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2. barrow gpt  panel presentation 3 19-13
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2. barrow gpt panel presentation 3 19-13


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  • 1. School Improvement and Health Care- A Positive Combination! March 19, 2013
  • 2. High School Graduation RateWhere We Were Then All Black White SWD ED04-05 45.1 31.1 54.5 8.9 31.0 Where We Are Now All Black White SWD ED10-11 80.1 76.1 82.9 50.0 78.8
  • 3. The Key to our Success is all about Removing Barriers to Learning!•You can’t be successful today by being alone;autonomy does not get you to great!•It is about discipline.•It is about collaboration.
  • 4. We must continue our move from Success by Chance to… Success by Design! We must move from beating the odds to changing the odds.
  • 5. WHY CHANGE?
  • 6. The imperative is well-stated by the CarnegieTask Force on Education:School systems are not responsible for meetingevery need of their students.But….When the need directly affects learning, theschool must meet the challenge.
  • 7. Schools are Improving ent School Improvem
  • 8. Schools are Improving – BUT d W orl g an gi n Ch ent School Improvem
  • 9. When the rate of change outside anorganization is faster than the rate of change inside the organization, the end is near.
  • 10. Schools are Improving – BUT Some More Than Others rl d Wo gin g nt an eme Ch p rov ol Im Scho
  • 11. Schools are Improving – BUT Some More Than Others n t o ol eme ch rov S p Im d rl g Wo in ang Ch
  • 12. Current System Something Different
  • 13. The primary aim ofeducation is not toenable students to dowell in school, but tohelp them do well in thelives they lead outsideof school.
  • 14. Making a better“20th Century School” is not the answer.
  • 15. Too many schools, districts, and systems are reactive rather than strategic.
  • 16. Simply said, we get what we design for!
  • 17. Schools must find new and innovative ways to improve student performance with increasingly fewer resources.
  • 18. From Education to HealthcareSchool-Based HealthCenters:Making healthcare availableand affordable for allstudents
  • 19. Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth