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Siddarth Raikar & Shivaji Vidhale

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  1. 1. SPQC- Siddharth Raikar and Shivaji Vidhale
  2. 2. 1:35am IST. Live on Ten Action/Sports. For those who don’t have those bloody channels, /
  3. 3. For those who don’t have both. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! :P
  4. 4. DISCLAIMER• This quiz does NOT have snapshots from Advertisements requiring you to ID the brand. (Which is invariably Durex or WonderBra every single time!)• Care has been taken to interleave the easy and the not so easy questions while making this quiz. Because not being able to answer to the really difficult questions is an amazing character building experience as well all know! :P
  5. 5. • Who has won the Ballon d’Or and played for both Manchester United and Real Madrid?
  6. 6. • The obvious one• Michael Owen(2001) :*
  7. 7. X, is a retired World No.1 professional tennis player and Christianminister from Australia. She is best knownfor her sporting career, in which sheamassed more Grand Slam titles than anyother player in history winning 62 GrandSlam events (24 singles, 19 doubles, 19mixed). She also has a court named afterher in Melbourne park. She is noted as avocal critic of LGBT rights in Australia.Identify X.
  8. 8. Margaret Court
  9. 9. When I first came, my back was turned towardsyou.The second time we met, you could see myventral side, yet not quite.But within a month, my face will be uncovered.Question : Who am I?
  10. 10. Shiva 2 31
  11. 11. X (born 24 February 1940) is a retired Scottish footballplayer, who enjoyed a long and successful career as a strikerfrom the 1950s to the 1970s. Xs career as a football playerbegan at Second Division Huddersfield Town in 1956. Afterfour years at Huddersfield, Manchester City signed him for atransfer fee of £55,000, setting a new British record. X spentone year there before Torino bought him for £110,000, thistime setting a new record fee for a transfer between anEnglish and an Italian club. Although he played well inItaly, he found it difficult to settle there and signed forManchester United in 1962, setting another British recordtransfer fee of £115,000.In 1973 he was given a free-transferand signed again for Manchester City. He played just oneseason, scoring an infamous goal against Manchester Unitedin a game that saw United relegated to Division Two.
  12. 12. Denis Law
  13. 13. X, an Indian, has graduated in Chemistry and then did aDiploma in Business Administration. X is also said to beassociated with Flemings left hand rule. X has alsoworked for a branch of all Territorial police forceswithin British Police and many other commonwealthpolice forces, to which plain detectives belong. X’swork, dealing with crime investigation, has been greatlyfollowed by many in the country.Identify X.
  14. 14. ACP Pratyuman/Shivaji Satam
  15. 15. X (born February 24, 1950) is an Americanphotojournalist best known for his photograph, "Y"that originally appeared in National Geographicmagazine. He originally planned to studycinematography and filmmaking, but ended up gettinga degree in theatre arts and graduating in 1974. Hebecame interested in photography when he startedtaking pictures for the Penn State newspaper. Y wasconsidered to be symbolic of the plight, that thepeople in Afghanistan had gone through. Y was arefugee in Pakistan whilst Soviet Unions bombings ofAfghanistan.X and Y please.
  16. 16. Steve McCurry
  17. 17. X is a music director for Hindi and Marathi films and eminentmember of Indian music band Y, started in Mumbai, in 1994.Y is fronted by X with Randolph Correia (also of Shaair +Func) on guitars, Papal Mane on bass and ShirazBhattacharya (also of Shkabang) on drums. Y received theirinitial recognition and fame by winning three majorcompetitions at IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay. Ofthese, Livewire (the annual band competition at IIT Bombay)landed them a record deal.X and Y are..?
  18. 18. X: Vishal DadlaniY: Pentagram
  19. 19. X, born on 3 October 1963, is an Indian fashion designer based outof Mumbai. X studied fashion design from S.N.D.T. FashionInstitute, Mumbai and begun her career soon after graduating. Shelaunched her first high street western label called Y in the year2000, which is now one of the most successful western wearbrands in India. Y sells from 40 exclusive stores and over 150 shopin shops across the country. In 2005 she launched her signaturebrand - X. This brand concentrates more on the luxury market andconsists of 3 sub brands known as Timeless, Interpret andGrassroot which is an organic label. She has been considered as apioneer in organic clothing as she was one of the first fewdesigners to introduce environmental friendly fabrics to the Indianfashion industry. Soon after this she launched yet another brandcalled "Z" which is an ethnic high street brand. This brand too wasa success and sells from 35 brand outlets and over 150 shop inshops across India. Recently she has forayed into Menswear andBridal clothing.X, Y and Z are..?
  20. 20. X: Anita DongreY: ANDZ: Global Desi
  21. 21. This man was the second Germanto hold this post. He also became the oldest man to hold the postsince some old bloke in the 1730.Whats more: He is the first man to willingly give up the same post after a very long time. Which post are we talking about and name the man?
  22. 22. Pope. Benedict XVI (Joseph Alois Ratzinger)
  23. 23. CONNECT
  24. 24. Adobe productsAdobe BridgeAdobe Photoshop ElementsAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe Acrobat
  25. 25. X is a famous music composer and a guitarist. He was theguitarist for many music directors before he started composingmusic. X has also studied music with Mr. Bismarck Rodrigues,an experienced guitar teacher from Mumbai (Bombay). He hasalso lent his vocals to Yeh Dil Deewana song in filmPardes. Being in Los Angeles, often referred to as the MusicCapital of the World, exposed him to great musicians likeRobben Ford, Larry Carlton and many other great artists ofvarying repute. This was a year of redoubtable growth forEhsaan which helped both his improvisation and compositionskills. He enjoys blues and elecrtronica.X is..?
  26. 26. Ehsaan Noorani
  27. 27. He was born on the 31st of December 1997 to an affluent family in the _________ district of Seoul. In his school days his teachers disliked him for making a lot of sexual jokes to disturb their class. He started his music career in the year 2001, which was initially riddled with controversies. After almost a decade of trying and failing he made it big recently with his record breaking single. Identify the blank as well as the person.
  28. 28. Park Jae Sang. Born in the Gangnam district! Hence the title of his hit.Request Aayur Kaul to grace the stage and fulfill his promise. :P
  29. 29. The name Y comes from Greek mythology. Xs mother, thegoddess Thetis, received a prophecy of her sons death.Hearing this, she dipped him into the River Styx to protecthis body from harm. However, she left out a body part.During the Trojan War, X was struck on that part by apoisoned arrow shot by Paris, which killed him.Identify X/Y
  30. 30. • Achilles’ heel• Achilles
  31. 31. The reason behind the borders, of these nations, being sharp...
  32. 32. • The borders were drawn by British and French draftsmen who sat with maps and drew the lines of the frontiers with rulers
  33. 33. X is a right-handed opening batsman and an occasional right armoff-break bowler and one of the top run getters in Ranjitrophy.Following a prolific school career, during which he scored400 not out in one innings as a 15 year old, he made his entryinto the first class cricket scoring a triple century in his secondmatch. His innings of 314 not out helped set a series of firsts forMumbai. It was the first occasion that a batsman had made atriple century for Mumbai away from home and by putting on459 runs with his opening partner Sulakshan Kulkarni the pairbecame the first from Mumbai to pass 400.Identify X
  34. 34. • Wasim jaffer
  35. 35. X is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and is the first ChiefMinister of Y from his party. He was first elected to the SecondLegislative Assembly of the State of y in 1994. He was the leaderof the opposition from June to November 1999. He became theChief Minister of Y for the first time on 24 October 2000, but histenure lasted only till 27 February 2002. On 5 June 2002, he wasre-elected and became the Chief Minister again. His two-decade-long political career been devoid of controversy, he has alsomanaged to practice inclusive electoral politics as the Y assemblyelections held earlier this year reveal. To top it all hes a geek! X isthe first IITian to have occupied the office of Chief Minister in anyIndian state. Hes been considered, by many, as one of the darkhorses to succeed Dr Manmohan Singh as the prime minister ofIndia.X AND Y?
  36. 36. Manohar Parrikar
  37. 37. A few (rulers) clashed,And a (katrina/sandy) of swords, followed. A few (birds) had a feast,Which made a few (mythological creatures) dance together. Question is: WTF are these lines about?
  38. 38. Song of Ice and Fire
  39. 39. A Philistine giant measuring over nine feet tall and wearing fullarmor came out each day for forty days, mocking and challengingthe Israelites to fight. His name was X. Saul, the King of Israel, andthe whole army were terrified of X. Y, the future king of Israel inbibles Books of Samuel (1 Samuel 17), was probably just a youngteenager at the time. While there, Y heard X shouting his dailydefiance and he saw the great fear stirred within the men of Israel.So Y volunteered to fight x. It took some persuasion, but King Saulfinally agreed to let Y fight against the giant. Dressed in his simpletunic, carrying his shepherds staff, slingshot and a pouch full ofstones, Y approached X. The giant cursed at him, hurling threatsand insults. Y hurls a stone from his sling with all his might and hitsX in the center of his forehead, X falls on his face to the ground,and Y cuts off his head. The term "Y and X" is generally referred toany encounter involving an underdog pitted against a favourite.
  40. 40. • David &Goliath
  41. 41. Connect:
  42. 42. Mario ZagalloFranz BeckenbauerGeoff Marsh
  43. 43. Norman Brookes Challenge Cup.Which sport/tournament am Ireferring to and in which month ofthe year is it played ?
  44. 44. Australian Open
  45. 45. I dont want to bring your energy down. Go and tell mypeople what its like to control 350 lb. men who areusually carrying firearms. Motivate my losers! Who said these words?
  46. 46. LLLOOYYDD!!!
  47. 47. A Well known or maybe not so well know unitfor speed and movement directionmeasurement of a computer mouse ?
  48. 48. MICKEY
  49. 49. Padma VibhushanPadma BhushanPadma ShriBharat RatnaArrange the following in increasing order of merit.
  50. 50. Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna
  51. 51. He is some Spainard who likesplaying with clay (must be a hobbyhe carried from his childhood.) He got out of the game for about 8 months. He made a comebackrecently and reached the finals of only to be defeated by..?
  52. 52. Horacio Zeballos (ranked 73 :P)
  53. 53. X was born in Varanasi and spent his youth touring Europe and India with the dance group of his elderbrother. He gave up dancing to follow his passion for his musical instrument. He was often referred to by the title Pandit. He died in 2012. Y was an Indian vocalist in the Hindustani classicaltradition. He was a member of the Kirana Gharana andwas well known for his contributions to devotional and patriotic music. He died in 2011. Stamps are soon going to be released in the honor of both X and Y.
  54. 54. X- Ravi Shankar. Y- Bhimsen Joshi.
  55. 55. What is this picture about?
  56. 56. • The 1968 Olympics Black Power salute was a protest made by the African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos during their medal ceremony at the 1968 Olympic Games in the Olympic Stadium, Mexico City, Mexico. As they turned to face their flags and hear the American national anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner), they each raised a black-gloved fist and kept them raised until the anthem had finished.
  57. 57. Yehi anth hai, Saanse rokhke dus tak ginle.Hitli yeh zameen hai, Phir se mere dil tootne ki aawaz sunle… Identify.
  58. 58. Hindi translation of the Skyfall title track
  59. 59. Where am I?• If I die, all my stock vests immediately, and on top of the life insurance payout, my surviving spouse(:p) would continue to get half of my salary for the next 10 years. And theres an additional $1,000/month benefit for any of my children.• Free food would make it difficult to miss a day or two at work.• If my bangs are getting in the way during a furious work session, I can schedule an on-site haircut free of charge.• Gym, ping-pong, snooker. Thats hardly anything.• Dry-cleaning and alterations• Car wash• DVD rental. You name it.• Having celebrities swing by isnt a rarity -- its the norm.
  60. 60. What is the one difference inmixed doubles and (the normal)doubles in tennis which puts the former at some sort of a disadvantage?
  61. 61. The concept of Advantage at Deuce.
  62. 62. • X was an Indian dacoit active for years in a broad swath of scrub and forest land covering 6,000 km² in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He long defied three state governments and Indian Border security paramilitary forces, maintaining at one point a small army numbering in the hundreds. He was wanted for killing approximately 184 people, mainly police officers (about 50% of total killings) including senior police and forest officials.[4] He was wanted by Police of three states, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, for several decades.[5] He was wanted for poaching about 200 elephants and smuggling ivory worth US$2,600,000 and sandalwood of about 10,000 tonnes worth US$22,000,000. X had a price of 5 crore (US$0.91 million) on his head but evaded arrest for 20 years until he was killed by police in 2004.[6] X had kidnapped DrY, a Dada Saheb Phalke award winner, from Gajanur.• X and Y are?
  63. 63. Verrappan & Rajkumar
  64. 64. The first ever TV commercial was broadcasted in the United States on the 1st of July 1941. It was 10seconds long and was aired before a baseball game. What was this ad about?
  65. 65. Watches- America runs on Bulova time
  66. 66. X, Y, Z, P, Q..?• Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather at a sacred river for a bath in the river. It is held every third year at one of the four places by rotation: Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayag), X and Y. Thus the Kumbh Mela is held at each of these four places every twelfth year. Ardh ("Half") Kumbh Mela is held at only two places, Haridwar and Allahabad, every sixth year. The rivers at these four places are: the Ganges (Ganga) at Haridwar, the confluence (Sangam) of the Ganges and the Z and the mythical P at Allahabad, the Q at X, and the Shipra at Y.
  67. 67. • x-Nasik• y-Ujjain(MP)• z-Yamuna• P-Saraswati• q-Godawari
  68. 68. X is..?• X is the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan. X means doing communications over the mobile network.• and is also from a compound word X, meaning "everywhere" in Japanese. X provides phone, video phone (FOMA and Some PHS), i-mode (internet), and mail (i-mode mail, Short Mail, and SMS) services. The company has its headquarters in the Sanno Park Tower, Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo.X rhymes with an algorithm, software cost estimation model developed by Barry W. Boehm.
  69. 69. • Docomo• Rhymes with Cocomo (OOSE)
  70. 70. X and Y• X International Institute is a film, television and media arts institute located in Mumbai, India. The institute is promoted by Indian filmmaker Y, Mukta Arts Limited and Film City Mumbai.The Institute also has affiliations with global film schools. These include international student co-productions and credits transfer. Some of the affiliations are with Deakin and Griffith Universities in Australia, Bradford College in the UK, Syracuse University in the United States and New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Asia. In 2010, The Hollywood Reporter named X on its list of "The best film schools in the world".The full-time faculty of X International is a body of academics and industry professionals like Y, Rajen Kothari, Anjum Rajabali, Somnath Sen and Dhananjay Khore. There are regular guest lectures by Indian and international filmmakers, actors and technicians like Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Vishal Bhardwaj, Ashutosh Gowariker, Farhan
  71. 71. • X: Whistling Woods• Y: Subhash Ghai
  72. 72. This famous American music duo were one of the most famous artists throughout the 60s. They madetheir first success with the minor hit “Hey, Schoolgirl”. 1) One artist shares his name with one of the most famous saints and leaders in Christianity. His last name is of one of the earliest disciples of Jesus. 2) The name of the second artist implies a concept which cannot be learned or taught, unlike science. His last name has a lot of “funk” in it. Give us the full names of both the artists.
  73. 73. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel
  74. 74. X and the full form• X is a sport that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops (often called "wickets" in the United States) embedded in a grass playing court.• It is greatly associated with the AELTC, also known as the All-England Club, based at Aorangi Park, Wimbledon, London, England, which is a private members club. It is best known as the venue for the Wimbledon Championships, the only Grand Slam tennis event still held on grass.
  75. 75. • Croquet• All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
  76. 76. Guess X• X was born while the doctors were busy watching Roadies auditions.• X is like that uncle who asks you what human rights is and then before you can answer he gives his own definition.• X is fluent in English, but weak in Grammar as he does not use full stop and comma• If X is in Jail with Kasab...the hanging wont happen because X wont let him complete his sentence!!• From the moon, you can see the Great Wall of China............ and you can hear X shouting The Nation Wants to Know• To commemorate Xs 1000th "Debate", a new all-caps font is being released that seems like it is shouting at you. It will be called the Times Now Roman
  77. 77. What’s X?• The company was founded in 1994, spurred by what Bezos called his "regret minimization framework", which described his efforts to fend off any regrets for not participating sooner in the Internet business boom during that time. X was originally founded in Bezos garage in Bellevue, Washington.• In the first two months of business, X sold to all 50 states and over 45 countries. Within two months, Xs sales were up to $20,000/week. While the largest brick-and-mortar bookstores and mail-order catalogs might offer 200,000 titles, an online bookstore could "carry" several times more, since they had an almost unlimited virtual (not actual) warehouse: those of the actual product makers/suppliers. Bezos wanted a name for his company that began with any of the starting alphabets so that it would appear early in alphabetic order. He began looking through the dictionary and settled on "X" because it was a place that was "exotic and different" , as he hoped his company would be.[6] Since 2000, Xs logotype has been an arrow leading from A to Z, representing that they carry every product from A to Z.
  78. 78. Amazon
  79. 79. Connect1000000
  80. 80. Cloud service providers• Mega(Formerly MegaUpload)• Dropbox• Drive• Sky Drive
  81. 81. This ship was looking for theirMessiah for a long time. Tank lead it first, then Link. Before the Revolutions, it gets destroyed. Which ship?
  82. 82. Nebuchadnezzar nɛbəkəˈnɛzər
  83. 83. If you think Napalm smells likevictory, then what is your role in The Family?
  84. 84. Consiglere – Robert Duvall
  85. 85. Essence of: FIND THE CONNECT (+30/-10)
  86. 86. AGE OF EMPIRES!
  87. 87. Shri Balasaheb Thackeray laid thefoundation stone for this project way back in the 1999. This project was completed in the 2010 and cost the GOVT. around 16 Billion INR. That project and a sportscar madenews recently for the later going up inflames. Identify the project as well as the make and the model of the car.
  88. 88. • Project: Bandra-Worli Sea Link• Car: Audi R8
  89. 89. • M.Pandey• N.Apte• D._______• A.Guru• A.Kasab• _____ Singh• Auto _____• Satwant ______
  90. 90. Persons hanged in India• M.Pandey• N.Apte• D. Chatterjee• A.Guru• A.Kasab• Kehar Singh• Auto Shankar• Satwant Singh
  91. 91. CONNECT
  92. 92. Men who have been nominated for the Best Actor in the leading role for the Oscars 2013
  93. 93. He was the founder of a an institution which is now a global movement. He was born in Calcutta in the year 1896.He set sails for the United States in the year 1965, without any support, without any sponsorship and without any guarantee of success. He distributed cookies for free and invited passerbys to attend his lectures.What then started was a global society, a way of life throughout the globe.What was the name of this man and what did he start?
  94. 94. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada- ISKCON
  95. 95. Sin City. Dark Knight Returns. 300. Daredevil. Ronin. What is the common element?
  96. 96. Frank Miller
  97. 97. If I am at a place where you do not need to get a fix for anything, because there is a person who has been designated to do so. You need not strain your vocal chords to produce cacophonic tunes, because someone is already doing that too. Can’t be unhygienic, because that is taken as well. The vital statistics of the people who live in here are but a reflection of the impending doom! Where am I?
  98. 98. Gaul
  99. 99. X and Y are both leads of a TV serieswhich is a modern day adaption of the stories of the legendary SH. Apart from this link between thesetwo, they have worked together once. Identify X AND Y. ALSO TELL US THEIR COLLECTIVE EFFORT
  100. 100. X- Benedict Cumberbatch. Y- Jonny Lee Miller
  101. 101. X has written plays, novels, short stories, character sketches and lotsmore. He was well known for his one man act whose title translated in English reads : A potato’s walk.Give us the full name of this Marathi literary genius.
  102. 102. Purushottam Laxman Deshpande
  103. 103. A replied. Asked B to lock hisanswer. B did so and stared back at A. After a few moments of agonizing silence, B broke out: “You have created.. HISTORRYY!”That was the first time something was achieved.
  104. 104. A- Harshavardhan Navathe.First time a contestant won the full amount in aKBC show.
  105. 105. This movie regarded by many as a cult comedy movie, was released in 1983. It won many awards and was appreciated by one and all.This Naseeruddin Shah starrer wasrecently digitally restored and was re-released in select theatres.Which movie are we talking about?
  106. 106. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
  107. 107. In one variant of the latest trailer ofthe Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr. the lead of the movie appears in the beginning, removes his glasses and keeps staring at the viewer. For which edition of the trailer was this done?
  108. 108. IRON MAN 3 – Trailer (EXTENDED LOOK)
  109. 109. SET 1
  110. 110. Set 2
  111. 111. Set 3
  112. 112. Thank you for comingOur prediction for tonight’s match: United winsit 2-1.Time to go home and get some sleep; Those lateChampionship nights are here again!