4 Killer Uses of Facebook Pages


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Ammo Marketing offers a close look at Facebook 'Pages', the main way for brands to represent themselves online. Facebook significantly changed the way pages work; here is your quick guide to getting the most out of the service.

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4 Killer Uses of Facebook Pages

  1. 1. Four Killer Uses of Facebook Pages A straightforward guide from the Original Influencer Marketing Agency March, 2009 www.ammomarketing.com
  2. 2. Intro In early March, the social network site Facebook made some significant changes to the way that Pages are set up. In essence, Facebook now allows brands to operate on the site in much the same way that people do. It’s truly a remarkable shift, and one that gives brands an amazing new set of abilities. In this brief, you’ll get a quick understanding of how Pages now work and learn 4 ways to leverage the new features to building stronger bonds with your customers, spark advocacy and drive new business. Background: What is a Page? Social network sites are built around people connecting to one another and sharing information. Naturally, brands want to be a part of this space, especially considering the amount of time people spend on these sites (Compete.com estimates that the average visitor to Facebook spends nearly 17 minutes on the site—about 4 times as long as visitors spend on the content site Slate.com [source]). Pages is essentially the Facebook presence for a brand. Pages are extremely simple to set up and there is no charge. Once a brand sets up their page, they can begin to attract fans and post updates. But that was about where it ended. Until now. What’s New Pages have had a remarkable transformation. While functionally, not a lot is different, conceptually, things have changed a lot. The new implementation of pages allows a brand to exist on Facebook in much the same way that a person does. The feeling of having your company on Facebook is now more like having a direct relationship with your consumers and advocates, than having a list of people that you can send messages to. The big deal here is that if you appear as a human, you need to be ready to start acting like a human. It will take a little while for you to figure out how to best use the new features of Facebook. But Ammo Marketing has been focused on creating close relationships between brands and consumers and we think there are 4 killer things you can do right away with the new Pages features.
  3. 3. #1: FEATURE: Status Updates Possibly the most exciting new feature to Pages is the introduction of Status Updates. These are the short, text-only messages that regular users employ to do everything from point to interesting stuff on the Web to tell their network that they are going out for a sandwich. The Status new twist for Pages is that brands get the same functionality.You can post something on your Page’s status update that then shows up in your fan’s News Feed when they log onto Facebook via the Web or a mobile device. KILLER USE: Show Fans You’re Alive Updates A consistent flow of relevant information about what is happening either with your brand or in your category will keep your company top of mind and show that you are not only engaged, but also invite feedback and interaction. But try not to fall into the trap of shuffling out lots of pointless information. Everything that you post up should either inform or engage. Updates should be designed to bring some new value to your audience. The best way to do this is to simply be honest and authentic to your core brand. If people have connected to you because they like the way you design products, talk to them about product design. If they like the way you take care of customers, take care of them. Most importantly, though, is to keep close track of what you post up. This is going to be important when we get to Killer Use #4, but for now…don’t treat each of these updates as a throw away. It may seem like a lot of work, but you will want to know what you posted and when.
  4. 4. #2: FEATURE: Customized, Extensible Tabs The main navigation element on Pages are tabs, which shift you from one set of content to another.You can organize your page pretty deeply, but putting different content under specifically-named tabs (photos under the “Photos” tab). More interestingly, you can create Tabs new tabs with all sorts of functionality, thanks to the fact that you can add applications into new tabs. KILLER USE: Create a landing page experience What is the most interesting part of your Facebook presence? Which element drives the most results or gets your audience the most excited? Make that the landing page.You can have any tab show up as the default when someone visits your page. If you want to highlight the notes you write or the events you host, you can have that be the first thing that someone sees when they hit your Page. Increasingly, you are becoming capable of using Facebook as a complete Web presence. Naturally, you are not going to give up your Web site, but you can start to craft a presence on Facebook that gives your visitors lots of information they need, and can point their friends to. Make sure that you have as much as your fans may want.
  5. 5. #3: FEATURE: Discussion Boards Discussions have been a part of the Internet forever. In fact, there were discussions online before there was really anything else. Facebook has enabled brands to put discussions directly onto your Page, under its own tab. Boards KILLER USE: Launch Insider Forums Because the people who are engaging in discussions on your Facebook page are fans, you can have very special conversations. That is, everyone in the forum has opted in and stated to their networks that they are fans of your brand. So, don’t just have general chats. Show off the yet-to-be released ads and ask for feedback. Let the chief engineer start a thread (and actually listen to the feedback).
  6. 6. #4: FEATURE: Better Analytics Facebook has enhanced the analytics pages behind your Page.You will now be able to very closely monitor precisely how much traffic and interaction you are getting from the different elements that you put into your News Feed and onto your page. Stats KILLER USE: Advertise and Optimize This actually may be the killer-est of the killer uses. Now that you can have your brand post a status update, and have that update appear on your fans News Feed, you should think of every post as an invitation to interact. Essentially, these are ads targeted directly at the people who have opted to hear from you.You need to not only be consistent about putting new content up, but be very precise about measuring the kinds of things that generate the most traffic and engagement for you. Keep track of what you post up in a separate database or spreadsheet, noting whether it is news or announcements of deals or anything. Track your results against that list and do more of what works (and less of what doesn’t).
  7. 7. OK, go Pages are free and simple to set up on Facebook and offer you an amazing opportunity to engage with your consumers in a very rich environment. If you aren’t ready to bring your brand into this space, pick a club or team that you are a part of and begin experimenting with the features. Going Deeper At some point, you may begin to realize that operating more closely with your best consumers is generating some very valuable relationships. Ammo Marketing has been growing these relationships with influential consumers for over a decade. We invite you to reach out to us directly to talk about how to build these relationships into true drivers of your business. Feel free to find us on Facebook or visit our site at www.ammomarketing.com.