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Review powerpoint2

  1. 1. God’s guidance of the Bible’shuman authors is calleda. revelationb. inspirationc. tradition
  2. 2. a.inspiration
  3. 3. In the Bible, creation is tolda. As a story in the Genesisb. In the Book of Revelationc. As a historical record
  4. 4. a. As a story in the Genesis
  5. 5. God createda. Good and evil thingsb. Nothing out of all thingsc. All things out of nothing
  6. 6. a. All things out of nothing
  7. 7. The source of all moral evil isa. The devilb. Temptationc. Sin
  8. 8. a. The devil
  9. 9.  Returning to God after committing sin is calleda. Reconciliationb. Evolutionc. Redemption
  10. 10. a. Reconciliation
  11. 11. A gift from God by which we can think, judge, and know isa. Intellectb. Imaginationc. Freedom
  12. 12. a. Intellect
  13. 13. God called Abram and named him Abraham which meansa. Father of many nationsb. I am Who Amc. Yahweh
  14. 14. a. Father of many nations
  15. 15. Through the prophets God formed His people in the hope of salvation and in the expectation ofa. Keeping the old covenantb. A new and eternal covenantc. No covenant
  16. 16. You are correct!!!
  17. 17. The Old Testament hasa. 27 booksb. 46 booksc. 73 books
  18. 18. a. 46 books
  19. 19. Faith isa. A complete submission of one’s mind, will and whole being to Godb. A complete turning away from Godc. Giving money to the poor
  20. 20. a. A complete submission of one’s mind, will and whole being to God
  21. 21. Humans area. The lowest of God’s earthly creationb. The highest of God’s earthly creationc. neither
  22. 22. You are correct!!!
  23. 23. God watched over Joseph, son of Jacob, just as He watches over all His people. This is called God’sa. Providenceb. Perseverancec. Persistence
  24. 24. a. Providence
  25. 25. When Joseph’s brothers who had sold him as a slave came begging to him, Josepha. Threw them in prisonb. Forgave themc. Let them starve
  26. 26. a. Forgave them
  27. 27. A solemn promise between God and His people is called aa. Patriarchb. Councilc. Covenant
  28. 28. a. Covenant
  29. 29. The Jewish feast that celebrates God’s freeing of the Israelites from slavery isa. Passoverb. Hanukkahc. Seder
  30. 30. a. Passover
  31. 31. In His covenant with the Israelites, God promised that they woulda. Rule the worldb. Be His peoplec. Always be happy
  32. 32. a. Be His people
  33. 33. In their covenant with God, the People promiseda. “All that the Lord says we’ll do.”b. “We will not obey the Lord.”c. “We will do some of the things the Lord says.”
  34. 34. “All that the Lord says we’ll do.”
  35. 35. Special days set aside to worship with the community at mass are Sunday anda. Fridays during Lentb. Legal holidaysc. Holy Days of Obligation
  36. 36. Holy Days of Obligation
  37. 37. Speaking against God in a hateful manner is calleda. Blasphemyb. Perjuryc. Cursing
  38. 38. You are correct!!!
  39. 39. We commit a mortal sin if we do something seriously wrong, we know it is seriously wrong, and we do ita. Freely and willinglyb. Secretlyc. With another person
  40. 40. a. Freely and willingly
  41. 41. Venial sin is forgiven by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, an act of contrition, an act of love ora. Going to churchb. Receiving the Eucharistc. Saying the rosary
  42. 42. a. Receiving the Eucharist
  43. 43. The ark of the covenant houseda. The Old Testamentb. The Ten Commandmentsc. Quail for food
  44. 44. a. The Ten Commandments
  45. 45. Anointing with oil isa. To let that person know he is a leaderb. To dedicate that person or object to Godc. To seal an agreement
  46. 46. You are correct!!!
  47. 47. When God offered King Solomon a gift, Solomon asked fora. Wisdom and povertyb. An understanding heart and charityc. An understanding heart and wisdom"Give Thy servant an understanding heart to judge Thy people and to know good and evil."1 Kings 3:9
  48. 48. a. An understanding heart and wisdom
  49. 49. Prophets are people whoa. Foretell the futureb. Speak for Godc. Have an easy life
  50. 50. a. Speak for God
  51. 51. The prophet who was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot is a. Elijah b. Elisha c. Samuel2 Kings 2:11And as they still went on and talked, behold, chariots of fire and horses of fire separated thetwo of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
  52. 52. a. Elijah
  53. 53. The last and greatest prophet wasa. Ezekielb. Jeremiahc. John the Baptist
  54. 54. You are correct!!!
  55. 55. The father of the prophet who prepared the people for the Messiah’s coming by calling them to repent wasa. Ezekielb. Zechariahc. John the Baptist
  56. 56. a. Zechariah
  57. 57. God becoming man is calleda. Immaculate Conceptionb. Incarnationc. Nativity
  58. 58. a. Incarnation
  59. 59. The period of time that begins on the First Sunday of Advent and ends on the Feast of Christ the King is calleda. The season of preparationb. The ordinary timec. The liturgical or Church year
  60. 60. a. The liturgical or Church year
  61. 61. We celebrate Jesus’ saving sacrifice and holy meal when we celebratea. The sacramentsb. The Eucharistc. The Church year
  62. 62. a. The Eucharist
  63. 63. Abraham is often a symbol ofa. Faithful obedienceb. A wandering nomadc. A gentile
  64. 64. a. Faithful obedience
  65. 65. The plague from which the blood of the lamb saved the Israelitesa. Water turned to bloodb. Boilsc. Death of the firstborn
  66. 66. a. Death of the firstborn
  67. 67. The meal that celebrates the Israelites freedom from slavery and deatha. Mannab. Massc. Seder
  68. 68. a. Seder
  69. 69. God’s signs that guided the Israelites on their journeya. Column of fireb. Column of cloudc. Both a and bThe Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night. He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people" (Exodus 13:21-22).
  70. 70. a. Both a and b
  71. 71. Where Moses received the Ten Commandmentsa. Egyptb. Mt. Sinaic. Mt. Nebo
  72. 72. a. Mt. Sinai
  73. 73. The sin the Israelites committed right after making the covenant at Mt. Sinaia. Adulteryb. Idolatryc. Murder
  74. 74. a. Idolatry
  75. 75. To hint or foretell something that would happen later to Jesusa. Prefigureb. Promisec. Represent
  76. 76. a. Prefigure
  77. 77. A habit of doing gooda. Blessingb. Virtuec. Principle
  78. 78. a. Virtue
  79. 79. Careless use of God’s name isa. Profanityb. Oathc. Perjury
  80. 80. a. Profanity
  81. 81. The book with the reading for Mass is thea. Lectionaryb. Sacramentaryc. Ordo
  82. 82. a. Lectionary
  83. 83. The power to judge how good or bad an act isa. Willb. Considerationc. Conscience
  84. 84. a. Conscience
  85. 85. Sins we must confess in the Sacrament of Reconciliation area. Venial sinsb. Mortal sinsc. Mistakes
  86. 86. a. Mortal sins
  87. 87. The visible leader of the Church who represents Christ as chief guide on our journey to heaven isa. A saintb. The popec. A priest
  88. 88. a. The pope
  89. 89. God’s revelationa. Came all at onceb. Came graduallyc. Never came
  90. 90. a. Came gradually
  91. 91. All people are drawn to God becausea. He created themb. He wrote this desire in their heartsc. Both a and b
  92. 92. a. Both a and b
  93. 93. God calls us toa. Prayerb. A life of comfortc. Neither a or b
  94. 94. a. Prayer
  95. 95. The Psalms area. Personal prayerb. Communal prayerc. Both a and bFor the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,but the way of the wicked will perish. (Psalm1:6)
  96. 96. a. Both a and b
  97. 97. The first book of the Old Testamenta. Exodusb. Leviticusc. Genesis
  98. 98. a. Genesis
  99. 99. God telling about himselfa. Revelationb. Sanctifying gracec. Rainbow
  100. 100. a. Revelation
  101. 101. The sin of Adam and Evea. Venial sinb. Mortal sinc. Original sin
  102. 102. a. Original sin
  103. 103. Sign of God’s promise not to destroy the world by flood againa. Dovesb. Rainbowc. Olive branch
  104. 104. a. Rainbow
  105. 105. The perfect revelation of Goda. Jesusb. Maryc. Peter
  106. 106. a. Jesus
  107. 107. The first five books of the Biblea. Cincob. Pentateuchc. Diez
  108. 108. a. Pentateuch
  109. 109. God’s life in usa. Jesusb. Original sinc. Sanctifying grace
  110. 110. Sanctifying grace
  111. 111. Catholics believe God has an active role in all creation.a. Trueb. False
  112. 112. a. True
  113. 113. People are free to choose good and avoid evil.a. Trueb. False
  114. 114. a. True
  115. 115. Sin caused suffering and death to come into the world.a. Trueb. False
  116. 116. a. True
  117. 117. The Old Testament is not important to Catholics.a. Trueb. False
