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Healthcare markets update

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Healthcare markets update

  1. 1. Healthcare Markets* Update March 2011 through March 2012 (*Drug Delivery, Medical Device Fabrication, Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Processing, Wound Care)Key TakeawaysGrowing Global Demand for Silicone in Medical Products  According to Freedonia, the medical products segment "is one of the fastest-growing outlets for silicones, and strong gains in demand are forecast in nearly all parts of the world…"  Freedonia projects global demand for silicone in medical products will reach US$845 million by 2015, up from $571 million in 2010 (forecast 8.15% CAGR 2010-2015).New Healthcare Silicone Technologies  Bluestar Silicones launched LSR Select, a new concept for controlling cure kinetics for LSR molding that helps molders improve cycle times and gain capacity.  Momentive is now customizing its StatSil silver-based antimicrobial silicone elastomer technology for "a growing number of healthcare applications" to "meet specific performance and processing requirements." o Momentive is also collaborating with Specialty Silicone Fabricators (SSF) to develop combination medical devices utilizing Momentives UV silicone elastomer cure technology and SSF’s "expertise in silicone extrusion and medical device assembly."  Wacker developed a new method, based on "a vacuum post-curing principle," for thermal post-curing of silicone elastomers for applications including medical. The method is said to provide energy and cost savings.New & Expanded R&D and Manufacturing Facilities  BASF opened a white biotech and microbiology research center in New York to develop "new antimicrobial products for medical technology, hygiene and health care."  Lubrizol opened a regional Applications and Business Center in India. The site includes a "world-class pharmaceutical application development center."  Momentive announced plans to open a new regional HQ and Global R&D Centre in India. The site will focus on technologies and products for industries including healthcare.  Saint-Gobain added clean room manufacturing capacity and a new product development center to its Beaverton, Michigan site. The company also added a clean room and "state-of-the-art" silicone equipment at its Portage, Wisconsin site.  Wacker added a clean room to its Burghausen, Germany site, along with production lines for its Silpuran and Elastosil medical silicone elastomers and UV-activated silicones for medical and other industries.Selected New Healthcare Products  AIM Note: Overall areas of continued focus (based on new product launches, promotions and conference exhibitions/presentations) include: antimicrobial silicones and additives; low/reduced coefficient of friction silicone; liquid silicone rubber (LSR); and UV-cure silicones.  3M Skin and Wound Care: 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape, said to be removable "with minimal disruption of fragile skin layers or pulling of hair, without compromising securement"  Bluestar Silicones: Silbione RT low-density silicone foams that are customizable. Bluestar said it is developing "two new LSR products for the healthcare market," including a self-lubricating LSR.  Lubrizol: Tecothane Soft, a low-density TPU useful "in areas where silicones are traditionally required"  NuSil: 10 new silicone products with medical applications, including MED-6731 fluorosilicone grease; MED- 9050 and GEL-9930-30 silicone gels; PCM-7914 silicone elastomer blend; VersaSil3 40, 60 & 80 HCRs; MED-6219, an optically clear silicone elastomer; and MED-6671, a low coefficient of friction silicone coating  Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics: PureFit SPT-60 L platinum-cured silicone tubing; C-Flex ULTRA TPE tubing; and Sani-Tech Ultra-HP high-purity hose with platinum-cured silicone  Shin-Etsu: Sil-X-Shin, a line of silicone HCRs with a universal catalyst that can cure any of the six bases  Wacker: Silpuran 4200, a single-component biocompatible silicone rubber adhesive and Silpuran 6610/40, a two-component LSR with a "non-healing effect"Selected Healthcare Conferences  In addition to Dow Corning, key competitors in the healthcare industry continued to be active at medical conferences, including Bluestar, Evonik, Momentive, NuSil, Saint-Gobain, Shin-Etsu and Wacker.  NuSil, Momentive and Saint-Gobain have been particularly active in delivering conference presentations. April 2, 2012 Page 1 of 9
  2. 2. GLOBAL MARKET FOR SILICONE IN HEALTH CAREAccording to market research firm Freedonia, the medical products segment “is one of the fastest-growing outlets for silicones, and strong gains in demand are forecast in nearly all parts of theworld…”  Freedonia projects a global 8.15% CAGR 2010-2015 for silicone in medical products.  Medical products “have been a strong growth area for silicones in recent years due to healthy increases in demand for medical equipment (even during the late-2000s recession) and new product development which has increased the use of silicones in the medical field…”  Silicone elastomeric components are “used in the fabrication of products such as respirators, breast pumps, catheters, orthopedic insoles and tubing… Silicones are also widely used as adhesives in the production of medical tape and patches… Silicones are also used as dental tray adhesives… Silicone gels and elastomers are utilized in the manufacture of a variety of implants…” Projected Global Demand for Silicone in Health Care Markets* Through 2020 (in $US) Segment 2010 2015 2020 CAGR 2010-2015 Personal Care Products $1.25 billion $1.56 billion $1.94 billion 4.53% Medical Products & Other $571 million $845 million $1.23 billion 8.15% Total Health Care Silicone $1.82 million $2.41 billion $3.17 billion 5.72% Demand*Freedonia divides health care markets into two segments: personal care products and medical products/other.Source: The Freedonia Group, “World Silicones to 2015,” 7/2011SELECTED COMPANY ACTIVITYHealthcare Product DevelopmentNew Technologies & Capabilities  Bluestar Silicones launched a new concept for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, called LSR Select, which involves a new technology that "breaks down the LSRs formulation to give molders control over the cure kinetics," resulting in LSR molding products that are the same as conventional LSR products, but offer "30%-100% improvements in cycle time," allowing gains in capacity without adding any machines. o LSR Select technology is said to control "reactivity by tweaking inhibitor levels in LSR." The product "contains the minimum amount of inhibitor in the base, and the platinum catalyst is metered immediately before molding…" o Bluestar developed LSR Select while "working with Graco on the metering equipment." Graco Inc. describes itself as "a world leader in fluid handling systems and components."  In October 2011, Momentive reported that its StatSil silver-based antimicrobial silicone elastomer technology "is being customized for a growing number of applications in the healthcare industry, as customers seek built-in antimicrobial protection for various products." Momentive said StatSil technology “does not typically influence processability, and the elastomers have been custom formulated to meet specific performance and processing requirements of various devices and components." o Using StatSil technology, manufacture of silicone applications is possible in a hardness range between 20-80 Shore A. added, "The high consistency rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) custom compounds are based on direct incorporations of a silver-based antimicrobial additive into the base silicone elastomer." April 2, 2012 Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. o Burkhard Ledig, Momentive marketing manager for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, stated, "…These new products are part of our continuing effort to support the growing global demand in healthcare applications based on silicone elastomers, room temperature vulcanizates and gels."  Wacker developed a new method for thermal post-curing of silicone elastomers, based on "a vacuum post-curing principle." The newly developed method "utilizes a highly efficient exhaust air recycling system that greatly reduces waste," resulting in a more energy- and cost- saving post-curing process that is "also highly safe and virtually emission free." o Wacker notes that the new method is "in compliance with legal requirements for silicone materials intended for food and medical purposes." o The method was also developed in cooperation with Eberl Trocknungsanlagen GmbH, a drying systems manufacturer.New Collaborations  In December 2011, Lubrizol announced it had formed a "strategic innovation partnership" with Akron, Ohio-based Austen BioInnovation Institute (ABIA), a group of agencies and healthcare systems focused on "patient-centered innovation and commercialization at the intersection of biomaterials and medicine." Lubrizol and ABIA aim to "share expertise while discovering, developing and commercializing novel and emerging technologies," via a combination of "polymer science and clinical orthopedic and wound care expertise…"  Momentive and U.S.-based Specialty Silicone Fabricators (SSF) are collaborating "to develop combination products for medical device manufacturers," focusing on "the fast-growing market of combination devices with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)…" o The partnership will use Momentives ultraviolet (UV) silicone elastomer cure technology (such as its Addisil UV 60 EX elastomer, launched in early 2011) along with SSFs "expertise in silicone extrusion and medical device assembly." o Momentive said it had "…conducted successful trials with SSF to optimize the UV curing extrusion process, and the results have confirmed our high expectations." o In March 2011, reported on the two companies preliminary work on the use of UV-curable Addisil in medical applications. At that time, SSF said it "had a couple of good runs with molding Addisil on a 100-ton injection press as well as extrusion equipment..."New R&D Facilities  In February 2012, BASF opened a "white biotechnology and microbiology research center" in Tarrytown, New York focused on biotech production processes for the development of "new antimicrobial products for medical technology, hygiene and health care." o Among the labs focus areas will be developing "more efficient and resource-conserving production processes," gaining an understanding of the development of bacterial biofilms to aid in the prevention of infections acquired in hospital settings.  Lubrizol opened a new regional Applications and Business Center in Mumbai, India, as part of its "geographic expansion plan in South Asia." The new center includes a "world-class pharmaceutical application development center."  Momentive announced plans to open a new regional headquarters and Global R&D Centre in Bangalore, India, where the company will "work on new technology platforms and product development" in diverse industries, including healthcare.Additional Company ActivityNew & Expanded Healthcare Silicones Manufacturing  Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Healthcare Group expanded two North American facilities (in Beaverton, Michigan and Portage, Wisconsin), adding clean room manufacturing space “to support customer needs in the Pharmaceutical and Medical markets." o The Beaverton facility is said to be a "globally recognized manufacturer of silicone molded and extruded products with a primary focus on single-use assemblies used in pharmaceutical manufacturing." The expansion of this facility included "a significant April 2, 2012 Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. increase in ISO Class 7 clean room manufacturing capacity" and "a new product development center and expanded tool building capabilities." o Saint-Gobain added to Portages existing "sizeable clean room footprint" a 4,000-square- foot ISO Class 8 clean room, and the facility will also include "state-of-the art silicone molding equipment that accommodates medical customers seeking increasingly smaller and more complex silicone components."  Wacker announced in July 2011 that it had started operating "several silicone-polymer production lines" at its Burghausen, Germany site, including lines for its Silpuran and Elastosil silicone elastomers for medical applications, as well as UV-activated silicones for use in medical and other industries. o Wacker stated, "As these products must meet particularly high quality and purity requirements, a new cleanroom facility was added to the site."Selected Publications & Product Promotion  Momentive: o Updated brochure for its "expanded elastomer portfolio," which includes products for the healthcare industry. o New brochure on its UV cure technology that covers the benefits of its Silopren UV Cure silicone rubber; benefits of Silopren UV Cure LSR, and molding with the material; an overview of Addisil UV Cure solid silicone rubber for extrusion; and UV Cure HCR for extrusion. See  NuSil:* o "Moisture Permeability of Silicone Systems: Guidelines for Choosing a Silicone based on Water Vapor Transmission Rates for Barrier Applications" (case study, 3/2011) o "Thermally Conductive Silicones for Healthcare Applications" (tear sheet, 4/2011) o "Aging Study of Silicone Materials in Simulated Gastric Fluid" (case study, 8/2011) o "Self-Lubricating Silicone Rubber" (tear sheet, 9/2011) o "Adhesion and Silicone Adhesives" (application note, 2/2012) o "Choosing a Silicone Primer / Adhesive System" (application note, 2/2012) o "Optically Clear Materials for Healthcare Applications" (tear sheet, 2/2012)  Saint-Gobain:* o "Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding" (white paper, 5/2011) o "Silicone Micromolding" (webinar, 5/2011) o "The Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubber" (webinar, 5/2011)  Shin-Etsu Silicones of America: "Two-Shot Liquid Silicone and PC [Polycarbonate] – A Union of Medical Materials" (Medical Design Technology, 11/2011) o Case study on Shin-Etsus KE-2090 series of Select-Hesive LIMS (liquid injection molding system)  Wacker: o Wacker’s online magazine highlighted Silpuran 6600, its liquid silicone rubber with a low surface friction coefficient, launched in 2008. The magazine discussed the properties of silicones "that make them especially suitable for use in medical devices." Wacker claims that these "new low-friction elastomers are opening the way to more widespread use of silicone elastomers in the field of medicine." o Wackers Q2 2011 Roadshow Presentation featured Silpuran 6600 elastomers for intravenous (IV) drips (September 2011).*published on the companys website April 2, 2012 Page 4 of 9
