The Signal- HEY BUDDY! - Look Out Listing Agent!


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Some buyers call us directly to view our listings. They say they want to go directly through the listing agent to see a property and they say they don't want the representation of a buyers' agent.

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The Signal- HEY BUDDY! - Look Out Listing Agent!

  1. 1. The Signal- HEY BUDDY! - Look Out ListingAgent!Some buyers call us directly to view our listings. They saythey want to go directly through the listing agent to see a propertyand they say they dont want the representation of a buyers agent.In Florida it is presumed unless otherwise signed that we aretransaction brokers which means that we can help both a buyerand a seller in the same transaction. We do not have dual agencyhere in Florida.So the other day a buyer calls from the internet to see one of ourlistings. He only wanted to talk to Nestor. He started off with,"Hey I want to see this house and I am going to treat you right.You are going to get to double end your listing because I am goingto go through you to make the offer."That was the first clue. However, we give him the benefit of thedoubt. Nestor shows him the property. That is when the warningsgot quite obvious. Nestor says he always knows there is going to bea problem when someone who does not even know you startssaying, "Hey Buddy.". As soon as that came out of his mouth,Nestor started to close up the house.Then it started, "Well, you know, this house is not worthwhat the seller is asking. In fact, there is a house that sold forless down the street." The house was half the size of this house.The seller had paid $1 Million just for the land. The house cost over$2.1 million to build, custom designed. The house is well worth whatwe have it listed for and the seller is taking a huge loss because ofthe market but there is no reason to give the house away.These buyers want to offer $500,000 on houses listed atclose to 2 million dollars and 1.5 million dollars. We get morethan a couple of these kinds of calls.Turn off the late night TV shows about buying real estate at 20cents on the dollar!
  2. 2. The point is that we wont undercut our sellers even if we doget both sides. It has to be a good meeting of the minds. Thesellers and buyers must be in agreement about the price, terms andcondition. We can work as "No Agency" with a buyer when we havea listing or we can work as a transaction broker.A transaction broker must be fair and honest in his or her dealingswith both parties. In this case, I think the "No Agency" for the buyerwas the best option because we certainly wanted to tell the sellerabout this ridiculous verbal offer that the seller would just laugh at.Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset- Realtors®, CIPS,ABR, SFR, GRI, REOSInternational Properties & Investments, IncCall us today at 561-753-0135 to get yourhouse sold.Authors of Short Sales SuccessWellington Florida Short Sales | Wellington Fl ShortSales | Wellington REO ServicersWellington Short Sale Agents | Video Tutorials AboutWellington Short SalesSearch Wellington Fl Homes For Sale | Wellington EquestrianProperties For Sale |Wellington Luxury Homes | YouTube Listings and ShortSales |Wellington Fl Short Sale Agent