  118. 118. a. False
  119. 119. The first sin was one of pride and disobedience.a. Trueb. False
  120. 120. a. True
  121. 121. God gave human beings the responsibility to be stewards of creation.a. Trueb. False
  122. 122. a. True
  123. 123. Men and women have equal dignitya. Trueb. False
  124. 124. a. True
  125. 125. The prophets warned that the kingdom would suffer if people continued to sin.a. Trueb. False
  126. 126. a. True
  127. 127. From the moment of conception, every human soul is created immediately by God and is immortal.a. Trueb. False
  128. 128. a. True
  129. 129. The liturgy of the Church has retained and adapted several elements of worship found in the Old Covenant.a. Trueb. False
  130. 130. a. True
  131. 131. Human nature is weakened through original sin.a. Trueb. False
  132. 132. a. True
  133. 133. The Ten Commandments prescribe what is fundamental for love of God and love of neighbor.a. Trueb. False
  134. 134. a. True
  135. 135. The old law prefigures the new covenant of Jesus.a. Trueb. FalseOld law= before Jesus’ death and resurrection/Old TestamentThe New Covenant went into effect after Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection that fulfilled the requirements of the Old Covenant and Old Law, and is associated with the New Testament and the leadership of Jesus.
  136. 136. a. True
  137. 137. The law of Jesus does not fulfill or bring to perfection the old law.a. Trueb. False
  138. 138. a. False
  139. 139. We are drawn to God because God created us and has written this desire in every heart.a. Trueb. False
  140. 140. a. True
  141. 141. The Psalter is a masterwork of prayer in the Old Testament.a. Trueb. FalseIt included thePsalms.
  142. 142. a. True
  143. 143. At the blessing of the baptismal water during the Easter Vigil, the Church remembers the great events of salvation history that pointed to baptism.a. Trueb. False
  144. 144. a. True
  145. 145. What are the five books of the Pentateuch?
  146. 146. Genesis Exodus Leviticus NumbersDeuteronomy
  147. 147. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Baptism
  148. 148. Luminous
  149. 149. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Annunciation
  150. 150. Joyful
  151. 151. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Assumption
  152. 152. Glorious
  153. 153. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Transfiguration
  154. 154. Luminous
  155. 155. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Presentation
  156. 156. Joyful
  157. 157. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Carrying of the Cross
  158. 158. Sorrowful
  159. 159. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Resurrection
  160. 160. Glorious
  161. 161. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?The Birth of our Lord
  162. 162. Joyful
  163. 163. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Wedding Feast
  164. 164. Luminous
  165. 165. Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous?Agony in the Garden
  166. 166. Sorrowful
  167. 167. What is the First Commandment?
  168. 168. I am the Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me.
  169. 169. What is the Second Commandment?
  170. 170. You shall not take thename of the Lord, your God, in vain.
  171. 171. What is the Third Commandment?
  172. 172. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.
  173. 173. What is the Fourth Commandment?
  174. 174. Honor your Father and Mother. (I love that one!)
  175. 175. What is the Fifth Commandment?
  176. 176. You shall not kill.
  177. 177. What is the Sixth Commandment?
  178. 178. You shall not commit adultery.
  179. 179. What is the Seventh Commandment?
  180. 180. You shall not steal.
  181. 181. What is the Eighth Commandment?
  182. 182. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  183. 183. What is the Ninth Commandment?
  184. 184. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
  185. 185. What is the Tenth Commandment?
  186. 186. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.
  187. 187. We did it!!!