  5. 5. Selected Product Launches Company & Description & Properties ApplicationsProduct Name3M SKIN AND WOUND CARE3M Kind  A new repositionable tape that "satisfies a long-unmet need for Medical tapes;Removal clinicians seeking reliable adhesion and gentle, atraumatic removal, wound careSilicone Tape minimizing the likelihood of tape-related skin injury"  The tapes silicone adhesive differs from acrylate adhesives as it allows it "to be removed with minimal disruption of fragile skin layers or pulling of hair, without compromising securement"BLUESTAR SILICONESSILBIONE RT  Silicone foam range described as "liquid materials enabling the UnspecifiedSilicone production of silicone foams, with low density (from 0.18 to 0.25) and "healthcareFoams open calls…delivered in a two components package of low viscosity applications" fluids"  Upon mixing of the liquids, "silicone elastomers cross link, from a polyaddition reaction (no by-products)…[and] hydrogen gas is released to promote cells formation"  The foams are customizable for specific requirements by "manag[ing] the competition between curing and foaming kinetics, a key parameter to control density and open vs closed cells…"  AIM Note: Bluestar has also stated its intent to launch two new LSRs under the Silbione name, "a 1-durometer LSR and a 60-durometer self-lubricating LSR," but no launch date has been provided.LUBRIZOLTecothane  Low density hydrophobic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) UnspecifiedSoft  Can be "utilized in areas where silicones are traditionally required… "medical and [and] may be extruded or injected molded utilizing traditional healthcare processing equipment" applications"  Eliminates the need for plasticizers to produce softer grades  Exhibits "relatively low tack with use of significantly reduced amounts of lubricant"NUSILMED-6731  "Low-flow, high-consistency fluorosilicone grease" comprised of Gaskets, valves, a dimethyl methyltrifluoropropylsiloxane polymer seals, O-rings  Designed for healthcare applications that "require a solvent-resistant grease and may be used as a high-vacuum grease around glass, ceramic and ground glass joints"MED-9050  High-viscosity, crosslinked silicone gel blend dispersed in Scar management; cyclopentasiloxane for use as a "formulary ingredient for topical external devices; applications" short-term implantsGEL-9930-30  "Sheared dimethyl gel, dispersed in cyclopentasiloxane" that is Short-term drug "very high in viscosity, but formulated at a low percent solids" delivery devicesPCM-7914  "Formulary ingredient" described as a higher-viscosity silicone Scar management; elastomer blend; cyclopentasiloxane dimethicone crosspolymer with transdermal delivery a 12%-13% solids content  Easily suspends active ingredients and can be used for delivery of "vitamins, naturals and cosmeceuticals ingredients"VersaSil3 40,  Three high-consistency silicone rubbers described as a "unique Extrusion,60, and 80 three-part system…[that] allows flexibility to adjust the cure rate and transfer/compressio the table life to various fabricating requirement" n molding and  Designed for "volume-users who demand maximum flexibility" calendaring April 2, 2012 Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. MED-6219  An optically clear, high-durometer elastomer "Potting and  Suitable for a wide variety of healthcare applications, due to "rheology, encapsulating optical clarity and adjustable cure schedule" electronic devices or  Cures at a wide range of temperatures; has a low viscosity; and is a for making molded "naturally flowable and self-leveling material" parts"  Said to be "particularly suitable for temperature-sensitive substrates or for use in environments with fluctuating temperatures"MED-6671  Low coefficient of friction, room temperature curable silicone Coating on cured coating, specifically described as a "one-part silicone silicone substrates; coating…dispersed in tert-butyl acetate" precision molded  Increases abrasion resistance for moving, sliding, and rubbing parts parts, molded rubber  Easy to clean non-blocking topcoat for silicone surfaces stoppers or O-ringsSAINT-GOBAIN PERFORMANCE PLASTICSPureFit SPT-  Pharmaceutical-grade, platinum-cured silicone tubing "developed Biopharmaceutical60 L for accurate dosing in peristaltic pumps used for transfer of high-purity applications liquids and sensitive biologicals"  The tubings inner surface "inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth and simplifies sterilization and sanitation," while the outer surface is non-tacky and "dramatically increases peristaltic pump life…"C-Flex ULTRA  Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing that was "designed Biopharmaceutical specifically to perform in demanding biopharmaceutical applications applications such as pumping, single-use assemblies, process filling and sampling"  The TPE formula used in the tubing is said to be "significantly less permeable than silicone…"Sani-Tech  High-purity hose that "combines a tough outer jacket and hose BiopharmaceuticalUltra-HP comprising multiple layers of Sani-Tech Ultra platinum-cured silicone applications and 316L stainless steel helical wire reinforcement with a PharmaFluor FEP liner"SHIN-ETSUSil-X-Shin  A line of high consistency silicone rubber (HCR) that allows "one Medical devices and universal catalyst to be used with each of the six bases [SV-43010, tubing SV-44010, SV-45010, SV-46010, SV-47010, SV-48010], providing ultimate flexibility, so that the single catalyst can cure any of the six bases with less than 10% composition"  The bases are "catalyzed with CAT-40000 catalyst compound"  The platinum, addition-cure elastomers are designed for "extruded tubing and profiles"WACKERSilpuran 4200  Single-component biocompatible silicone rubber adhesive Medical devices, "formulated with a new catalyst that does not use organotin including prosthetic compounds," making it "particularly safe to use from a health and orthotic devices standpoint"  Forms a silicone elastomer "with outstanding mechanical strength" upon vulcanization  Can permanently bond components of medical devices, including silicone parts or textile surfaces to silicone, "without the need for advance priming"Silpuran  Two-component liquid silicone rubber designed with a "non- Radiation-sterilizable6610/40 healing effect" to resolve a common issue in silicone valves, in which valves used in slits in the valves "close up (heal) when radiation-sterilized" medical equipment  Eliminates the need for a release agent, allowing silicone valves to be produced "much more quickly, cleanly and inexpensively than before," while ensuring dosing accuracy April 2, 2012 Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. Selected Patent Applications With Silicone Company Number TitleAlcare US20110160686A1 Wound dressing and method for producing itBayer Materialscience WO2011098444A1 Active substance-releasing wound dressingBluestar Silicones WO2011092404A1 Article adhesive to the skinConvatec Technologies WO2012003028A1 Silicone gel adhesives with organic polyhydroxy compoundsCovalon Technologies WO2011156910A2 Antimicrobial silicone-based wound dressingsDow Corning EP2385819A2 Silicone paste compositionsDow Corning WO2011049896A2 Silicone compositions comprising a swollen silicone gelDow Corning WO2011049919A1 Hydrophilically-modified silicone compositionsDow Corning WO2011103291A1 Siloxane surface-modified hydrogel and hydrogel microparticle compositionsDow Corning WO2012027144A1 Emulsions containing saccharide siloxane copolymer WO2012027145A1 emulsifiers and methods for their preparation and useDow Corning WO2012027143A1 Saccharide siloxane copolymers and methods for their preparation and useDow Corning Toray WO2011078395A2 Thickener or gellant for oil materials, gel composition comprising same, and method of producing cosmetic material or topical agentFoamix US20110212033A1 Oil and liquid silicone foamable carriers and formulationsGeneral Electric US20110112406A1 Silicone rubber compositions comprising bismuth oxideCompany and articles made therefromLipidor WO2011056116A1 Composition for promoting wound healingLubrizol WO2011068820A1 Hydrolytically stable multi-purpose polymersMentor Worldwide EP2323589A1 Coating with antimicrobial agentsMomentive US20110085988A1 Swollen silicone composition, process of producing samePerformance Materials and products thereofSaint-Gobain US20110152786A1 Medical devices including a non-polar silicone matrixPerformance Plastics radiation resistant componentSaint-Gobain WO2012033626A2 UV resistant clear laminatesPerformance PlasticsShin-Etsu Chemical US20120016081A1 Curable perfluoropolyether gel composition and gel product produced by using cured perfluoropolyether gel compositionSystagenix Wound WO2012028842A1 Double- sided adhesive silicone gel -coated woundManagement dressingTerumo Kabushiki WO2011122574A1 Medical device with slideable coating, and syringeTerumo Kabushiki WO2012035844A1 Silicone rubber compositionThe Polymer US20110086077A1 Silicone hydrogels for tissue adhesives and tissueTechnology Group dressing applicationsWEBTEC Converting US20120071807A1 Silver-silicone antimicrobial dressingSelected Conference Presentations & Exhibitors  Medical Silicone Conference Minneapolis (March 2011) o NuSil: Customized silicone for long term implants: The versatility of silicone elastomer systems and benefits of incorporating fillers o Saint-Gobain: Effect of sterilization on the mechanical properties