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Natura adventure activities for events & production
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Natura adventure activities for events & production


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Published in: Sports, Business

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  • 1. Natura Adventure Crew Natura Adventure Crew is a division of cutting-edge adventure professionals who have taken their expertise of adventure sports technology to creating specialised Adventure Installations for Events and in conceptualising and executing Aerial Stunts for Stage, TV and Film production. This division also plays a designing and consultative role in developing Adventure Arenas, Multi-activity Adventure Towers and large-scale Adventure Destinations for mall/ resort/ property owners, recreational/ entertainment centres and theme-parks. Applying the in-house expertise, academic approach and stringent adherence to International Standards to a much wider canvas, Adventure Crew offers its services and knowledge-base as Safety Consultants for Monitoring, Auditing and implementing Safety Systems and Protocols for large-format events, conventional stunt production; for high-risk environments like factories and workshops; and for amateur thrill-seekers.
  • 2. ADVENTURE BASED ACTIVITIES FORMeetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events
  • 3. WHAT WE OFFER Natura has amassed immense experience in using Adventure Sports and Outdoor Activities for CorporateTraining as well as for Recreation. The following are the options we offer to pass on as Value Additions to the Corporate, Conference andGroup clientele in order to make their experience far more memorable. Mobile Paintball Arena Mobile Artificial Rock Climbing Mobile Adventure Challenge Tower High-Impact Adventure Activities Team Building Activities, Initiative games & Simulations Adventure Based Off sites & Camping Trips Live Aerial Performances & Stunts For Events & Stage Natura Outdoor Education Trust - Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibilities
  • 4. PAINTBALL SHOOTINGA standard size Tennis Court, or even a tiny lawn or a disused portion of the property is good enough to create an elaborate Paintball Arena using inflatable obstacles. Paintball-based programmes are great to unwind in a large group as well as illustrate important lessons on Strategy-Building, Teamwork, Communication & Leadership
  • 5. PAINTBALL SHOOTINGTHE SHOOT-OUT!A Paintball shootout is a mock-battle between participants using gas-powered guns that shoot small balls of color whichburst when they hit a person, thus marking the person dead. This game is not just a mindless thrill-seeking activity, butactually offers the opportunity for teams to get closer, strategize together and work towards a common target,unmindful of hierarchy and norms. And of course have a blast while theyre at it.
  • 6. THE MOBILE ARTIFICAL ROCK CLIMBINGThe Mobile ‘ARC’ - one of Natura’s innovations – is yet another simple, space & cost-effective way of infusing events with a good dose of adventure. A free-standing structure, the Mobile‘ARC’offers a daunting 24ft-high rock-climbing experience to at least 4 simultaneous climbers. And all this while occupying a measly 480 sq ft of ground.
  • 7. THE MOBILE ARTIFICAL ROCK CLIMBING The Mobile ‘ARC’ is a design that employs high-grade Rostrum segments to put together a unique structure. The structure is 30feet-high and 24ft-wide with a multi-tiered support of 2 to 3 Rostrum columns. The Mobile ‘ARC’ offers the following features: 1. Extremely simple and efficient to set up and transport, with the least amount of floor space consumed 2. Variable height, & therefore, variable intensity of Climbing & Rappelling 5. All-weather Capability 6. High Visual Impact 7. Multiple, impossible-to-miss branding areas 8. Ability to engage 4 participants at the same time
  • 8. THE MOBILE ARTIFICAL ROCK CLIMBINGACTIVITIES•Commando Run - An inverted face down high speed rappelling run•The Cliffhanger - a Sylvester Stallone-style rappelling descent•The Wall-Scramble - a variable-difficulty rock-climbing wall
  • 9. THE MOBILE ADVENTURE CHALLENGE TOWERThe Natura ‘ACT’ is on of the most unique innovations that has changed the face of theAdventure based Entertainment industry. Any convenient space on the property can beconverted into an adventure arena with a miniscule investment in building up specially designed spaces that mimic most terrains and features needed for adventure sports. High Platforms for leap-of-faith, Artificial Rock Walls, Multi-Activity Towers etc. can easily convert a little-used corner of the property into the perfect Outbound Training Destination or even an Adventure-themed Park.
