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Azerbaijan reserves

Azerbaijan reserves



Nature of Azerbaijan

Nature of Azerbaijan



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    Azerbaijan reserves Azerbaijan reserves Presentation Transcript

    • Reserves of AzerbaijanState Reserves of AzerbaijanState reserves - areas with the status of research anddevelopment departments, created to preserve in itsoriginal form characteristic and rare naturalcomplexes, the study of natural processes andevents. Prohibited the use of land for economicpurposes of state reserves, as well as being withinitwater, flora and fauna.
    • Geygel State Reserve Geygel State Reserve - the first in Azerbaijan reserve, created in1925. The status of the reserve has repeatedly been eliminated, re- created in the 1965th year. The main reason forthe creation of the reserve - the preservation of natural systemsin the subalpine zone of the northern slopes of the Lesser Caucasus. The bulk of the reserve with a total area of 6739hectares of forested area. The fauna of the reserve consists of representatives from various animals and birds. Among them -a noble Caucasian deer, bear, deer, lynx, birds - black vultures, mountain grouse, beaver and other water basins in the trout. Of the more than 420 species of plants 20 - endemic.
    • Gizilagach State Nature Reserve Gizilagach State Nature Reserve was established in 1929 to the year in the south-west of the Caspian Sea (lake) in the area of ​88 400 hectares to winter, maintaining and increasing the number of migratory, wading birds and wildlife. The reserve is included in the UNESCO list of the Ramsar Convention "On the international importance of wetlands as places of residence of aquatic birds." Most of the birds listed in the "Red Book" of Azerbaijan, is observed in the reserve and border areas. Here you can find 248 species of birds. The reserve is home towolves, jungle cat, badger, fox and other mammals. The waterbasin of the reserve is found 54 species of fish.
    • Zagatala State Nature Reserve Zagatala State Nature Reserve was established in 1929 to the year in the middle of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Zagatala and Balakan regions,an area of ​25.2 hectares. The reserve repeatedly changed, andnow stands at 23,800 hectares. Main purpose of the reserve - the preservation of subalpine plants of natural complexes ofAlpine and nivalskih belts. In the reserve of the ancient speciesare rhododendron, beech, Caucasi an blueberry, velvet maple,Dryopteris, cherry laur el, and other fauna is very rich. It is home to the Dagestan mountain tour, deer, roe deer, wild boar, bear,badger, fox, lynx, jerboa, etc. Expansion of territory Zagatala State Nature Reserve and its transformation into a Biosphere State Nature Reserve - one of the most important tasks for today. In this regard, the Ministry ofEnvironment and Natural Resources filed a petition to the Cabinet of Ministers.
    • Turyanchaysky State Nature Reserve Turyanchaysky State Nature Reserve was created in 1958 to the year on the area of ​ 12.63 hectares to the conservation and restoration of arid landscapes of forests Bozdag and limitationsof the mountain slopes, erosion sources. The reserve in Januaryof 2003 was increased to 22, 5 hectares. In the reserve there are3 types of juniper (weeping, red, prolific),
    • Pirgulinsky State Nature Reserve Pirgulinsky State Nature Reserve was created in 1968 by an area of ​ 1521 hectares for conservation of mountain- forestlandscape, particularly vegetation of various kinds, fertile soil, an increase in forest areas, to prevent pollination of airdetrimental effect onthe astroclimate. The reserves floraincludes more than 60 species. The mammals inhabit gray bear, wolf, wild cat, lynx, wild boar, roe deer, and others
    • Shirvan State Natural Reserve Shirvan State Natural Reserve was established in 1969 to the year on a site area ​ of 17,445 Reserve of Bandovan hectares to maintain and increase the population of gazelles, waterfowl. In 1982, the territory of the reserve expanded and increased to25,800 hectares. 3.5 hectare area of the water basin. The ornithological fauna of the reserve is very rich. In the winterwetlands and rare and valuable nesting migratory birds. In 2003, the bulk of the reserve transferred to theShirvan National Park, at the present time, thetotal area of ​the reserve is 6232hectares. After you create on the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on July 5, 2003rd, ​the Shirvan National Park area of Shirvan State Natural Reserve was 6232hectares.
    • Garayazinsky State Nature Reserve Garayazinsky State Nature Reserve was created in 1978 to the year of 4855 hectares of the area in order to preserve and restore riparian forest, stretching along the coast of Kura. The main object is a protected rare and endangered tugaiecological system, which is located along the middle Kura. Inriparian forests of the main species are most commonbelolistvennye poplar, oak, alder and black locust. Of thecloven-hoofed animals can be found wild boar, deer, of birds - a pigeon, a pheasant. July 2, 2003- year area Garayazinskogo Nature Reserveexpanded to 4803 hectares and 9568 hectares brought up.
    • Basitchaysky State Nature Reserve Basitchaysky State Nature Reserve was created in 1974 to the year on the area of ​107 hectares for conservation of rare Orientalplane tree. Oriental plane tree covers 93, 5% of the reserve. The average age of the plane tree is 170 years old. However, there are plane trees- giants, whom years 1200-1500, the height of 50 metersand a diameter of up to 4 meters.
    • Ismayilli State Nature Reserve Ismayilli State Nature Reserve was created in ​ 1981 to the yearin the area of 5778 hectares in order to preserve natural systems on the southern slope of Great Caucasus. In July of 2003, the territory of the reserve expanded to 10.96 hectaresand the total area increased to 16.7 thousand hectares. The reserve forest- forming tree species are beech, hornbeam and oak, some maple, linden, etc. Of these, relating to the thirdperiod of the chestnut oak and yew, are included in the "Red Book" of Azerbaijan. At the reserve inhabited by some 170vertebrates. Here you can find 104 species of birds belonging to 13 orders. The mammals inhabit gray bear, wild cat, lynx, Caucasian red deer, roe deer, Dagestan goat, etc.
    • Gara State Nature Reserve Gara State Nature Reserve was created in 1987 by an area of ​240 ha in order to preserve the ecological system of the raremountain lakes of glacial origin and nature of the complexaround the water basin. The lake is fed primarily by snow, rain and some springs. The reserves flora is represented by 278families of plants, 68 species and over 100 species. In the1967th year, the lake trout allowed.
    • Ilisu State Reserve Ilisu State Reserve was created in ​ 1987 by an area of 9.3hectares for the protection of the natural complex of the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, preserve and enhance rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, restoration of the oldtypes of forests, preventing soil erosion and landslides . The reserve is about 500 plant species, of which about 60 - endemic.It is home to deer, roe deer, mountain tour, wild boar, squirreland other animals.
    • Shahbuz State Nature Reserve Shahbuz State Nature Reserve was created by order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan June 16, 2003 the yearin the administrative area of ​ 3139 hectares Shahbuz district of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. At Batabatskoyterritory mainly developed mining landscap e of the field. The basis of the flora of this area are medicinal plants, oak trees, the fauna is represented by such birds as the partridge,nightingale shirokohv osty, and mammals such as brown bear, badger, lynx, etc.
    • State natural reserve "Eldar pine- tree State natural reserve "Eldar pine-tree" was created December 16, 2004- th, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to theadministrative area of ​ 1686 hectares Samukh region. Mainpurpose of the reserve - save Eldar pine, which is a rare andendemic species, and juni pers.
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