of silicone rubbers o Exhibitors: Bluestar Silicones, Shin-Etsu, Wacker  MEDTEC Europe (March 2011) o Exhibitors: Dow Corning, Evonik, NuSil  Silicone Elastomers 2011 (March 2011) April 2, 2012 Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. o Dow Corning: Silicone soft skin adhesive technology o Momentive: Novel silicone rubber curing technology with UV light CPhI Japan (April 2011) o Exhibitors: NuSil, Shin-Etsu European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Conference (May 2011) o Exhibitors: 3M Health Care, Coloplast, Mölnlycke Health Care, and Smith & Nephew MD&M East 2011 (June 2011) o NuSil: Customized silicone for long term implants o Saint-Gobain: Micromolding, materials, manufacturing, and applications in the medical device market o Exhibitors: BASF, Bluestar Silicones, Evonik, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson, Lubrizol, Momentive, NuSil, Saint-Gobain, Shin-Etsu, Wacker MEDTEC China (September 2011) o Bluestar Silicones: Innovative silicones for healthcare o Specialty Silicone Fabricators: Designing combination products with silicone o Dow Corning: Risk management from a raw material supplier perspective o Avery Dennison: Skin & adhesion: Optimizing the interface between the temporary adherent medical device and the patient o Saint-Gobain: Non-DEHP materials: A technical review of non-DEHP and non-phthalate materials for medical applications o Exhibitors: Bluestar Silicones, Dow Corning, Evonik, Saint-Gobain, Wacker AMIs Medical Grade Polymers Conference (September 2011) o Johnson & Johnson (Cordis): An overview of polymers used in drug eluting stents o Saint-Gobain: Non-DEHP materials: A technical review of non-DEHP & non-phthalate materials for medical applications o Exhibitors: Bluestar Silicones CPhI Worldwide (October 2011) o Exhibitors: BASF, Clariant, Dow Corning, Evonik, Henkel, NuSil, Shin-Etsu, Wacker American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting (November 2011) o Exhibitors: NuSil, Shin-Etsu Compamed (November 2011) o BASF: Anti-infective surfaces in medical devices (AIM Note: BASF also stated in a press release that it would be exhibiting its Hygentic antimicrobial additives for medical devices) o Exhibitors: BASF, Bluestar Silicones, NuSil, Saint-Gobain, Wacker Medical Silicone Conference Boston (November 2011) o Bluestar Silicones: Silicone material to control bacterial growth: Approaches, regulations, roadblocks o Momentive: UV cured silicone elastomers: A new approach to silicone rubber fabrication o Saint-Gobain: Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) micromolding for medical markets o Exhibitors: Bluestar Silicones, Shin-Etsu, Wacker MD&M West 2012 (February 2012) o Momentive: Fabrication of silicone-based combination products (presented with Specialty Silicone Fabricators) o 3M Medical Specialties: 3M silicone adhesive: An answer to gentle skin adhesion o NuSil: Modification of silicone chemistry and its influence on release rates of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) o BASF: The production and use of supported nano-silver particles in polymer systems o Henkel: In-line degree of cure measurement of light cure adhesives o Saint-Gobain: Micromolding: Materials, manufacturing and applications in the medical device market o Lubrizol: Medical grade polyurethanes from wound care to permanent implants o Exhibitors: BASF, Bluestar Silicones, Dow Corning, Evonik, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson, Lubrizol, Momentive, NuSil, Saint-Gobain, Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Wacker April 2, 2012 Page 8 of 9
  9. 9.  Polymers & Plastics in Medical Applications Conference (February 2012) o Evonik: Advanced medical acrylics: Acrylic-based multipolymer medical grade with antimicrobial effect o Johnson & Johnson (Cordis): Polymeric materials in medical devices: Challenges & opportunities o Participants: Evonik Cyro, Johnson & Johnson, Lubrizol  MEDTEC Europe (March 2012) o Exhibitors: Clariant, Evonik, NuSil, Saint-Gobain, Wacker  Silicone Elastomers 2012 (March 2012) o Dow Corning: LSR: Closing the gap in the medical grade offering o Momentive: Antimicrobial silicones as a toolbox against hospital acquired infectionsSelected Upcoming Conference  International Silicone Conference (May 1-2, Akron, OH) o Momentive will present on "Polymer-Filler interaction in silicone elastomers for medical devices." o An analyst with Freedonia Group, Kent Furst, will present on "The US silicones market: Overview and forecasts." In his abstract, Furst states: "Medical products will remain a fast-growing market for silicones…" o Exhibitors will include: Bluestar Silicones, Shin-Etsu, and Wacker.(Sources: Freedonia Group 7/2011; company websites; major healthcare industry websites and publications; andconference websites;, 3/2011;, 11/2011) April 2, 2012 Page 9 of 9