Marketing words that sell in Social Media and Direct Marketing


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Multiple studies about the words that sell in social media and blogs got me to wondering if there is anything different about what works online versus what works in offline direct marketing. This is the topic in my blog Reinventing Direct at Target Marketing magazine. In it, I contrast 38 Marketing Words that Sell in Social Media with my experience as a direct marketer. If you’re relatively new to direct response, you might have some “aha” moments as your read the list. If you’re an experienced direct marketer, chances are you’ll see a lot of familiar words, phrases, and approaches. More at

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Marketing words that sell in Social Media and Direct Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Words that Sell in Social Media and Direct Marketing
  2. 2. Are words that generate response from social media and blogs different from words that work in direct mail?
  3. 3. Or are digital marketers finally figuring out the most responsive words that direct marketing copywriters have known for generations?
  4. 4. Whether this is new information to you, or confirms what you already knew, this presentation is about…
  5. 5. Words ... and how response to specific words in the online space could strengthen your offline marketing initiatives.
  6. 6. Which Won? Two headlines tested in Twitter, both leading to the same blog post, and each tweeted to the same audience within an hour of each other.
  7. 7. Which do you think had higher clicks and was considered a “top tweet?”
  8. 8. A. How many hours should we work everyday? The science of mental strength. versus B. The origin of the 8 hour work day and why we should rethink it.
  9. 9. Survey Says! “B” It had double the number of clicks! Twitter Research Source:
  10. 10. Surprised? Probably not if you’re an experience direct marketer.
  11. 11. Why? A specific number was used in version “B” 8 hour work day combined with a provocative statement why we should rethink it.
  12. 12. Version “A” asked a question Not the strongest way to write a headline. And used big words “science of mental strength.”
  13. 13. MOST Retweetable Words Some of which, by the way, could be well suited to be used in subject lines in emails.
  14. 14. Top 20 Retweetable Words (Source: A scientific guide to writing great headlines on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog) 1. you 2. twitter 3. please 4. retweet 5. post 6. blog 7. social 8. free 9. media 11.please retweet 12.great media 14.10 15.follow to post 19.check out blog post
  15. 15. Facebook Words A PICTURE is worth 1,000 words
  16. 16. But not just any picture. Pictures that result in better click performance tell the story within the picture. In other words, the picture must be self-explanatory, more than just a graphic.
  17. 17. KISSmetrics says a photo with a Facebook post gets: 53% more likes 104% more comments 84% more click-throughs
  18. 18. LESS is MORE
  19. 19. Facebook posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement. Facebook Research Source:
  20. 20. Next: Impact of post titles for blog opens and shares. Blog Research Source:
  21. 21. Akin to a direct mail outer envelope teaser or a letter headline or an email subject line.
  22. 22. Let There Be Blood Words
  23. 23. Words appearing in blog titles that yielded high opens. Kill Fear Dark Bleeding War Fantasy Dead
  24. 24. Negative words are more powerful for shares than an ordinary words. Words like:
  25. 25. Words More Likely to Go Viral!
  26. 26. Words that suppress
  27. 27. Surprised? These findings shouldn’t surprise an experienced direct marketer or direct mail copywriter. Maybe the online word is finally catching up to what we have tested and proven for generations.
  28. 28. What works in the online space can translate well into improving response offline, too. That’s a lesson to take to the bank.” ~ Gary Hennerberg
  29. 29. Detailed Blog Posts Here: http://www.targetmarketingm And at: nting-direct-blog/marketingwords-that-sell
  30. 30. Credits & Sources: Graphics: Phil McShan ( Twitter Research: And Facebook Research: Blog Research: