Enabling Multichannel Solutions Throughout the Customer Lifecycle


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Today’s connected consumer have more access to information, more knowledge and are more empowered than ever before. To keep pace, multichannel retailers must strive to offer innovative and consistent experiences across every interaction point of the customer lifecycle. This session will focus on how leading multichannel retailers, such as Barney’s New York, kate spade, House of Fraser, Nordstrom, and Tory Burch are successfully driving multichannel operations and consumer experiences utilizing mobile commerce, social commerce, and in-store commerce such as tablet web commerce, mobile point of sale, and tablet clienteling, to bring the next generation of multichannel retail to the new, connected consumer. These slides were delivered at MITX eCommerce Summit on Jan 27, 2011.

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Enabling Multichannel Solutions Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

  1. 1. Enabling Multichannel SolutionsThroughout the Customer LifecycleGary LombardoJanuary 27, 2012 Copyright 2012 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential
  2. 2. Selected Demandware CustomersCopyright 2012 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 2
  3. 3. The Shopping Experience Has Evolved Apple Store iPad Digital Signage Barnes & Noble Nook Nike Store Inventory Management Tesco Augmented Reality City Sport Tablet Kiosk 3 Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential
  4. 4. Today’s New Consumer Is Connected & EmpoweredMore Than Ever Access Knowledge Power 140 million 75% 72% Number of tweets of people dont believe that of people will share a negativesent via Twitter each companies tell the truth in online brand experience with day advertisements friends & family 45% 81% 750 million of consumers ask friends of companies with strong Facebook users customer experience for advice before excellence execution purchasing outperform competition 49% 58% Use two or more Between 9 & 15 of US consumers prefer The number of people a technologies in to do research onlineshopping processes dissatisfied consumer will tell before first purchase about their experience4 Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential
  5. 5. The New, Connected Consumer Has High Expectations for Multichannel Commerce • Push and pull-based interactions • Access via social communities Multi-Tiered Facebook Commerce Strategy • Relevant and timely promos Facebook Store 2D Codes: Energizing Traditional Media 2D Codes• Returns, exchanges, incremental Aware purchases• Automated and personalized 2D Product, warranty & service: • Price and promotion transparency communications codes • Customer profile and information 2D Codes Loyalty Discover • Product design and configuration• Installation, repair, and warranty services Location-aware SMS alerts Purchase Engage Buy In-Store, Fulfill Online: iPad App • Consumer-facing display for pricing • Extended assortments and endless aisle and promotion visibility • Up-sell Online, Fulfill In- Buy and cross-sell • Offer incremental Pick-Up In-Store: Buy Online, services • Assisted and self service Store Customer Lifecycle • Flexible order delivery Kiosks Web & iPad options Online personalized selling Store Associate Personalized Selling: iPad Clienteling Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 5
  6. 6. Aware: Barney’s New York 2D Codes: Energizing Traditional Media Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential6
  7. 7. Aware: Calvin Klein, Gucci 2D Codes: Standing Out from the Crowd Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential7
  8. 8. Aware: Bare Escentuals, Nine WestMulti-Tiered Facebook Commerce Strategy Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential8
  9. 9. Discover: Tory BurchBuy In-Store, Fulfill Online: iPad Kiosk Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential9
  10. 10. Discover: NordstromBuy Online, Fulfill In-Store: Inventory as a Competitive Advantage “Nordstrom’s same-store sales (sales at stores open more than a year) increased by an average of 8 percent in the 11 months Nordstrom made the inventory change. In the 11 months before the shift, they decreased an average of 11.9 percent.” Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential -New York Times10 -http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/24/business/24shop.html
  11. 11. Engage: kate spadeStore Associate Personalized Selling: iPad Clienteling •Combine eCommerce + POS Data •Create unified view of customer •Target product, promotions & other content for personalized experience Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential11
  12. 12. Engage: Frederick’s of HollywoodOnline Personalized Selling: Customer Segmentation Segment on: •Traffic •Conversions •Products •Profile •Returns •Session Variables Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential
  13. 13. Purchase: House of FraserBuy Online, Pick-Up In-Store: Web & iPad Kiosks Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential13
  14. 14. Purchase: House of FraserBuy In-Store, Deliver at Home: Concept Stores Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential14
  15. 15. Loyalty: Kiehl’sLocation-aware SMS Alerts Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential15
  16. 16. Loyalty: IkeaProduct, Warranty and Service Information: 2D Codes Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential16
  17. 17. Retailers Face Challenges Meeting the Expectationsof the New, Connected Consumer Technology • Multiple platforms & channel silos • Closed systems • Lack of real time & relevant data • Inconsistent data People Process • Organizational structure not aligned • Inconsistent policies and procedures •Cross-channel incentives conflict •Disconnected and undefined workflow •Inconsistent merchandise planning •Limited brand synergies across channels17 Copyright 2010 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential
  18. 18. Thanks! Gary Lombardo Schedule a free consultation: glombardo@demandware.com +1 (888) 553-9216 Phone: 781.425.1438 Blog: blog.demandware.com Twitter: @garylombardo Copyright 2012 Demandware, Inc. - Confidential18