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Today's Mobile Marketplace And It's Impact On Local Businesses


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Informative up-to-date report on the Mobile Marketplace highlighting the importance business owners need to place on mobile shoppers, online presence, and local searches. …

Informative up-to-date report on the Mobile Marketplace highlighting the importance business owners need to place on mobile shoppers, online presence, and local searches.

***More than 50% of All Local Searches are now done on Smartphones, iPads, or other Mobile devices***

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  • 1. TODAY’S MOBILEMARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES What every local business owner needs to know abouttoday’s mobile shopper, the need for a mobile presence and the importance of local search rankings. Revisions By: Mobi Optimized Marketing 020113
  • 2. TODAY’S MOBILE MARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES In Brief: It’s been apparent for some time that the mobile revolution is on. Consumers can use mobile devises to interact with businesses from anywhere anytime. Mobile now accounts for 12% of all global Internet traffic, but what about the traffic to local businesses? The mobilized shopper of today is impacting merchants, retailers and other businesses in ways never seen before. The playing field has definitely shifted in favor of the informed consumer who totallyAccess to online expects to find what they are looking for when they want it.information has to For the local business owner to be competitive they must be mindful of some current consumer indicators:be incredibly user - 94% of Smartphone users have searched for local infofriendly for the - 70% called a business after searchingmobile devices - 66% visited in personof today. - 90 % of these users acted within 24 hours! Access to online information has to be incredibly user friendly for the mobile devices of today. Smartphone users in general favor browsers over apps (48% vs. 26%) with iPhone users being the most likely to use apps (40% vs. 36%). To reach the broadest shopping base really requires both options. App vs. Mobilized Website Choosing a mobile app over a mobile website depends on what the business wants to accomplish. If the goals are primarily related to marketing or public communications, a mobile website is almost always going to make sense as a practical first step in your mobile outreach strategy. This is because a mobile website has a number of inherent advantages over apps, including broader accessibility, compatibility and cost- effectiveness. And for the shopper’s experience it’s a must because it’s so much easier to view and navigate. See example on the next page.
  • 3. GOMOBILE WHITE PAPER TODAY’S MOBILE MARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES Apps have a significant place in the mobile marketing mix as well and are very popular, and there are a number of specific useFor a business to be scenarios where an app will be the best choice. Generally speaking, if a business has a good customer base, an app will help buildcompetitive today brand loyalty because while using the app, the customer is notthey must show well conducting searches. This helps protect market share and allows push notifications, etc., directly to the shopper. This is quitein searches. important because push notifications are read 97% of the time, making it a powerful marketing outreach tool to your customers. Ranking Matters In today’s hyper-connected economy there is no reason for consumers to be lacking information on any purchase decision. In fact 93% of all buying decisions start with an on-line search. For a business to be competitive today they must show well in searches, and of course the higher the ranking the better. According to a study by AOL, rankings have a tremendous impact on click-through traffic. - The first ranking position in the search results receives 42.25% of all click-through traffic - The second position receives 11.94% - Third position on the first page obtains 8.47% Being on top has a distinct advantage especially for retailers as consumers tend to have fixed amounts of budget allocated for specific products or services and once the budget is spent, it’s gone. That’s why, especially during holiday shopping season, retailers recognize that being the first stop, whether online or the first store open on Black Friday, makes a difference.
  • 4. TODAY’S MOBILE MARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES The Mobility Factor: Another key fact that is impacting local merchants and businesses is how mobile the consumer has truly become. Searches on mobile devices have grown 5 times in the past two Years and today, over 50% of all local searches are done on a mobile device. Consumers that own and use smartphones conduct local searches nearly twice as much (61% vs. 32%) as general mobile phone users. With 55 percent year over year growth, Smartphone penetration has dramatically accelerated over the past two years, signaling future increases in local searches conducted from mobile devices. This is good news for the local business that can rank high on searches, as their customer is ready to buy. However there is always a middle step that customers will take and that is to click through to the business’s website. Once a potential customer gets to the website they expect a positive and easy to navigate experience. Here is what they will likely do when they get there. - Get directions and operating hours - 74% - Contact the store - 64% - Find product info - 61% - Make a purchase or order a service - 50%
  • 5. TODAY’S MOBILE MARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES The in-store Trends: In 2011, the shoppers surveyed were more likely to access the website or app of the store they were actually in than a competitor’s website or app. This means that retailers need to not only be concerned about how their pricing stacks up against others’, but also about pricing consistency across their own channels. And most importantly how positive is the experience of navigating their own website. One other important aspect of the mobile marketing mix is to understand that the first impression is critical. According to Compuware: - Over 40% of users in a 2011 survey of 4,014 global mobile web users turned to a competitors web site when they had a bad mobile experience - 57 percent of mobile web users had a problem in the past year when accessing a website and 47 percent had a problem accessing an app on their phone; - 46 percent of mobile web users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone and 57 percent are unlikely to recommend the site; - And 34 percent said they’d likely visit a competitor’s mobile website instead. In another study by management consulting firm Accenture found that 73% of mobile-powered shoppers preferred mobile phones to retail clerks for basic assistance.
  • 6. TODAY’S MOBILE MARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES Local Searches 2012 marked the first year where the majority of local searches conducted on portal sites have shifted from specific business searches (business name) to non-specific business searches (category/keyword). To use a traditional media analogy; users have shifted from “white page” searching behavior of finding listings to more of a yellow pages behavior of “searching and shopping” local search resources to determine where to buy products and services. Additionally, we observed increases in this behavior shift amongst all local search platforms. - comScore local research study 2012 SummaryThe #1 reason for The more smartphones, the more smart shoppers conducting local mobile searches resulting in a higher demand for time-using a mobile sensitive, on-the-go need for local business information. Thedevice for a local #1 reason for using a mobile device for a local business search is because shoppers want information fast because they’re onbusiness search the move to buy. Mobile users have a larger opportunity tois because shoppers purchase from a local business shortly after the search while on-the-go and are more likely to purchase a product after searchingwant information compared with PC… There continues to be excitement in the mobile consumerthey’re on the move to buy. category. Consumers search, they review, and they act, often within a short period of time - making decisions on which local merchants and businesses to visit based solely on what information they found on their mobile device. There is a tremendous upside in mobile marketing opportunities for local businesses that can, not only have mobile presence either in a mobile app or website, but also strive to have high rankings on searches that guarantee they can dominate the market.
  • 7. TODAY’S MOBILE MARKETPLACE AND ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES References Information and research for this report were collected from a number of different sources including the following: The Mobile Playbook – Google ForeSee – Mobile Satisfaction Google and Ipsos OTX – 2011 post holiday shopping study Comscore Dec 2012 Stat Counter August 2012 SmithGeiger and Sterling Research – What users want most from mobile sites today eMarketer Commerce Roundup 2012 Localeze – Local Search Study 2012 Home Service Solution – Mobile website versus Mobile App Compuware Accenture About Mobi Optimized Marketing MOM is an established consulting and development team with a singular purpose, to get your business found, quickly and easily, and most importantly – chosen! Building highly affordable, custom Mobile Smartphone Apps and Mobi Optimized Websites is our specialty. We provide exceptional technology, training and services for companies and individuals seeking Mobile marketing solutions that can improve their business and lifestyle, saving time and money in the process. For more information go to: