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Jobs And Economic Development2012
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Jobs And Economic Development2012


This was a presentation to the Charleston Youth Citizenship Academy. This is a great session for youth between the ages of age 13-17.

This was a presentation to the Charleston Youth Citizenship Academy. This is a great session for youth between the ages of age 13-17.

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  • Take away one thing today and that is the relationship between your education and your income plus success in getting/keeping a job Graph from Bureau of Labor Statistics on April 2007 Salary by Educational Level Unemployment Rate by Education Level


  • 1. Jobs and Economic Development Why Should You/I/We Care About Them? Presentation by Gary Crossley to the Youth Citizenship Academy on Friday, June 15, 2012 2Workwww.LovetoWork.or
  • 2. Outline • *Why Should You Be Concerned With Your Local, Regional, State, National, or World Economy and Economic Development? • *How Do You Fit In? • *What Can I Do to Prepare for the Jobs of the Future? • *Handouts (Education Pays and Deciding on a Career)
  • 3. Education Pays
  • 4. Economic Concepts Unemployment Rate Inflation Supply and Demand Interest Rates Wage Levels Downturns, Recessions, Depressions All Economies Are Not Created Equal
  • 5. Recessions
  • 6. Recession or a 3-D Depression? Depth – When will the unemployment rate go down further? • U.S. 8.2%May vs. 5.0% in 2007 • S.C. 8.8%April vs. 6.2% in 2008 • Charleston 7.1% compared to 5.0% in 2007 Duration – How long will the downturn last? Dispersion – How many industries are impacted?
  • 7. Recession or Depression
  • 8. Economic Development Location, Location, Location Worker Skills/Education Opportunity Wages Natural Resources Quality of Life Business Climate/Regulation
  • 9. How Do You Fit Into the Economy? As a worker • Earning wages • Producing a product or providing a service • Performing your job at high achievement levels As a consumer • Purchasing products or entertainment As a voter • Informed on the issues (port, preservation, politics/facts, etc.) As an educated participant!
  • 10. Choosing a Career ASAP Assessment, what are your interests? Skills, how can I improve my skills to get the best job for me? Analysis, reviewing information to make the best decision for my situation Preparation, doing what is needed Just Do It!
  • 11. Homework Assignment Read the Business Section of the Newspaper or a Business Magazine Notice Your Environment and Business Landscape (Closing & Openings) Think about What you Enjoy Doing Take an Interest Inventory at School (SCOIS or Kuder) Improve your Basic Skills (School Subjects/3Rs, WorkKeys)
  • 12. Presentation Summary Know What and How Your Area Economy is Doing Position Yourself to be in Sound Financial Shape During All Economic Seasons Work on Your Basic Skills because Education Pays! Find an Occupation that You are Passionate About and Do it Well Care for Others, Your Family, Your Community, and Yourself
  • 13. Questions? Gary Crossley, GCDF LovetoWork.org, LLC lovetoworkorg@yahoo.com 2Workwww.LovetoWork.or
  • 14. What – Me Worry?Not about jobs or economic development!