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Hip Chime Restaurant

  1. 1. The Next Communication Channel: Mobile Marketing and Beyond Title slideThe Rise of the Mobile Connected Restaurant
  2. 2. Smartphones◉ 64% of 25-35 year olds own a smartphone The SMS text 1 in 4 mobile subscribers messaging market is over the age of 55 expected to grow from own a smartphone $150 billion in 2009 Source: mannixmarketing.com to $223 billion by the end of 2014 48 Time it takes the average person Source: Portio Research To respond to a Hours text message: 97% of ALL text 90 messages are The average open time opened and read for an email. within 4 minutesSource: CTIA.org SECONDS. of receipt!
  3. 3. Mobile Coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons Source: Borrell Associates The majority of 25-34 year olds now own smartphones (64% and 53% respectively) Source: Nielsen 91% of all US. Citizens have their 95% of smartphone users looked up mobile device within arms reach 24/7 local information, & of those, 61% called & 59% visited Source: Morgan Stanley the business.Source: Google IPSOS
  4. 4. Social vs. Mobile Marketing Wireless Association shows For the first time in history, the semi-annual survey conducted by CTIA-The ®the number of wireless subscriber connections (322.9 million) has surpassed the population (315.5 million) – October 11, 2011 Only 1/3 of Facebook’s 800 million+ user base uses Facebook Mobile Facebook has only 50.6% of the North American population – Mobile users with SMS enabled phones? 92% Source: PRNewswire.com
  5. 5. Mobile Internet growth By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage Source: PRNewswire.com
  6. 6. Clients
  7. 7. Mobile Integration
  8. 8. “Text Call to Action”TEXT MESSAGING 101 KEYWORD SHORTCODE (CHANGES) (STAYS THE SAME) Text GARY to 72727 to Receive FREE Beverage of choice next visit! 7 Insta 7 272 RY When client texts, n t re sp To: : GA They are entered sent to ph onse G MS Into the database! one
  9. 9. Database Marketing Strategies include: Loyalty Marketing: Capturing current customers through aggressive point of sale campaigns.Atlanta Bread: Our CaliforniaAvocado with Dill sauce will Lead Generation: Capturing potential NEW customers byrock your world! Order lunch adding mobile engagements to your print coupons, radio,and pick it up, see our menu television, and other media.and get our app http://bit.lyReply STOP 2end Monetize: Messages are then scheduled out to the growing databases of current and potential customers resulting in increased frequency of transactions, increased awareness, and new customers!! 2-3 Promotions per Month 2-3 Promotions per Month
  10. 10. 4%+ Conversion 4%+ Conversion 1,000 1,000 Average Average on each on eachCustomers Customers Transaction Transaction Promotion Promotion Industry averages between 4-7% redemptions on Mobile offers! Quantifiable Return on this direct media! Investment to send 1000 messages to Database? $40 ROI on 40+ Customers walking in, calling, or ordering Lunch or Dinner? average transaction = $14 = ROI $560
  11. 11. The Mobile World 101 3 Components to Database Building To: 72727 1. Point of Sale MSG: GARY We consult to create engagements to interact with your current 9-20 customers per day and get them into the Mobile database. (Create Store Specific Databases) 2. Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option to your current Website Options to capture online traffic into the Mobile database from the web 3. Traditional Media (capture new clients) Add the Mobile Call-to-Action to every Advertisement; print, radio, coupon, event, TV, etc.
  12. 12. Taking Your Broadcast Media/ Event/ Flyer to your Potential Customer’s handset! Get Your Instant Environmentally Friendly Coupon Instantly Deliver: Text COFFEE to 72727 A Mobile Landing Page Your Menu Additional offers. Instantly Deliver: • Video Studies Show a Text- • Your Commercial message stays on the YOUR cell-phone an average Instantly Deliver: • A DemonstrationCOUPON of 12 days. HERE! • Pictures • Coupons This means additional • Links to Website exposures to your • And more audience
  13. 13. Example Point of Sale Display Table Tent/ Talker
  14. 14. Point of Sale Options (Every Customer that walks in the door should be offered the opportunity to “Text” in for some great sounding deal, promotion, or opportunity.) In check presenter(flyers), Table Tents, Buttons on staff, Window displays, are all options to promote; 1. A drink, sandwich, or $5 OFF next visit! Atlanta Bread: FREE drink (These instant coupons for next visit frequently will be a next visit w/ purchase of $10 minimum purchase coupon that expires within a couple or more, Show msg to redeem exp.6/30/11. code 745xlt. weeks) Reply STOP 2end 2. An Instant discount or Free item THIS VISIT! (Some restaurants have great success with their servers Goal: offering an instant free cup of cheese dip, app, or soft- Build a Database of 10-15 People drinks to encourage instant database growth)per day for future Loyalty Marketing 3. A chance to win a great prize! Get 2 or 3 additional transactions (Sweepstakes type offers generally perform more poorly, from them this year! yet can work if promoted correctly)
  15. 15. Capture W Traffic into Database! eb FREE Cookie? Type in Mobile Number Atlanta Bread: Reply with Instant Mobile Coupon your email address to get right to your phone! your instant coupon, watch for more great deals! Reply STOP 2end Donate NOW
  16. 16. Capture LEADS with Mobile Keywords!By adding Mobile keywords to Traditional Broadcast media like Coupons, radio & TV spots, event marketing, print ads, and outdoor displays, you can capture New Customers more easily.Taking Your Broadcast Media/Event/Flyer to your Potential Customer’s handset! Studies Show a Text- message stays on the cell-phone an average of 12 days. FREE Ravioli’s! This means additional exposures to your Just Text MAZZIO to 72727 audience Get Your Instant Coupon Right to Your Phone!Our Menu Right to Your Phone! Just Text CORN to 72727Plus Get an Instant Coupon! More Conversion = 5-10% Increase in Overall Customer base YOUR Instantly Deliver: COUPON • Pictures HERE! Once Customers engage off of Traditional Broadcast they are • Coupons Captured in the Mobile database. • Links to Website • And more Future text-promotions will be delivered right to their handset And right when they are hungry equating to NEW CUSTOMERS!
  17. 17. Timely Coupons, Reminders, and Offers at exactly the right moment! Delivering Promotions = Higher Redemption Rates Putting the Offers Right in the Hand of your Current and Potential Customers! = More Transactions per MonthAtlanta Bread: This week Atlanta Bread: Our summer Atlanta Bread: We have aonly, buy 2 sandwiches or salads are lite and healthy. secret, our breakfast willsalads and get a free cookie. See menu, locations, and perk your office up.Click here http://bit.ly , exp. caloric info here, click Download our app to get $54/21, Reply STOP 2end http://bit.ly Reply STOP off of your $25 purchase ALL 2end DAY! http://bit.ly Reply STOP 2 end AdvaTEXT LLC., 1400A South 7 Hwy, Blue Springs, MO 64014 Tel: +1 (816) 589-3939 | Email: sales@advatext.com
  18. 18. Send Promotions to your Database to do More Than Just Coupon! • Increase Social Network Followers • Capture Email • More Transactions per year • Support CausesAtlanta Bread: Facebook atlanta Panchero’s Gift Cards are at the Fair Atlanta Bread will beExclusive menu item just posted, this weekend taking donations the best gift! Click here and“Like Us” NOW for even more To Complete your entry for a for March of Dimes, come by our be finished shopping.VIP treatment. http://bit.ly chance to Win FREE Atlanta http://xmaspanch.wap and get some booth and donateReply STOP 2quit Bread for a year, reply with your Reply STOP 2quitReply STOP 2end great Food! email address and watch for future great deals! Reply STOP 2end
  19. 19. Apps for FREE HipChime makes it happen!Every Location gets a FREE Mobile Website / App!
  20. 20. Every Location gets a FREE Mobile W ebsite! Short URL directs client directly Short URL directs client directly to the Mobile Website //App to the Mobile Website App Atlanta Bread: FREE sandwich next visit w/ purch of any 2 sandwiches and 2 dirnks, exp. 6/30/11, location or menu click here http://bit.ly Reply STOP Mobile Site / App Can Deliver: 2end Detailed Information • Menus • Specials • Video Content • Coupons • Maps – Directions And more…Mobile Website Serves as a Virtual Brochure of Company Information that can be delivered right to potential clients Phones Instantly!
  21. 21. Add Mobile’s Call-to-Action with every traditional marketing initiative! Adding “Mobile” to traditional ads improves the Effectiveness and allows for Tracking! Radio A Radio B Newspaper Insert A Television SpotKeyword BREAD Keyword BREAD2 Keyword ATOWN Keyword BAGEL Creation of specific keywords for each broadcast media channel allows client to measure how many engagements that media outlet produces compared with others!
  22. 22. The Revenue Scales Promotions Per Locations Opt Ins Per Day Month **Edit rows 2 and 4 to change the graph 1 12 2Redemption Average Transaction Cost Per Text Rate 4% $ 14.00 0.029 Annualized Increase Months 1 3 5 in Volume Opt Ins 360 1080 1800Redemptions 28.8 86.4 144 Investment $ 20.88 $ 62.64 $ 104.40 Profit $ 382.32 $ 1,146.96 $ 1,911.60 $ 16,439.76
  23. 23. One SystemAdvantages Include: • Unlimited Databases• Collaboration on Program (ongoing) • Individual Databases per store• Consistency of Messaging • Increase Social Media Followers• Wholesale Pricing • Email database growth Atlanta Bread Facebook ONLY special!! Like us today for even more VIP treatment! reply STOP 2quit
  24. 24. Contact HipChime www.HipChime.com Gary Mc ClureEVP of Business Development Phone: 503-489-9090 Text: GARY to 28748 Email: gary@hipchime.com