  • 10. THE ADVENTURE CHALLENGE TOWERINTRODUCTIONThe Adventure Challenge Tower (ACT) is the perfect way to bring adventure intoResorts, malls and other space-conscious areas. With a maximum footprint of40ftX40ft and a variable elevation of up to just 40ft, the ACT works excellentlyfor special events and promotions, both outdoors as well as indoors (in high-ceiling atria) , the ACT is an excellent value-add! A specially-built modular MultiActivity / Multi Capacity structure about 40 feet high, offers a chance to rig upadventure activities which would otherwise be impossible to conduct at thelocationACTIVITIES POSSIBLE1. The Flying Squirrel which takes the participant on an automated ascent upto the top Platform2. Target Jump – a controlled free-fall jump from the 40 ft high Platform3. The Cliffhanger – a Sylvester Stallone-style rappelling descent4. The Wall-Scramble – a variable-difficulty rock-climbing wall5. Wilder Woosey – a fear factor-style, in which the participant has to walk atightrope while holding on to another person doing the same!6. Heebie Jeebie - an Individual tight rope walk7. Zip Line - An activity makes the participant zip across on rope at high speedswith a huge burst of adrenalin
  • 11. THE ADVENTURE CHALLENGE TOWERFEATURES The Adventure Challenge Tower (ACT) is a copyrighted, first-of-its-kindproprietary design that employs high-grade Trussing segments to puttogether a unique structure specifically targeted at the Events &Promotions industry. This structure offers:1. Higher ease of Set-up & Transport2. Variable height & therefore variable intensity for all activities3. Option to add multiple Rope-based activities in the main structure4. Option to add additional activities with minimal enhancements tothe structure5. All-weather Capability6. High Visual Impact with Multiple, impossible-to-miss branding areas7. High Structural Stability and Overall operations as per InternationalSafety Standards.8. Ability to engage 8 individuals at the same time.
  • 12. THE ADVENTURE CHALLENGE TOWER TARGET JUMP Participants leap off the edge of the Tower in an attempt to grab the target placed away from the Tower and then experience a free fall till their drop is slowed to a stop using specialized mountaineering equipment WILDER WOOZY Participants walk on a ropeway across the tower, but in this, the participant hasto walk a tightrope while holding on to another person doing the same! HEEBIE - JEEBIE An activity quite similar to Woozy, with the only difference being that you have to try and grab one of the ropes, hanging from the top, to move ahead on the tightrope
  • 13. THE ADVENTURE CHALLENGE TOWERTHE CLIFFHANGER & WALL-SCRAMBLEThe activity lends itself beautifully to both a recreational and an Experiential Learning environment. Apart from givingyou a thrill, the activity can be a great tool to understand goal-setting, inter-dependence and perseverance.
  • 14. HIGH-IMPACT ADVENTURE ACTIVITIESA host of hi-adrenaline activities that can be possible with the appropriate terrain present in or around the resort property. These thrilling experiences are not only excellent recreational activities, but can also lend themselves well to draw vital insights into personal behaviour and corporate functioning
  • 15. HIGH-IMPACT ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES RAPPELLING The most interesting way down a cliff, rappelling – a hugely exciting adventure sport – involves the participant to descend a near-vertical rock-face using specialized adventure equipment, ‘Cliffhanger’-style! LEAP OF FAITH The high-point of any program, Leap of Faith involves a person taking a flying leap off a narrow ledge about 40-60 feet above ground. The participant experiences a free fall as the highly specialized adventure safety equipment arrests his/her drop and lands them gently on their feet.
  • 16. HIGH-IMPACT ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES ROCK CLIMBING The sport of rock climbing lends itself beautifully to both a recreational andan Experiential Learning environment. Apart from giving you a thrill, the activity can be a great tool to understand goal-setting, inter- dependence and perseverance.
  • 17. HIGH-IMPACT ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES HIGH ROPESA collection of high impact ropes- course activities that are strung up at heights morethan 20 feet off the ground.
  • 18. INITIATIVE EXERCISES Need the least infrastructure; possible on any flat surfaces, preferably lawns. Initiative Exercises are essentially unique games that are created keeping experientiallearning in mind. These games are extremely effective as they let participants have fun and break formal barriers during events like conferences and company retreats.
  • 19. INITIATIVE EXERCISES “YOU ARE MARKED” An extremely enjoyable yet insightful game, “You are Marked” is all about keeping track of 2 ‘targets’ and constantly re-adjusting your position with respect to both of them. To top it, all forms of communications are barred – adding to the confusion. A fun exercise that teaches an important lesson. STAMPING A Team co-ordination & execution focused based exercise, Stamping entails the entire team stamping a set of numbers laid out on the floor in perfect co- ordination. A great tool to understand the pit falls in achieving simple tasks. AUSTRALIAN WALK A great game for assumption busting, Australian Walk is a mad game that builds on the things that we take for granted
  • 20. INITIATIVE EXERCISES PIPES ‘N MARBLES The team has to deliver the ‘product’ (a marble) from manufacture to the customer by passing it through the middle channels (pipes) perfectly. Great insights into group dynamics and personal role. COBWEB The entire team has to pass on-by-one through the narrow holes in a cobweb and not all holes are close to the ground!. A great study in physical team- work. WAYWARD FLOCK The team members are blindfolded ‘sheep’ scattered around while the leader tries to herd them to a small pen using only animal noises as signals. This hilarious game brings up great insights on communication and follower-ship.
  • 21. INITIATIVE EXERCISES BLIND SQUARE The group is blindfolded, given a long rope and asked to make a perfect square out of the rope while being blindfolded. This activity challenges not just their dependence on their senses but brings out many insights into Leadership, Initiative, Active Listening and Exclusion. TRAFFIC JAM A tough mental challenge that brings out the more intellectual aspects of leadership and abstract problem- solving to the fore. BLIND INTENT Simple task: a leader has to direct his team to pitch a tent. The Challenge: all team members are blindfolded and the leader can neither touch them nor can he disclose the objective of the exercise to his team. Let the fun begin!
  • 22. LARGE-SCALE SIMULATIONS These simulations are possible in wooded areas and even lawns available in and around the resort.From rescuing aircrash victims to crossing a wide chasm by building a rope-way – the following activities thrust the participants into a different world where they take onchallenges and learn from their outcomes. All the while having a lot of fun, mind you.
  • 23. LARGE-SCALE SIMULATIONS TYROLEAN TRAVERSE The challenge to the group is to cross avalley by building a specialized ropeway called a Tyrolean Traverse. In this activity, the group has to decipher the instructions given in a diagram correctly, build the complex ropeway together and finally get every team member across the valley.
  • 24. LARGE-SCALE SIMULATIONSAIR CRASHA hard-hitting simulation, Air Crash builds ascenario wherein there has been an air crash andthe teams have been called in for a rescueoperations. The Task is to rescue as manycasualties in the form of marked bags, strewnaround the course area in darkness. The emphasisis on the tight time-frame within which to rescue‘critically injured’ casualties. TAG HUNT A night time activity, Tag Hunt involves teams to collect maximum score by locating different coloured tags scattered across different parts of the forest, which carry different scores. A tool to promote strategising, Tag Hunt helps people understand targets vis-à-vis market reality.
  • 25. ADVENTURE BASED OFFSITES & CAMPING TRIPS Over the years, Natura has built a huge network of tucked-away destinations; quaintextraordinary resorts, hotels and camp sites; and developed an extensive range of out-of-the-world activities. Keeping in mind Corporate conferencing and offsite needs, Natura offers end- to-end travel plans that let you try the most bizarre trips without any hassle. More-over,Natura offers people a chance to explore their own personal tastes in travel may it be wildlife and wilderness related, may it be high-adrenaline experiences or may it even be sedate cut- off-from-civilisation unexplored destinations.
  • 26. ADVENTURE BASED OFFSITES & CAMPING TRIPSSolang Winter Ski AdventureSolang (2,800 Mts.) is one of the most scenic ski areain India. On offer are ski slopes ranging from thelongest beginner ski area in India to the extremeBlack Runs for the more daring.Natura takes you to the awaiting thick blanket ofsnow in the laps of the Solang valley to live yourwinter Holidays! Solang is a kaleidoscopically colorfulhamlet 13 kms beyond Manali, H.P. During thewinter, the land looks like an island of snow, hencemaking it renowned for practicing skiing, skiingfestivals and umpteen number of competitions.
  • 27. ADVENTURE BASED OFFSITES & CAMPING TRIPS Karwar-Adventure Paradise The river Kali in Karwar, North Karnataka, about 9Km south of the Goa border takes after the popular Indian Goddess Kali Ma – vibrant and alive taking on human characteristics of being wild and untamed in parts and gentle and placid in others making one wonder whether it is the same river after all. The route along which this river flows is long and winding and contributes to the different moods of the Kali, be it in the tumbling angry waters amid dense rain forests, ideal for white-water rafting near Dandeli, or the calm, serene backwater-like feel with mangrove forests at Hankon, ideal for canoeing, Kayaking, tubing and trekking into virgin rain-forests.
  • 28. ADVENTURE BASED OFFSITES & CAMPING TRIPSKUNDALIKA RAFTING CAMP (Maharashtra – 150 kms from Mumbai):Rafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or otherbodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excitethe raft passengers.Kundalika River’s 14-kilometre stretch of exciting rapids will provide Two hours of white water rafting. Experience
  • 29. ADVENTURE BASED OFFSITES & CAMPING TRIPS Natura offers a unique completely portable campsite. Time taken to setup on average is 1 to 1.5 days, it can cater to minimum of 10 to a maximum 25 persons at a time. Be it a next to a roaring river or between the two majestic forts or overlooking the vast Arabian sea, with all weather tented “bedrooms”, catered veg or non veg buffet meals, cozy meeting spaces, western flush, The Campsite is set to provide all the creature comforts in the real outdoors’
  • 30. ADVENTURE BASED OFFSITES & CAMPING TRIPSConference or meeting spaces - Parachute conference space, Tented conference space, White board and other stationary, Chairs or carpets for seating, Electric lighting for camp premises after sundown, Cellphone / Laptop charging pointsDining and kitchen - Catered veg / non veg cuisine, Buffet arrangement, Outdoor cooking for participants, Bottled water for drinking, Enclosed hygienic kitchen area, Uniformed serving staffToilets & washing - Western flush toilets, Dedicated ladies and gents section, Separate handwash area, Standalone toilet tents
  • 31. AERIAL PERFORMANCES AND STUNTS FOR STAGE & EVENTS Natura Adventure Crew is, also, a stunts provider for stage performances and film and television production, along with being the event-support arm of Natura, offering conceptualization, design, set-up, and implementation of adventure-based activities for corporate, branded and other commercial events. Natura Adventure Crew was born out of a blend of a long-standing mountaineering and adventure sports experience and an ingenuity with adventure gear, with a in- depth understanding and an unorthodox take on modern stage and film production. Applying the advanced adventurer’s expertise of gear-assisted ascent, descent, exaggerated jump and mimicked flight, coupled with an ahead-of-the-pack grasp of emerging adventure gear and technology, Natura Adventure Crew has rapidly broken into the very small clique of indigenous Indian stunt providers.
  • 32. Aerial Performances and Stunts for Stage & Events
  • 33. Aerial Performances and Stunts for Stage & Events •Nokia New Years Eve with Priyanka Chopra •Feature film Shaurya with Rahul Bose •Pakistan Lux Style Awards with Atif Aslam •Reliance mobile TVC with Malaika Arora Khan •Reality Show Chak De Bachche for 9x •Reality Show Dance India Dance for Zee Tv •Reality Show Mr & Mrs Tv for Sony TV •Aditya Birla Excellence Awards •Femina Miss India with Vivek Oberoi •Volkswagen Vento Launch
  • 34. The Natura Outdoor Education Trust (NOET) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that uses the wilderness and adventure as tools to promotelearning, development and ecological conservation. The Trust also works towards the cause of protecting all that makes up themagic of the Outdoors for us – our fast depleting green-scapes Additionally, the Trust also aims to create a talent pool, train and helprecruit the skilled outdoor professionals needed to create safe, enjoyable andenriching outdoor experiences for people.
  • 35. CORPORATE SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES NOET: NOET aims to offer broad-spectrum Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultation. In essence, NOET brings relevant issues to the attention of bodies that can make a difference and assists their involvement in it. NOET also assists in academic research in the field of ecology from broad-spectrum CSR consultation to individual services like Environmental research, project selection, project planning, project monitoring and assessment, skilled manpower, special resources etc. to businesses that would like to do their bit for the environment . It Provides conscientious wilderness experiences and environmental-themed activities and products to the patrons of hospitality and tourism businesses. It Aims to help create a environmentally-conscious generation, NOET At School offers schools a wide range of support and know-how; from curriculum design to learning resources and aids to workshops to project-work opportunities.
  • 36. A Few of Natura’s Past Clients Corporate Houses Production Houses •Adlabs Films •Moser Baer •Optimix •Zee Tv •KPMG India •UTV •Citibank Ltd •Sony Tv •Crisil Ltd •Sony Pix •Johnson & Johnson •9x Channel •Nicholas Piramal •Sai Baba Tele Films •Jawadwala Constructions Pvt Ltd •Terrence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company •Volkswagen •1000 Words •Rustomjee Group •Indian Television Academy •Vodafone •Milk Corporation Pvt Ltd •Standard Chartered •Direct I Partners in CSR Projects •Bayer Group •Mumbai Mirror •Nature Valley Event Co’s •Kalpataru Ltd. •EMC Events India Pvt. Ltd. •Virgin Mobile •Percept D Mark India Pvt. Ltd •Maharashtra Forest Department •Consumer Links Marketing Pvt. Ltd. •Thane Municipal Corporation •Encompass Events Pvt Ltd •Showtime Events Group Ltd Others •Showhouse •Young Presidents Organization •Fountain Head •Ebenezer International School •Times Group •Noesis Training Solutions •Alternate Brand Solutions India Ltd •Turn Point Training & Assessment System Pvt Ltd
  • 37. Corporate Office:Natura Outdoor Education & Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.D/33, 297 MIG Colony, Bandra (east), Mumbai -51+91 22 6525 9195 |+91 |