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Unique Brand Elements of Gillette Mach 3
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Unique Brand Elements of Gillette Mach 3


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Published in: Education
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  • 2. GilletteGillette is a brand of Procter & Gamble currentlyused for safety razors, among other personal hygieneproducts. The Gillette Company, a leading globalsupplier of products under various brands, which wasacquired by P&G in 2005. Their slogan is, "The Besta Man Can Get". The original Gillette Company wasfounded by King Camp Gillette in 1895 as a safetyrazor manufacturer.
  • 3. Gillette Mach3The Gillette Mach3 is a line of safety razors producedby Gillette and introduced in 1998 after more than$750 million in research and development costs.The three blade design is marketed by Gillette asallowing for a shave with less pressure to the skin andwith fewer strokes, thereby reducing skin irritation.
  • 4. Brand ElementA brand element is defined as visually orverbally distinct information that identifies anddifferentiates a product or service. Examplesof common brand elements include names,logos, symbols, characters, slogans, andpackaging.
  • 5. Brand NameGillette Mach 3 uses the name MACH3 for its razor.Mach means the ratio of the speed of an object to thespeed of sound in the surrounding medium.So MACH3 denotes a shaving speed equivalent tothree times the speed of sound in the surroundingmedium i.e. air. The name is attributable of speedyclose shave.
  • 6. Brand URLGillette MACH3 has a which use some famousinternational athletes such as Roger Federer (Tennis),Tiger Woods (Golf), Thierry Henry (Football) andRahul Dravid (Cricketer)(for South Asian countriesonly) on the website to endorse its products.
  • 7. SloganGILLETE’S SLOGAN: THE BEST A MAN CAN GETGillette razors with their superior and innovativetechnology and instant ability to recognize consumerneeds are able to offer the best shave a man can get outof all the available options to him.
  • 8. Logo & symbolGillette Mach 3’s logo has the words Gillette Mach 3printed on it with three horizontal stripes present onthe left hand side.The three stripes which are sharp and somewhatfaded at one end signify the speed, accuracy andcomfort which the triple blade action formula presentin Mach 3 provides.
  • 9. Packaging Gillette has come up with packing which fulfill all the essentials of packing the material, color, size and shape has been designed well. Its packing is very eye catching. The front of the Gillette razor pack is transparent allowing the customer display of the product. Also for men’s razor the colors that have been chosen are dark and solid but for women the colors have been kept soft and feminine.
  • 10. Bundling More and more companies are bundling their products with other accessories to use the product. The MACH3 comes with a shave gel combo in which the customer can save upto Rs.100.
  • 11. Brand Equity The value premium that a company realizes from a product with a recognizable name as compared to its generic equivalent is called Brand equity. Brand Equity can be build by using: Brand elements 4 Ps strategies Leveraging secondary associations
  • 12. 4P strategyProduct: Sophisticated shaving technologies. Anti-Friction blades Pivoting razor head with 10 Microfins The green stripe fades with use to signal when you may no longer be getting an optimal shave.
  • 13. Price: Gillette Mach3 uses Perceived Value Pricing model. It means the valuation of good or service according to how much consumers are willing to pay for it, rather than upon its production and delivery costs. The price range of Gillette Mach3 is between Rs. 125 to Rs. 360.Place: Gillette uses Hub and Spoke method of distribution. 20 hub cities and spokes are Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have been covered in India. Also, the distribution channel of P&G is being used.
  • 14. Promotion: Strong advertising Technology and comfort High brand recognition Leveraging secondary associations: Celebrity spokesperson: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Milind Soman, M S Dhoni
  • 15. CBBE ModelBrand Salience: Being an international brand, Gillette mach3 has gained immense awareness worldwide. It has penetrated the market so well that the males are able to clearly recognize and identify as a razor very different from the rest. The product has been on top of the mind of consumers since a long time now.Brand Performance: Over the years it has survived in a highly competitive market with electronic razors and manual blade clippers and has developed its competitive advantage. This is due to the performance of the products being offered by the company over the years.
  • 16. Brand Imagery: It has developed a recognized image in the minds of consumers. Being an expensive product, people see it as a premium and a reliable brand.Brand Judgement: These are customer’s personal opinions about and evaluations of the brand, which consumers form by putting together all the different brand performance and imagery associations. Brand Quality Brand credibility Brand superiority
  • 17. Brand Feeling: People feel that Gillette Mach3 is a compatible, smooth, non-burning or itching, flexible and an easy to use device.Brand resonance: The feeling of being in sync and formation of a relationship with the product is Resonance and Gillette has gained this position. Whenever people think of a premium brand, comfortable, easy to use razor, Gillette is on the top of their mind.
  • 18. Conclusions Strong brands provide value and have a variety of benefits to both, customer as well as the company. Strong brands provide means and the way of differentiation. A variety of associations are linked to a strong brands. Brand elements are essential components for building brand equity over a period of time.
  • 19.  Market penetration of Mach3 is low, as it is a premium product and restricted to the high income class people. Mach 3 position in the market place is extremely strong and secure. Consumers definitely consider it a superior shaving product compared to other products. Strong research background leads to better results. As Gillette has done before introducing Mach3 razors. Segmentation and positioning of a product is very much necessary for getting good returns and lifetime customers.
  • 20. Presented by: Dipendra Raj Tomar (PGFA1115) Garima Tyagi (PGFA1116) Gaurav Khatri (PGFA1117) Muniza Arif (PGFA1128) Pushpam Shree (PGFA1135) Timsi Luthra (PGFA1154)
  • 21. THANK YOU