SPQC session 7


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A very general quiz by Aayur Jammu-Da Dhaba Kaul

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SPQC session 7

  1. 1. Welcome To Sardar Patel Quiz Club! ByAAYUR KAUL
  2. 2. 1.X originated in Nazi Germany when it was deemedillegal to import the American Y due to a trade embargo.To dodge this, the head of Ys Germany division, decidedto create a new product for the local market, using onlyingredients available in Germany at the time, includingwhey and pomace – the "leftovers of leftovers". Thename of X was the result of a brief brainstormingsession, in which he asked his team to "use theirimagination".Identify X and Y.
  3. 3. X- FantaY- Coca Cola
  4. 4. 2.What is common to Abraham Lincoln, Lord Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru and Giani Zail Singh ?
  5. 5. They are special types of hybrid rosesgrown only in the gardens ofthe Indian Parliament
  6. 6. 3. At 18 X felt pickles and curry powder were not her future and left home to go to the School of Architecture and Planning where graduated with honours. X did drawings for Rs.4 an hour to earn pocket money and lived in a hut in Squatters Colony to save money and sold empty beer bottles and cakes on the beaches of Goa.X has also won Booker Prize award ?Who is X?
  7. 7. Arundhati Roy
  8. 8. 4. Who coined the famous anti-drug slogan "Say No to Drugs"?
  9. 9. Nancy Reagan
  10. 10. 5. X has received a total of 47 Oscar nominations throughout his career, winning five. The only person who has received more nominations is Walt Disney. The director Y could be considered a lucky charm for X, as three of his 5 Oscars came for movies directed by Y. The last time X won his award was the same year Y won his first Oscar, and for the same movie too. Both X and Y have been nominated for this years Oscars as well. Identify both.
  11. 11. X- John WilliamsY- Steven Spielberg
  12. 12. 6. During WW1 a soldier X was sleeping in his tent when he dreamt that it was being bombed. He woke up and ran outside just then a bomb fell on his tent and everyone inside perished.X married just a day before his Death.X worked as a copywriter in his initial days and is also famous for the slogan he coined for Teddy Talcum powder.Who was X?
  13. 13. Adolf Hitler
  14. 14. 7. The patent for the first metal racket in Lawn Tennis was taken in 1963 by X.X was born in France. A clothing brand is named after X.Who is X?
  15. 15. Rene Lacoste
  16. 16. 8. In 1978 X was arrested for purse snatching. Sent to Tyron school for Boys. In 1988, X married Robin Givens who divorced him after 10 months saying he was a "manic depressive". X was accused of man-handling a parking attendant outside a LA night club.Identify X?
  17. 17. Mike Tyson
  18. 18. 9. Find the missing One?
  19. 19. Bill gates , Top billionares in the world1)carlos slim hue and family 2) bill gates 3) warren buffet 4) bernard arnault
  20. 20. 10. The description of which countrys flag is : "Green, white, red (vertical). In the center is the nations coat of arms, showing a brown eagle perched on a green prickly pear with a green snake entwined in its beak, all surrounded by a wreath of oak and laurel (green leaves and red berries)?
  21. 21. Mexico
  22. 22. 11. X Studied Music at Trinity College. His First Song was Banned due to dirty lyrics but that didn’t stop X from making Music and now he has a great name in Punjabi music and is a Well known Music Director And a Rapper. X recently Released an album called Y on 11.11.11.Identify X and Y?
  23. 23. X- Yo Yo Honey SinghY- International Villager
  24. 24. 12.The concept of X first came about after the actor Y claimed that he knew everybody in Hollywood or someone whos worked with them. X is based on small world phenomenon and rests on the assumption that any individual involved in the Hollywood can be linked through his or her film roles to Y within six steps. The Z of an actor or actress is the number of degrees of separation he or she has from Y, as defined by X.Identify X, Y and Z
  25. 25. X=Six Degrees Of Kevin BaconY=Kevin BaconZ=Bacon Number
  26. 26. 13. This place gets its name from the Arabic word for dust?
  27. 27. Africa - Arabic for dust is afar
  28. 28. 14.X killed a prominent Indian Leader and Minutes before his death, he had his will testified in which he said, "My ashes may be sunk in the holy Sindhu river, when she will flow again freely under the aegis of the flag of a unified Hindustan. It hardly matters if it takes a couple of generations for realising my wish. Preserve the ashes till then." Who is X?
  29. 29. Nathu ram Godse
  30. 30. 15. ConnectDennis AmissDesmond HaynesAndy Flower
  31. 31. The only three players to have scored acentury on debut in one dayinternationals.
  32. 32. 16. X considered Y a pinnacle of female beauty and was smitten by her braveness . In 1987 he sent emissaries with a proposal of marriage , when refused , he made the proposal public through the local newspapers . But still his feelings were not reciprocated . Identify both X and Y .
  33. 33. Veerappan and Phoolan Devi
  34. 34. 17. Budhi Kunderan was a unique cricketer. He made his test debut before his first class debut.He justified his selection , however, by scoring a double century on his Ranji debut when he did make it. Apart from these he enjoys a very peculiar achievement. What?
  35. 35. Only wicket keeper to open batting andbowling
  36. 36. 18.Which Newspaper was started by Subramanya Aiyer and the Triplicane Six with a rupee and six paisa?
  37. 37. The Hindu
  38. 38. 19. In the United States, ballparks (where baseball games are held) are designed in such a way that the batters dont have to face the afternoon sun shining into their eyes. This meant that for left- handed pitchers, their throwing hand would be on the _____ side of the body while throwing. What famous sporting term did this give birth too?
  39. 39. Southpaw
  40. 40. 20. What is common to the following books? Satanic Verses, Show Business, Starry Nights?
  41. 41. The leading characters are based on Amitabh Bachhan.
  42. 42. 21. Warner Communications and American Express paid the Manhatan design company $1000 to design what logo?
  43. 43. MTV
  44. 44. 22. Which is the official advertising agency of the government of India?
  45. 45. DAVP - Directorate of Audio VisualPublicity
  46. 46. 23.She was born in 1861, the same year as Motilal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore. She separated from her husband because he did not support her joining politics. A tireless crusader, she was on of the first Indian women journalists and addressed the seventh International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart. Who are we discussing?
  47. 47. Madam Bhikaji Cama
  48. 48. 24. If the Oscar Awards are given away by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, what awards are given away by the The Hollywood Foreign Press Association?
  49. 49. Golden Globe Awards
  50. 50. 25. In computer jargon, what does GIGO mean?
  51. 51. Garbage In, Garbage Out .
  52. 52. 26.Where would you visit to see a Masai warrior?
  53. 53. Africa.
  54. 54. 27. Identify this Indian City(known as cityof temples)?
  55. 55. Jammu Tawi
  56. 56. 28.In 1961, which two countries merged to form a short-lived state called the United Arab Republic?
  57. 57. Egypt and Syria.
  58. 58. 29.Identify
  59. 59. Bangladesh premier league.
  60. 60. 30.Which Indian businessman is the grandson of the Father of Pakistan?
  61. 61. Nusli Wadia.
  62. 62. 31. In the Mahabharata which character was given the name "DEVAVRATA" at birth?
  63. 63. Bheeshma
  64. 64. 32. Named after its founder in 1891, it started off as a company manufacturing light bulbs. Now it is one of the biggest corporate entities in the world. Can you name this "ELECTRONICS BEHEMOTH"?
  65. 65. Phillips.
  66. 66. 33. Why do Mercedes Benz have the three pointed star as their logo?
  67. 67. They manufacture vehicles that move onair, water and land
  68. 68. 34. Expansion of Star as in Star TV Network?
  70. 70. 35. What is expansion of ICICI?
  72. 72. 36. The 1984-85 season, 2nd ODI between India and Pakistan at Sialkot- India 210/3 with Vengsarkar 94*. Match abandoned. Why?
  74. 74. 37. How was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu better known?
  75. 75. Mother Teresa.
  76. 76. 38. Why was James Bond Associated with the Number 007?
  78. 78. 39. Which is the only country that is surrounded from all sides by only one country (other than Vatican)?
  80. 80. 40.Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?
  81. 81. Polo
  82. 82. 41.The Arabic words, " ilm al - jebr wal - muq - abalah" literally mean, " reuniting what is broken", and were originally applied to bone-setting, even as late as the 17th century. The Italians took them and formed something.What?
  83. 83. Algebra
  84. 84. 42.Created by Jim Davis. Owned by Jon Arbuckle. His unlucky day is Monday the 13th. His designer scratching post is Gucci made. Who?
  85. 85. Garfield
  86. 86. 43.On a visit to London X forgot his briefcase containing a work of his and the translation in an underground railway carriage. X contacted the railway authorities and recovered it the next day. The work went on to win the Nobel Prize. Who was the author?
  87. 87. Rabindranath Tagore.
  88. 88. 44.Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf which translates to My Struggle. Who wrote a book entitled Our Struggle many years later?
  89. 89. Saddam Hussein
  90. 90. 45.Whose last words were, I shall hear in heaven?
  91. 91. Beethoven
  92. 92. 46.Who is this person? B.Tech.,Chemical Engineering ,Osmania University; MBA- IIM Ahmedabad; Member of the Rohinton Baria award winning Osmania Univ. team; Biographer for Mohammed Azharuddin; Worked for sometime at the Clarion ad agency; researcher for Sunil Gavaskar presents on Doordarshan. Now a scribe in his own right?
  93. 93. Harsha Bhogle
  94. 94. 47.One of the famous poems describing the Trojan War was Homers Iliad . The word Iliad comes from the Greek Ilium.What does Ilium mean ?
  95. 95. Troy
  96. 96. 48.ConnectU ThantTrygve LieKurt Waldheim
  97. 97. All are past UN General Secretary.
  98. 98. 49. Which Other Country Shares Independence Day With India?
  99. 99. South korea
  100. 100. 50. The Permananent Sectrait of SAARC is located at?
  101. 101. Kathmandu
  102. 102. 51. He is unmarried. He has lived in a small room attached to the Sant Yadavbaba temple in Ralegan Siddhi since 1975. On 16 April 2011, he declared his bank balance of INR67,183 (US$1,500) and INR1,500 (US$30) as money in hand.He owns 0.07 hectares of family land in Ralegan Siddhi, which is being used by his brothers. Two other pieces of land donated to him by the Indian Army and by a villager have been donated by him for village use. His only income is a pension he receives from the Indian Army. Name him.
  103. 103. Shri Anna Hazzare
  104. 104. 52. Apple landed itself in trouble by adopting the name iPhone because the brand-name iPhone has already been used by the company X since 2000. Later Apple won the lawsuit arguing that they branded their new phone as “Apple iPhone” and not “iPhone”. Identify X.
  105. 105. Cisco
  106. 106. 53. ConnectLeonardo da VinciPablo Picasso,Rabindranath TagoreThomas EdisonAlexander Graham BellTom Cruise Richard BransonWalt DisneyWinston ChurchillAgatha ChristieJohn LennonMuhammad AliAbhishek Bachchan.
  107. 107. Dyslexic
  108. 108. 54. Fill in the Space
  109. 109. Vendetta
  110. 110. 55.ConnectRahul dravidSachin TendulkarMathew HaydenTilakratne Dilshan
  111. 111. Leading run getter in past ICC world cups.
  112. 112. 56. Identify the flag?
  113. 113. Libya
  114. 114. 57. Connect to an event.
  115. 115. image 1:fall.image 2:Hertha BSC logo, a fottball clubfrom berlin.image 3:rahul dravid aka The Wall.So, fall of the berlin wall.
  116. 116. 58. Connect
  117. 117. The connect is homers ODDYSEY.Sean bean played odysseus in movietroy. Telemachus is the son of Odyssuesand penelope, Dr coxs nickname onscrubs is Ulysses the latin name forodysseus, and o brother where art thouis the coens interpretation of homersoddysey.
  118. 118. 59. Identify the Google Doodle?
  119. 119. Discovery of X-Rays.
  120. 120. 60. Connect
  121. 121. Ji sung park and divide symbol are link toLinkin parks song new divide,hasbro made transformers.the ball thing is a still from movie eagle eyein which shia labeof acted(he was also theactor in transformers)and bumble bee links to the "BUMBLEBEE" in transformers and the camarosymbol beacuse "BUMBLE BEE" was acamaro.So, the connect is TRANSFORMERS.
  122. 122. 61.Connect
  123. 123. ALL of them were included in the firstDecision ever made by 3rd Umpireusing TV Cameras as Run Out. JhontyRhodes the fielder, Sachin Tendulkar theBatsman who got Run out based on thedecision of Cyril Mitchley- first ThirdUmpire in a match along with KarlLiebenberg.
  124. 124. 62.Identify?
  125. 125. Salman Rushdie
  126. 126. 63.Connect
  127. 127. Its Dhyan Chand, hitler was impressedby his play, austrians built a statue in hishonour, goal was the name of hisautobigraphy, and photo of the moon, orChand as it is caled in hindi!
  128. 128. 64.Connect
  129. 129. No Mans Land, Amélie, Son of theBride, Elling are four movies andLagaan was the fifth movie nominatedfor the best film in Academy Awards, Noman’s land won !
  130. 130. 65.Connect
  131. 131. Newton was an ancestorSteve jobs bought Pixar which was the animation divisionof Industrial Light and Magic, George lucass responsiblefor the visual effects on Star WarsSteve Jobs was the Biggest Individual shareholder of WaltDIsney CorporationHe was of syrian descent (national flag of syria),He was a budhist (statue of buddha) ,He had appointed the next CEO as Tim cook (alistaircook, michael crichtons next)So,the connect is Steve jobs
  132. 132. 67.Connect
  133. 133. Hero’s of Bodyguard in differentlanguages
  134. 134. Thank You For Coming and Hope youenjoyed the Quiz!!!!