory in General Elections(B) Main opposition parties boycotted the poll hencethey are not ready to accept the results of theelection.(C) He was found guilty of manipulating results of theelections in his favour351 NOVEMBER 2006 THE COMPETITION MASTEROBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)(3) Only (C) (4) (B) and (C) both(5) None of these31. In which of the following countries, women votedfor the first time after they were given equal political rightsin 2005?(1) UAE (2) Kuwait(3) Sudan (4) Uganda(5) None of these32. Which of the following countries has decided toclose all its small coal mines by 2007 as the safety of theworkers is very poor in those mines?(1) India (2) Bangladesh(3) China (4) South Africa(5) None of these33. John Kenneth Galbraith who died recently was afamous:(1) Cine Artist (2) Sports Personality(3) Economist (4) Sociologist(5) Creative Writer34. As per the decision taken by the RBI the Know YourCustomer Norms will now be applicable also for which ofthe following organizations?(1) NBFC(2) Insurance Companies(3) Stock Brokers(4) Builders and Property Dealers(5) None of these35. Dabhol Power Plant which was in news recently islocated in which of the following States?(1) Delhi (2) Karnataka(3) M.P. (4) Maharashtra(5) U.P.36. Which of the following banks started bankingoperations in China in August 2006?(1) State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur(2) Bank of India(3) State Bank of India(4) Indian Overseas Bank(5) Corporation Bank37. Charles Taylor who was charged with crime
  32. 32. against humanity in the international war crime tribunalwas the president of:(1) Uganda (2) Chad(3) Liberia (4) Congo(5) None of these38. Four Asian nations (including India) will host theWorld Cup Cricket tournament to be held in:(1) 2007 (2) 2008(3) 2009 (4) 2010(5) 201139. The Union Budget 2006 has made a provision ofRs 1,700 crore by way of interest subsidy for crop loan on theoutstanding of 2006. What is the rate of interest subsidy?(1) 0.5% (2) 0.75%(3) 1.00% (4) 1.5%(5) 2%40. Banks have started opening ‘No Frill’ accountsrecently. These accounts are to help which of the followingsections of customers?(1) Weaker section of society(2) High Value Customers(3) Studetns(4) Loan seekers who were not able to repay their loanstaken earlier(5) None of these41. Which of the following statement(s) about UnionBudget 2006-07 is/are TRUE?(A) Tax proposed on profits of cooperative banks.(B) ATM services provided by third parties to banks tobe taxed.(C) Service tax proposed on issue of pay order, demanddraft, cheque, letter of credit, etc.(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)(3) Only (C) (4) (A) and (B) both(5) (A) and (C) both42. As per the Union Budget 2006 Corpus of RuralInfrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) has beenincreased to Rs:(1) 5000 crores (2) 7000 crores(3) 7500 crores (4) 8000 crores(5) 10000 crores43. As per reports published in the newspapers Visaand Master Cards want banks to Pursue EMV TechnologyStandards. What is the full form of EMV Standards?(1) Europay MasterCard Visa Standard(2) European Multiple Volume Standard(3) English MasterCard Visa Standard(4) Electronic Multiple Variety Standard(5) None of these44. Now the limit on Foreign Institutional Investmentin Government Securities is increased upto US $:(1) 1 billion (2) 1.5 billion(3) 1.75 billion (4) 2 billion(5) 2.25 billion45. As per the reports published in the news papersPublic Sector Banks were able to recover Non PerformingAssets of Rs 20,000 crores. Which of the following has beenthe major contributor in this recovery?(1) Compromise Schemes
  33. 33. (2) Lok Adalats(3) Debt Recovery Tribunals(4) Asset Reconstruction Companies(5) None of these46. Samresh Jung who was recently in news isassociated with which of the following games?(1) Pistol Shooting (2) Swimming(3) 100 metre Race (4) Weight Lifting(5) None of these47. Indian Government is in favour of Mergers andAcquisitions in banks. Which of the following can not beconsidered a direct benefit of merger and acquisition?(1) Most efficient and trained staff(2) Increased market share352 NOVEMBER 2006 THE COMPETITION MASTEROBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS(3) Multiple and additional locations(4) Opportunity to have a large customer base(5) All of these48. For which of the following reasons RBI has raisedcap on exports credit interest rates?(1) It has been revised in sync with foreign currencydeposits(2) It has been revised in line with global rates(3) It has been revised in consonance with WTOcommitments(4) It has been revised keeping in view the internationalexport credit pricing(5) None of these49. Which of the following is the objective foramendment to the Indian Postal Act 1898?(1) Courier Companies shall be monitored by PostalDepartment(2) It will enlarge the role of courier companies indistribution of postal products(3) All documents weighing less than 300 gms will haveto go to post and cannot be couriered(4) All documents weighing less than 500 gms will haveto go to post and cannot be couriered(5) None of these50. For which of the following Banks, cabinet has givenapproval to write off accumulated losses amountingRs 278.44 crore?(1) UCO(2) United Bank of India(3) Indian Bank(4) Oriental Bank of Commerce(5) None of these51. Expand the term LIBOR.(1) London Inter-Bank Operational Rate(2) London Inter-Bank Offsite Rate(3) London Inter-Bank Onsite Rate(4) London Inter-Bank Offered Rate(5) None of these52. Which of the following was the present ReverseRepo Rate as on June 9, 2006?(1) 5.00 (2) 5.75(3) 6.00 (4) 6.50(5) None of these
  34. 34. 53. Which of the following banks got permission inMarch 2006 to open a representative office at Shenzhen(China)?(1) Punjab National Bank (2) Allahabad Bank(3) Bank of Baroda (4) Bank of India(5) None of these54. Who amongst the following is the author of thebook ‘God’s Little Soldier’?(1) Kiran Nagarkar (2) Amitabh Ghosh(3) Khushwant Singh (4) Anita Desai(5) Kuldeep Nayyar55. The first India-EU Business Conference on energywas held in:(1) New Delhi (2) London(3) Paris (4) Berlin(5) None of these56. Which of the following Cups/Trophies is NOTassociated with the game of Hockey?(1) Surjeet Singh Cup (2) Irani Trophy(3) Federation Cup (4) Cuppuswamy Cup(5) Scindia Gold Cup57. Which of the following programmes is beingimplemented by the National Bank for Agriculture andRural Development (NABARD)?(1) Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana (PMRY)(2) Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY)(3) District Rural Industrial Project (DRIP)(4) Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP)(5) None of these58. Which of the following ministerial portfolio isbeing held by Mr Kamal Nath?(1) Communication(2) Commerce and Industry(3) Banking(4) Rural development(5) Agriculture59. Tata Group in association with which of thefollowing banks has launched ‘Tata Credit Card’?(1) Bank of India (2) State Bank of India(3) Central Bank of India (4) Bank of Baroda(5) None of these60. Nirmal Gram Panchayat (NGP) Award is given forwhich of the following causes?(1) Promoting rural health(2) Promoting education in rural areas(3) Promoting sanitation in rural areas(4) Promoting use of computers in rural areas(5) None of these61. Which of the following State governments decidedto scrap Stamp Duty on government securities after ameeting with the bankers?(1) Delhi (2) Karnataka(3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Maharashtra(5) None of these62. Which of the following Public Sector Banks hasdecided to acquire Bharat Overseas Bank?(1) PNB (2) IOB(3) BOB (4) Syndicate Bank(5) None of these
