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  • Client Name: GEWA, a leading German ISV, providing solutions for Insurance industry wanted
  • Client Name : CPN
  • Client: 3d-cellular.comProduct reference: DTT FeaturesLERG Wizard updates routing tables in minutes from the LERG CDTrace displays routing database interrelationshipsScheduler precisely schedules switch updatesClone copies routing records & downloads script to multiple switchesView LERG databases in separate windows to query, sort and printAudit finds missing or incorrect routing interrelationshipsUpdate Routings compares all routings against the LERG database and updates
  • Client: Precal
  • Client Name: Thin Data (Transcontinental Interactive)Company provides self-serve and full-service solutions to their fortune 1000 clients. Its clients span all industries and are some of North America’s most recognized brands, including: Aeroplan, Air Canada, Blockbuster Canada, CBC, Canadian Blood Services, Chapters Indigo, Delta Hotels, Direct Energy, M&M Meats, and Sympatico / MSN.
  • Aditro
  • Client Name: TicketLeap
  • Client: Trainer’s House, Sydan, FinlandClient is one of the largest provider of training and marketing consultancy services in Finland and the rest of Europe. They have suite of products with more than 500+ customers. Project: This product is very comprehensive application with various custom codes. Hence, reasonable amount of efforts spent on Migration from 2007 to 2010.Approx. Efforts was 3 to 4 months with 3 professionals
  • Client: UMS Oman
  • Client Name:5D, SwedenApplication was in operation in more than 200 major real estate service providing organizations thus strengthening their positions as a leading service provider in Real Estate domain. The current application provides support for a wide range of business processes for the entire, from effective operational and financial control to Real Estate organizations in Sweden.
  • Application Migration & Enhancement

    1. 1. Migration And Enhancement Capability Capability Presentation Version: 1.0 Partner Application Integration ISV Business Intelligence Mobility Application Lifecycle Management OEM Desktop GOLD Content Management Portals & Collaboration SILVER Midmarket Solution Provider Data Platform Software Development Server Platform Digital Marketing Web Development1 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    2. 2. Legacy Application Migration Process Assessment Definition Migration Deployment Define Migration Strategy Prepare Source Code Access Define Requirements Perform Pre- Prepare Source Code Application migration Steps Complexity Engineering Cycle Define Future RE-Engineer UI Test and Validate Architecture functionality Access Code Quality Migrate Source Code Test Performance Analyze Dependencies Perform POC Perform Post- and Scalability migration Steps Access Infrastructure Define Code Implement Build Migration Steps Enhancements Document Metrics Generate Unit Test Scripts Estimate for Migration Plan Future Infrastructure Compile Code Identify Migration Issues Build Deployment Scripts2 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    3. 3. Success Stories3 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    4. 4. Comparison Engine for Insurance Agents Germany | IT ServicesBusiness NeedsTo migrate and re-engineer existing VB 6.0 legacy system to .NET framework 4.0. A Lines of Business (LOB)system used to generate and manage quotation, proposal for varied insurance products with comparisonfacility.Solution Overview• Comparison of different insurance products• Quick response time of 1 second• Complete component driven architecture• Advance search• Comparison of single product with multiple competitor products• Multiple insurance web services integrationTechnology Highlights.NET Framework 4.0, C#, SQL Server 2008 4 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    5. 5. BSS & Client Management Tool Conversion Canada | ServicesBusiness NeedsTo Migrate the Legacy BSS and Client Management tool built on Visual Basic Client-Server platform toVB.NET and ASP.NET based web application.Solution Overview• AJAX enabled web UI• Web Services for exposed API• Implementation of SSL and WSE based security.• Implementation of 4 language localization with German, French, Spanish and UK + US English.• Implementation of SaaS model based on Shared Database with Shared Schema multi tenant architecture. Hybrid - With Re- 60% Auto Code Architecting Conversion Access to MS SQL UI Refactoring 2005 MigrationTechnology Highlights.NET Framework 2.0, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005, AJAX Toolkit, Visual Basic Migration Assistant 5 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    6. 6. Legacy Migration - VB 6.0 to C#.NET Canada| IT Services Business NeedsMigration of legacy VB Enterprise application to C#.NET based desktop platformThe platform is a Digital Translation Tool (DTT), allows for mass viewing, interrelationshipsearches, auditing and editing of routing databases. Solution Overview Migration Process followedAssessment Definition Migration Deployment Technology HighlightsMicrosoft .Net frame work 4.0 using C#4.0, Visual Studio 2010 – Professional, Microsoft TFS Server2010, MS Access 2010, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, Telerik Windows controls 6 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    7. 7. Legacy Application Migration - VB 6.0 to .NET 2.0 Netherlands| Print & MediaBusiness NeedsTo migrate a VB 6.0 based legacy application to .NET framework to resolve performance issues and to achievegreater scalability. The current system used to cater to the needs of storing the print plan and cost estimates forthe particular JobSolution Overview• Created multiple database (MS Access to MS SQL Server) as in the existing database• Data access layer integration using third party ORM software• Web services was created to read the data using data access layer to populate the entity Object• Com wrappers used to establish interconnectivity between existing applications .NET librariesTechnology Highlights.NET Framework 2.0 (ASP.NET, C#), MS SQL Server 2005, LLBLGen Pro 7 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    8. 8. Email Marketing Solution – ASP to .NET 4.0 Migration Canada | ServicesBusiness NeedsIt is a product for email campaign management capable of managing large volume campaigns, allowingmarketers to plan, execute, analyze and continually refine email marketing campaigns.Solution Overview• Fully exportable web forms• Content and template libraries• Customized messages library• Advanced segmentation• Personalization & professional layouts• Time-sensitive/emergency communications• Customized broadcast domains• Text, HTML, and auto-sensing formats• Subscription management• Seamless data integration• Data filtering, multi-level access control• Domain and email blocking• Online help, check emails against leading spam filters, API developmentTechnology Highlights.NET Framework 4.0 (ASP.NET, C#), MS SQL Server 2005 8 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    9. 9. Data Migration ToolBusiness NeedsTo migrate existing data from a legacy system to the latest product version.Solution Overview• Developed a data migration tool for automated data migration• Pre/post migration checks for table transfer.• In case of failure of termination of process with any error• Replication of the existing database• Data type conversion operation before data can be can be transferred to the target table• IF data not transferred successfully error code displayed• Zero error tolerance table identified and data transfer done accordingly• After data Migration Data quality checkTechnology Highlights.Net 3.5, C#, SQL Server 2008, SSIS, XML, Multithreading 9 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    10. 10. Legacy Application Migration & ReengineeringBusiness NeedsMigration and re-engineering of existing VB based Self Service legacy system to .NET framework 4.0 Silverlight. Theproposed system was a Lines of Business (LOB) system used to Self servicing of purchase invoices, Payment of invoicesusing SEPA & ABS and direct payment.Solution Overview• Approval workflow of purchase invoices• Company Circulation settings and Circulation rules• Invoices payment through SEPA & ABS• Invoice Visualization• Invoice Splitting• Voucher SplittingTechnology HighlightsSilverlight 4.0, .NET Framework 4.0, C#, SQL Server 2008, Navigation framework, Entity Framework, UnityFramework, WCF services 10 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    11. 11. Online Ticketing System - ColdFusion to .Net Migration Canada | ServicesBusiness NeedsTo migrate an ColdFusion-based event management and ticketing system to ASP.Net based solution.Solution Overview• Enhanced and extended features in terms of scalability, proficiency and functionality.• Extended existing functionality including Event Management, Patron management, Vendor management, User Management, Online integration• Implemented flash based Virtual Box Office component facilitating telesales agents and box office managers make a booking for walk-in customersTechnology Highlights.NET Framework 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, ATLAS and Java Script 11 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    12. 12. Collaboration Portal Migration - MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 FinlandBusiness NeedsTo migrate it from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010. A collaboration portal providing a workflow enabled collaborativeplatform to internal users with social networking features like people search, personal profile, communities (blogs andwikis and Administration.Solution Overview• Enhancement and support for current 2010 application• Following are major activities performed as part of migration:• Code Migration• Contacts and content migration• Code improvement and compatible with SharePoint 2010• Custom module development in accordance with SharePoint 2010• Rewrite some of the features with SharePoint 2010 OTB featuresTechnology HighlightsMS SQL Server 2008, SharePoint 2010, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5, MS Windows Server 2008 12 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    13. 13. SharePoint Server Technical Up-gradation Middle East | BankingBusiness NeedsTo migrate MOSS 2007 based corporate portal to SharePoint 2010. To improve performance byleveraging SharePoint 2010 features.Solution Overview• Data migration from MS SQL 2005 to MS SQL 2008 and from other internal data sources• Migration of existing content, pages, directories and contact details.• Online customer accounts migration with history data• Technical Up-gradation from 32 bit server to 64 bit server• Code Migration on server and code improvement• Production Environment and Infrastructure support• Significant task of migration and its testing in week-ends and holidaysTechnology HighlightsSP 2010, MS SQL 2010. MS .Net 4.0, C#, Telerik controls 13 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    14. 14. Real Estate Application – Progress to .NET Migration Sweden | Real EstateBusiness NeedsTo migrate a Progress-based real estate Line of business (LOB) application to ASP.Net based solution.Solution Overview• Property Database Management• Installation Database Management• Customer Service Management• Document / Image Management• Work Order / Service Request Management• Service Contract Management• Maintenance Management• Reports Generator• Adopted Six step migration strategy• Existing application assessment• Step by Step Migration preparation• Module wise migration• Post migration changes & support• Testing of migrated modulesTechnology HighlightsMicrosoft .NET Framework 3.5 (C#.NET, LINQ) 14 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs
    15. 15. Your Global Sourcing Partner Thank You Corporate Office B/81, Corporate House, Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054 INDIA Tel: +91 (79) 2685 2554 / 4022 3000 Fax: +91 (79) 2685 8591 Contact: gateway@gatewaytechnolabs.com15 Gateway Group Gateway Technolabs