Online Marketing: How Futures and Commodities Brokers and CTAs Can Improve Their Website Now

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Website tips for Futures Brokers and CTAs to generate more leads from their website and online marketing efforts. …

Website tips for Futures Brokers and CTAs to generate more leads from their website and online marketing efforts.

NIBA 2011 NYC Conference Session by Shane Stiles, Gate 39 Media.

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  • 1. Online Marketing: How You Can Improve Your Website Now April 19, 2011 NIBA 2011 NYC Conference Session Sponsor
  • 2. About Gate 39 Media
    • Gate 39 Media web sites generate thousands of leads, account applications, and registrations across the globe daily.
    • We specialize in creating web sites, online applications and marketing campaigns for IBs, CTAs, and FCMs of all sizes.
  • 3. Improve Your Website Now
    • Create Offers
    • Ask for the Sale
    • Update Products and Services Descriptions
    • Update Content
    • Be the Expert
    • Utilize Social Media
    • Create Traffic—Get Linked
  • 4. Create Offers
    • How to convert a visitor to a lead capturing contact information
    • Create an offer beyond the basic “Contact Us” page and platform “Free Demo”
    • Offer must be valuable, relevant, and remarkable
    • Unique offerings work best—guides, portals, newsletters, educational pieces, databases…
  • 5. Create Offers > Landing Pages
    • Use dedicated “landing pages” for special offers
      • Page dedicated to just the offer
      • Often no other links to the website
      • Visitor concentrates only on the offer—either complete or leave
      • Landing Pages are short, clear, and visual
      • Landing Pages provide valuable analytics
      • Landing Pages are standard in advertising campaigns
  • 6. Create Offers > Landing Pages
    • Clear offer
    • Form visible without scrolling
    • Just enough info requested
    • Concise offer description
    • Call-to-action
    • No other links
  • 7. Create Offers
    • Offers tie in with specific products or services you wish to promote
      • Managed Futures: Commodity Investing Using Managed Futures
      • Self-Directed: 25 Tips For New Traders
      • Gold: Gold Futures Trading Kit
    • Offers create new reasons to return to the website, new items to highlight—most importantly—a way to capture a lead
  • 8. Ask for the Sale
    • After each product/service description—are you asking for the sale:
      • Link to Lead Capture Form, Open Account, etc.
      • Phone number, Live Chat
      • Link to related products, services, and information
    • One of the biggest tasks we perform is ensuring call-to-action is clear on all core pages and across the website
  • 9. Product/Service Descriptions
    • Improve your product/service descriptions. Even if your offering is not particularly unique—clients want to know what they will receive with each service.
      • As a Self-Directed trader, I will receive…
      • Difference between broker-assisted vs. full service
      • What are Managed Futures?
      • How do I know which trading platform to choose?
      • Is a trading system right for me?
  • 10. Product/Service Descriptions
    • Clear descriptions make it easier for the visitor to learn about your services, improving the chances of capturing a lead
    • Good descriptions also improve search engine optimization (SEO) organically by using more keywords and phrases
  • 11. Stay Current
    • Keep your website current—update the website regularly with:
      • Changes to products—do you have the latest platform description, features, screens, videos etc
      • Changes to services
      • Changes to margin and trading product specs
      • Exchange announcements
  • 12. Stay Current
    • Global news and events
      • Brief overview and links to articles and resources
      • Your commentary on events*
    • Market Updates and Daily Commentary*
    • Company news
      • Company updates including media appearances (web, tv, radio), conferences, articles etc should be featured on your website and in social media
      • Helps make your firm a go-to resource for info
    * review compliance
  • 13. Be The Resource
    • Your news
      • Your media appearances (web, tv, radio), conferences, articles etc should be featured on your social media sites
    • As a resource for information—you add credibility and legitimacy to your reputation
    • By providing information on yourself, you are providing visibility for you firm*
    *review compliance
  • 14. Social Media
    • Resources for information is one of the driving factors of social media. People trust (or at least are interested enough to follow) those they are connected with in social media
    • People are looking more to their resources for information before searching the web
    • Social media is you and your firm’s reputation—be careful with it for both publicity and compliance reasons*
    *review compliance
  • 15. Social Media
    • At a minimum—acquire you personally and your firm’s “names” for key social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and create a corporate profile on LinkedIn
    • Social media ranks highly in search engines and is an increasingly important factor in SEO
    • Social media can generate significant traffic to your website through networks and via search engines
    *review compliance
  • 16. Get Linked
    • Building links to a website is often overlooked, but is generally cost-effective and powerful ways to generate traffic to your website
    • Links not only send clients to your site but is good for search engine optimization (SEO) .
    • It is believed that up to 50% of the Google formula for search rankings are links to your site.
  • 17. Get Linked
    • Search engines
    • Directories and Databases
    • Publications
    • Press Releases
    • Social Media
    • Advertising
    Six sources for improving online visibility
  • 18. Directories and Databases
    • Directories and Databases are popular with Internet searches
    • General directories such as,,, etc.
    • Local business directories: Google Local, Bing Local,
    • Non-profit orgs: Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Groups, Local Organizations—and your membership in the NIBA
  • 19. Get Linked
    • Industry directories: Your FCMs website, CME Broker Directory, The NIBA IB/CTA Directory, various broker directories
    • For CTAs: Managed Futures database sites such as Barclay Hedge, AutumnGold, IASG, etc.
  • 20. Get Linked > Advertising
    • Pay to generate traffic to your website and create exposure
    • Banner advertising
    • Pay-per-click (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdNetwork includes Bing, Yahoo! and Facebook)
    • Possible cost effective outlets include local online newspapers, community sites, and non-profit organizations
  • 21. NIBA Benefits: IB/CTA Directory
    • Since quiet launch in July 2010, site has become the most popular feature
    • Ranks well in Google, good for SEO
    • Free listing with your membership including link to your site—New Premium Listing now available
    • NIBA listing, logo adds credibility to your business
    • Expanded features launching by June 2011
  • 22. Your To-Do List
    • In the next 30 days:
    • Create Offers: Create 1 New Offer
    • Ask for the Sale: Make sure contact info is clearly visible on service pages
    • Update Products and Services Descriptions: Improve 1-2 Product or Service Descriptions
    • Update Content: Add one piece of content or news
    • Be the Expert : Add one piece of content or news
    • Utilize Social Media: Improve your LinkedIn profile
    • Create Traffic—Get Linked: Request 2-3 links to site
  • 23. Contact Gate 39 Media Shane Stiles, President [email_address] 312.715.1475 For copies of these slides, email [email_address] Gate 39 Media is the official marketing agency for the National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA) and CTA EXPO .