  35. 35. 63. In which of the following cities comprehensive‘Fleet Taxi Scheme’ is being introduced?(1) Bangalore (2) Chennai(3) Delhi (4) Mumbai(5) Kochi64. For which of the following banks, “ProtectedDisclosure” scheme is being introduced?(1) Public Sector Banks(2) Co-operative Banks(3) Private Banks(4) Foreign Bank(5) None of these353 NOVEMBER 2006 THE COMPETITION MASTEROBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS65. Who amongst the following is the Prime Ministerof Nepal after the King Gyanendra decided to reinstate theParliament?(1) Sher Bahadur Deuba(2) Krishna Prasad Sitaula(3) Girija Prasad Koirala(4) Krishna Prasad Bhattarai(5) None of these66. Thierry Henry who was adjudged as the‘Footballer of the Year 2005’ is a citizen of:(1) Germany (2) France(3) Italy (4) Brazil(5) USA67. Which of the following countries won the ThomasCup Badminton title 2006 held recently?(1) China (2) Denmark(3) Japan (4) Bangladesh(5) North Korea68. Which of the following banks launched India’s firstfood and agriculture private equity fund?(1) Robo Bank (2) Citibank(3) HSBC (4) SBI(5) None of these69. Which amongst the following organizations hastied up with 12 commercial banks to set up small enterprisesfinancial corporations?(1) ECGC (2) SIDBI(3) NABARD (4) UTI Bank(5) None of these70. Which of the following countries got the status of10th largest Importer and Exporter of commercial services?(According to World Trade Report)(1) China (2) North Korea(3) India (4) Egypt(5) None of these71. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awards are given forexcellence in which of the following fields?(1) Sports(2) Science and Technology(3) Literature(4) Social Science(5) Journalism72. Ms Angela Markel who was in news recently is the:(1) Chancellor of Germany(2) Foreign Minister of France
  36. 36. (3) Foreign Secretary of USA(4) Prime Minister of Denmark(5) None of these73. ‘NASA’ is the space research organization of:(1) Russia (2) UK(3) USA (4) China(5) Germany74. Evo Morales is:(1) President of Bolivia(2) Prime Minister of Bolivia(3) President of Chad(4) Prime Minister of Chad(5) None of these75. Who amongst the following is the author of thebook ‘Speed Post’?(1) Shashi Deshpande (2) Anita Desai(3) Shobha De (4) Maneka Gandhi(5) None of these76. ‘Swati Ghate’ who won the NationalChampionship is associated with which of the followinggames?(1) Chess (2) Badminton(3) Golf (4) Athletics(5) None of these77. Which of the following instruments is used toregulate temperature to a particular level?(1) Telemeter (2) Voltameter(3) Thermostat (4) Periscope(5) None of these78. ‘Arcelor’ which was in news recently is a majorfirm making:(1) Cement (2) Paper(3) Electronic Gadgets (4) Drugs(5) Steel79. ‘International Day against Drug Abuse and IllicitTrafficking’ is observed on:(1) 10th June (2) 26th June(3) 26th July (4) 10th July(5) None of these80. Samurai Bonds are offered in which of thefollowing countries?(1) South Korea (2) North Korea(3) Japan (4) Singapore(5) China81. The head office of the Asian Development Bank(ADB) is in:(1) Manila (2) Jakarta(3) Honolulu (4) Nairobi(5) Tokyo82. Kyoto Protocol which took effect in February 2005is related to which of the following issues?(1) Subsidy to Agriculture (2) Cloning(3) Global Warming(4) Enrichment of Uranium (5) None of these83. Who amongst the following is the author of thebook The Heart of India?(1) Meera Syal (2) Gita Mehra(3) Ruskin Bond (4) Mark Tully(5) None of these
  37. 37. 84. Sometimes some natural calamities bring someopportunities for the people of different nations to cometogether and work for the cause of humanity. Which of thefollowing was one such incidence/calamity which helpedpeople of Pakistan to associate themselves with the peopleof India and vice versa? (Incident took place in 2005).(1) Heavy rains and flood in Mumbai(2) Tsunami in Asian countries(3) Severe earthquake in parts of J&K(4) Bomb blast in tube rail in London354 NOVEMBER 2006 THE COMPETITION MASTEROBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS(5) None of these85. As evident from the performance of India oneconomic front during 2005-06 it can be very well concludedthat India did excellent in all sectors except one which is:(1) Banking sector (2) Industrial sector(3) Service sector (4) Agriculture sector(5) None of these86. The ‘Economist’ weekly published from USA titledwho amongst the following as the ‘Biotech Queen of India’?(1) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (2) Tina Ambani(3) Kanan Bhatt (4) Naina Lal Kidwai(5) None of these87. Which of the following cities has become the 2ndIndian city with Metro Railway Service?(1) Mumbai (2) Bangalore(3) Ahmedabad (4) Delhi(5) Kolkata88. Immediately prior to Rajnath Singh who amongstthe following was the President of BJP?(1) L.K. Advani (2) Uma Bharati(3) Pramod Mahajan (4) Atal Behari Vajpayee(5) None of these89. Scientists in which of the following countries weresuccessful in creation of Human Embryo by the process ofcloning?(1) Japan (2) South Korea(3) Britain (4) Germany(5) Sweden90. Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rabri Devi served as ChiefMinisters of Bihar for how many years uninterruptedlybefore Nitish Kumar took over as the Chief Minister?(1) 7 years (2) 9 years(3) 12 years (4) 15 years(5) 22 years91. Which of the following is the full form of the termMPLADS?(1) Madhya Pradesh Lead Area Development Scheme(2) Member of Parliament’s Local Area DevelopmentScheme(3) Madhya Pradesh Local Area Development Scheme(4) Member of Parliament Leading Area DemonstrationScheme(5) None of these92. Which of the following is the youngest member ofthe South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation?(1) Bhutan (2) Bangladesh(3) Nepal (4) Sri Lanka
  38. 38. (5) Afghanistan93. Which of the following States will not get anybenefit from the Sardar Sarovar Dam directly?(1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Gujarat(3) Maharashtra (4) Rajasthan(5) Chattisgarh94. Which of the following SAARC countries got aParliament after a long gap of 30 years?(1) Nepal (2) Bhutan(3) Maldives (4) Afghanistan(5) None of these95. Sri Lankan Government is holding peace talkswith which of the following groups of people?(1) Naxalites (2) Maoists(3) GNLF (4) DGHC(5) LTTE96. Which of the following is the full form of PURA?(1) Perfect Urban Rural Association(2) Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas(3) Preferential and Uniform Re-enforcement Act(4) Programme on Urban Rural Association(5) None of these97. The 93rd Session of the Indian Science Congresswas organized in:(1) Kolkata (2) Chennai(3) Jaipur (4) New Delhi(5) Hyderabad98. Which of the following is the trade agreementamong SAARC member countries which came into effectfrom January 2006?(1) SCUBA (2) SAFTA(3) ASEAN (4) ASSOCHAM(5) None of these99. Which of the following Brands was placed at thetop of the Fifth Brand Equity Survey of India for 2005?(1) Lux (2) Dettol(3) Colgate (4) Bata(5) None of these100. Which of the following Stock Exchanges hascompleted 213 years of its existence? The Exchange hasrecently sold part of its holdings to public.(1) New York Stock Exchange(2) London Stock Exchange(3) Tokyo Stock Exchange(4) Bombay Stock Exchange(5) None of these101. India’s first Natural Disaster Information Systemwas recently launched at:(1) Mumbai (2) Bangalore(3) Chennai (4) Port Blair(5) Kolkata102. In the opinion of Prof Amartya Sen thedevelopment in which of the following areas could make a‘dramatic’ difference in rural India?(A) Health System(B) Education(C) Marketing of Agro Products(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)(3) (A) and (B) both (4) Only (C)
  39. 39. (5) None of these103. Which of the following branches is called thestudy of Sound?(1) Aetiology (2) Anatomy(3) Astrophysics (4) Acoustics(5) None of these104. Which of the following is/are NOT one of theobjectives of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?355 NOVEMBER 2006 THE COMPETITION MASTEROBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS(A) To ensure exchange rate stability.(B) To ensure Balanced International Trade(C) To replace World Trade Organisation in years tocome(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)(3) Only (C) (4) (A) and (B) both(5) (A) and (C) both105. Which of the following is the major contributorfor 24 hour banking?(1) Credit Card (2) ATM(3) Mobile banks (4) Networked Branches(5) Any City Banking106. Which of the following is NOT a member of theG-8?(1) Russia (2) Canada(3) Italy (4) Japan(5) Sweden107. In India, Tanks are a popular method of irrigationin:(1) Eastern States (2) South India(3) North-East States (4) Western India(5) None of these108. Which of the following package is best suited forpreparing “Presentations”?(1) Excel (2) Unix(3) Windows (4) Word(5) Power-Point109. Which of the following films was adjudged the‘Best Motion Picture of the Year’ in the Oscar AwardsCeremony 2006?(1) Walk the Line (2) The Constant Gardener(3) Memories of the Geisha (4) Crash(5) None of these110. What is the name for the process that is used toconvert a sense of instructions, or program, written in ahigh-level language into instructions (or a program) that canbe run on a computer?(1) Assembling (2) Compiling(3) Translating (4) Uploading(5) None of these111. _____means the altering of computer systemsoftware to achieve a task for which it was not originallydesigned.(1) Pegging (2) Hacking(3) Trekking (4) Breaking(5) All of these112. Authentication can be provided byadding_____to a message.(1) Sign (2) Manual Signature
  40. 40. (3) Digital Signature (4) Initials(5) None of these113. What is the name for a webpage address?(1) Directory (2) Domain(3) Extension (4) Protocol(5) URL114. The ability of an OS to run more than oneapplication at a time is called:(1) multitasking(2) object-oriented programming(3) multi-user computing(4) time-sharing(5) None of these115. A leased line can transmit:(1) Only Data (2) Only Voice(3) Only Video (4) Only Text(5) All the above116. The word ‘FTP’ stands for:(1) File Translate Protocol (2) File Transit Protocol(3) File Typing Protocol (4) File Transfer Protocol(5) None of these117. What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM)makes it useful?(1) ROM information can be easily updated(2) Data in ROM is nonvolatile, that is, it remains thereeven without electrical power(3) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensivedata storage(4) ROM chips are easily swapped between differentbrands of computers(5) None of these118. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the:(1) Compiler (2) Loader(3) Operating System (4) Assembler(5) None of these119. Example of non-numeric data is:(1) Employee address (2) Examination score(3) Bank balance (4) All of the above(5) None of theseANSWERS1. (5) 2. (1) 3. (4) 4 (4) 5. (3)6. (5) 7. (4) 8. (3) 9. (4) 10. (3)11. (3) 12. (3) 13. (2) 14. (4) 15. (5)16. (2) 17. (5) 18. (1) 19. (2) 20. (4)21. (4) 22. (1) 23. (1) 24. (2) 25. (1)26. (1) 27. (5) 28. (1) 29. (2) 30. (2)31. (2) 32. (3) 33. (3) 34. (1) 35. (4)36. (3) 37. (3) 38. (5) 39. (5) 40. (1)41. (3) 42. (4) 43. (1) 44. (4) 45. (4)46. (1) 47. (1) 48. (2) 49. (3) 50. (2)51. (4) 52. (2) 53. (2) 54. (1) 55. (1)56. (2) 57. (2) 58. (2) 59. (2) 60. (3)61. (4) 62 (2) 63. (4) 64. (3) & (4)65. (3) 66. (2) 67. (1) 68. (1) 69. (2)70. (3) 71. (2) 72. (1) 73. (3) 74. (1)75. (3) 76. (1) 77. (3) 78. (5) 79. (2)80. (3) 81. (1) 82. (3) 83. (4) 84. (3)85. (4) 86. (1) 87. (4) 88. (1) 89. (2)90. (4) 91. (2) 92. (5) 93. (4) 94. (4)
  41. 41. 95. (5) 96. (2) 97. (5) 98. (2) 99. (3)100. (1) 101. (2) 102. (3) 103. (4) 104. (3)105. (2) 106. (5) 107. (2) 108. (5) 109. (4)110. (2) 111. (2) 112. (3) 113. (5) 114. (1)115. (5) 116. (4) 117. (2) 118. (3) 119. (1)356OBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS