Business Process Management


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Business Process Management

  1. 1. Business Process Management Consulting - PMP Capability Showcase Partner Application Integration ISV Business Intelligence Mobility Application Lifecycle Management OEM Desktop GOLD Content Management Portals & Collaboration SILVER Midmarket Solution Provider Data Platform Software Development Server Platform Digital Marketing Web Development1 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  2. 2. BPM services for Print, Media and Publishing @ GatewayServices:1. Business Process Technology Enablement • Product called “YEMO” - Innovative workflow software to streamline the way people in the media and print industry collaborate. The ultimate goal is that with the software of YEMO, people can work and communicate “anytime”, with “anyone” and “anywhere”. • Custom / Bespoke / Third party solution implementation consultation and development2. Business Process Consulting • Production Lifecycle Management, Process Improvement, Change Management and Operational Models including SLA driven delivery3. Business Process Outsourcing • Transition Management, Shadow Production, Parallel Production, Governance Model and Asset transfer Facts: • Team of skilled professional with background of core PMP industry • 350 Publications experience Globally with 2 million Ads, 3 million pages, 0.5 million images every year • Innovative suites of product- Yemo, successfully running at 200 publishers and houses globally • Most diverse range of offerings catering to entire operations for any printing house or publisher or media company2 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  3. 3. BPM services to leading directory service provider• Customer Profile: One of the leading directory service provider based at Finland• Services provided: BPM consulting services with creative services such as Advert creation, Image processing, Maps page design, Video creation services, Web data crawling, workflow automation and software development & technical consulting• Work delivered: 180+ man months of work delivered • Built workflow process consisting of operational manual, workflow tool, distribution tool and production guideline • Production process outsourcing • SLA implementation • Implemented Change management • Customer saving of 250.000 Euros in last 3 years • Increased productivity by 20%3 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  4. 4. BPM services to one of the largest Dutch media group • Customer Profile: One of the leading one of the largest Dutch media groups. • Services provided: BPM consulting services with creative services such as Adverts, magazine cover pages, flash banners, flyers, tickets, voor pages, fact sheets, gift cheques and automated workflow • Work delivered: 150+ man months of work delivered since march - 2009 • Handled 20+ publications of the group Reduce cost • Systematic production process of operation using BPO improvement to cater each publication with required peak and low season • Operational roster and manual • BPM Tool – Yemo implementation for workflow • Effective forecasting and distribution mechanism • Reduced operating cost by 25% with outsourcing of creative services4 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  5. 5. Production Cost – Advantage Gateway • 30 to 45% lowered cost than inhouse production team • Flexible business model for effective utilization of peak and low seasons and save fluctuation spending cost • Access to large number of personnel with varied skills set to cater different PMP needs under one roof i.e. Advert creation, Image clipping & processing, animation services, video creation, page layouting/setting and workflow automation Flexible utilization model 5 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  6. 6. Implementation Approach6 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  7. 7. Step by Step Implementation - BPO 7 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  8. 8. Production Workflow Design Publish • Images • Design Page/advert based on Brief • Text provided • Client checks • Final Deliverable deliverable (Online • Ads • Image Editing Proofing) • Brief • Text Flow • Sends corrections or • In Design Templates • Creativity , Design, Layout Approval • Preflight Content • Corrections based on client’s Approval Collection feedback Production Work-Flow Through Workflow -YEMO Orderlist: manage orders & materials, Tasklist: designer task management, Online Proofing tool Archive, Digital briefing, Logo database. Dashboard, Publication plan.8 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
  9. 9. Your Global Sourcing Partner Thank You Corporate Office B/81, Corporate House, Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054 INDIA Tel: +91 (79) 2685 2554 / 4022 3000 Fax: +91 (79) 2685 8591 Contact: gateway@gatewaytechnolabs.com9 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs