Gaurav                                    394,Sector21A,Gurgaon,HaryanaPh No: 09910...
o   ManyStrong(August 2011 – Feb 2012)       This project is much like developing a social networking site for United Stat...
o       IPAS GUI : Insurance Product (April 2010 – October 2010 )           This project is in Insurance Domain for a Life...
•   Secondary School Examination (May 2003) – Central Board of Secondary       Education(CBSE) - 81%Relevant Coursework:  ...
•   Playing Cricket
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Gaurav agarwal


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Gaurav agarwal

  1. 1. Gaurav 394,Sector21A,Gurgaon,HaryanaPh No: 09910967687 Pin: 122016Date of Birth: 11th September 1987Total Experience: 3 yearsObjective: To seek a competitive environment that offers challenges, growth and utilizes myskills in analysis of software.Technical Skills:Languages: C, Java cleared SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) with 85%.Platforms: Microsoft Windows ,LinuxTechnologies: Struts1.2, Struts 2.0, Spring 2.0, Spring 3.0 with annotations, JPA , jquery , json , MYSQL, Oauth 2.0 , apache poi , javascript library highchart to generate graphical reports, IText(Utility to create PDF)WebDevelopment: HTML/XHTML , XMLTools/Softwares : Rapid Application Developer (RAD), Eclipse, My Eclipse, JBOSS, Quality Center, Rally tool for agile perspective.Work Experience (Dec 2009 – Present ):August 2011 – present Company - United Health Group Designation – Software EngineerProject: o Sourcing Intelligence(Feb 2012 - present) This project was developed for UHG finance team. It provides a monthly summary and trend of labor spend, headcounts, rates, developments etc. Data for this system comes from multiple resources in the form of excel from internal as well as from external resources such as various vendors of UHG. This data needs to be uploaded in database and based on that data various reports need to be generated in the form of pie,bar,line and tabular format. We as a team started this project from scratch and I was part of each and every instance of the project. Role: Java Developer SDLC Followed: Agile (Scrum Development) My Responsibilities: 1) At the initial phase, worked closely with client for requirement gathering. 2) Worked on development of various admin functionalities like create, search, edit and delete of master tables. 3) Worked on development of validations of each and every cell of excel, uploading and storing excel data in DB using apache poi. 4) Worked on development of generating reports from various data stored in DB using javascript library highchart and then generate pdf of them using itext. Technologies Used for Front Hand: Spring 3.0 with annotations, JPA, jquery, apache poi, javascript library highchart, itext. Database Used: Oracle 10G Award: Earned “Sustaining Edge Award” for my contribution in project.
  2. 2. o ManyStrong(August 2011 – Feb 2012) This project is much like developing a social networking site for United States people and involved collecting money for people who are sick from their friends as donation or sending gift cards to sick individual which involves free dominos, pizza hut , barista, CCD etc vouchers. I worked on developing a calendar in this project which is similar to Microsoft Outlook calendar. We used to create an event/activity on a particular day or for a particular period of time and display that on user calendar as per role assigned. Also worked on integration of manystrong app with facebook, linkedin and gmail. URL of the Application: Role : Java Developer SDLC Followed: Agile(Scrum Development) My Responsibilities: 1. Develop a functionality to create and edit activity for a particular calendar and display color on calendar according to type on activity. 2. Develop a functionality to send email to the person and all his supporters who create a particular activity and display that activity on calendar. 3. Develop a functionality using ICAL4J to download calendar in .ics format which is compatible to Microsoft Outlook calendar and Google calendar. 4. Develop a functionality using SocialAuth to import contacts from facebook, linkedin and gmail into our application. Technologies Used for Front Hand: Spring 3.0 with annotations, JPA, jquery, json. Database Used: Oracle 10GDec, 2009 – 5th August 2011: Company – Tata Consultancy Services Designation – Assistant System EngineerProjects: o Number Inventory Management System( Nov 2010 – August 2011 ): This project is in Telecom Domain and this system act as a central repository of all the mdn and min which will refer by other systems (for e.g. CRM) as a reference for configuring various mdn’s in HLR and in various other systems. Role: Java Developer My Responsibilities: 1. Develop a functionality which will display information about all the numbers or mdn’s present in inventory. 2. Develop a functionality which will be used by different dealers for reserving the numbers or mdn’s for a particular circle. 3. Develop a functionality which will be used by different corporate members for releasing or reserving the particular series of numbers or mdn. 4. Responsible for developing a functionality which will be used for mdn min mapping. Technologies Used for Front Hand: Struts 1.2, Spring 2.0 Database Used: Oracle 10G
  3. 3. o IPAS GUI : Insurance Product (April 2010 – October 2010 ) This project is in Insurance Domain for a Life Insurance Group. It basically involves the conversion of the existing system in GUI Interactive system in Java /J2ee using struts 2.0 and Spring with database as DB400. Role: Java Developer My Responsibilities: 1. To develop a module named Policy Beneficiary which will have functionality of creating beneficiary for a particular policy and for searching the existing beneficiaries of a particular policy. 2. To resolve defects of different modules and have ownership of resolving defects of Exchange Rate and History module. Exchange rate is used for displaying exchange rate of different currencies and History module is used for displaying history of all the transactions done by different users. Awards – Earned “On the Spot Award” for excellent java skills and for contribution in project.Research Experience:Internship: • DEIS Lab , University of Calabria , Italy( May 2008 – August 2008 ) :  Work as a research scholar under Prof. Salvatore Maraone and Prof. Floriano De Rango.  Try to understand various Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) techniques and implement these techniques in Matlab and have a book on MIMO techniques and future scope of MIMO.Work in my University: • B.Tech Project :  A final year project cum Research work on “Relay Based Wireless Communication “under guidance of Prof. Ranjan Gangopadhyay.  Have a review work on that and published as a book with named as “Relay Based Wireless Communication”.Academics: • Bachelor of Technology – Communication and Computer Engineering (July 2009). The Laxmi Nivas Mittal Institute of Information Technology (Deemed University), India- CPI 7.60/10.0 . • Senior Secondary Examination (May 2005) –Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)-77%
  4. 4. • Secondary School Examination (May 2003) – Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) - 81%Relevant Coursework: • Computer Programming and data structure • Computer Organization (C,Java) • Algorithms and Data Structure • DatabaseManagement (MYSQL) • Networking(OSI Model/TCP Model) • Operating Systems(UNIX) • Software Engineering • Computer Architecture • Digital Signal Processing • Digital Systems Also undertaken a course in Business and Soft skills.Achievements: • Had a book published by Tarcom Publication on “Relay Based Wireless Communication”. • Stood 2nd in Business Idea Presentation Contest held at LNM IIT. • Stood 3rd in Web Designing Contest held at LNM IIT. • Organized inter college Weird Idea Presentation Contest held in our college.Projects: • B. Tech Project on Relay Based Wireless Communication under Prof. Ranjan Gangopadhyay. • Developed a GUI messenger in Java in 5th semester. • Developed a text pad having a special functionality of Compiling and Executing Java programs. • Developed an online forum in PHP and MySql as DBMS course project in 4 th Semester. • Developed a Java application while working in TCS for an insurance company and convert there COBOL codes in java using struts 2.0 and springs framework.Hobbies: • Computer Games • Social Networking • Listening Music
  5. 5. • Playing Cricket