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  1. 1. increasing social inclusion through ICT www. mcin. net Director: Gary Copitch (gary@mcin. net)
  2. 2. What is MCIN ? increasing social lncluünn : Munga ICT MCIN is a community development charity and a not for profit organisation specialising in ICT. We enable hard-to- reach groups, local Communities and third sector organisations to access all the benefits that ICT has to offer. We support community cohesion, develop social networks and increase social capital
  3. 3. MCIN objectives are: increasing social inclusion lhfbløl ICT ? To provide opportunities for people to develop ICT skills, access information, contribute to their Communities and participate in society ? To highlight community activity, bring people together and support community regeneration through the use of ICT To build the capacity of the community and voluntary sector, providing information and promoting services utilising current and emerging technologies
  4. 4. History increasing social inclusion "Ifbløl ICT Manchester Community Information Network (MCIN) was formed in 1993 MCIN became a Limited Company in 1995, a Registered Charity in 1996 MCIN is now developing as a Community and Social enterprise and reducing Its reliance on grant funding
  5. 5. ,, ,, IVICIN services i* Learn Net ? Web connect i* ICT services (Circuit riders)
  6. 6. :nrm increasing social inclusion ttmoý- ICT Social Cohesion - Definition ' There is a common vision and a sense of belonging for all Communities ' The diversity of peoples background and circumstances are appreciated and positively rewarded ' Those from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities - Strong and positive relationships are being developed between people from different backgrounds in the workplace, school and within neighbourhood Local Govemment Association/ Home Oiñoe definition
  7. 7. . g Q l I _4_ lnnrnnsing social ir-cIu-ucun rhnmigh ICT ln ? Learn Net is our partnership of 18 UK online centres based in community centres in Manchester. ? Learn Net works with first steps learners providing a safe and pleasant place for largely excluded learner's to come too. ? Learner's are supported in a range of ICT and non ICT training and supported in accessing mainstream education and employment services. ~/ Currently we deal with approximately 1,000 learners a year. ~/ The partnership also includes an FE college, an Adult Education Service and 2 area regeneration programs. Strong and positive relationships are being developed between people from different backgrounds in the workplace, school and within neighbourhood Those from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities
  8. 8. ICT Services lnrrcnsmg sat-jail inç : gaan łhmnøw ICT Greater Manchester Circuit Riders program which supports third sector organisations by providing technical support and equipment to them as well developing there ICT strategies through Net Gain There is a common vision Those from different backgrounds and a sense of bdonglng for have similar life opportunities all communities
  9. 9. Web Connect increasing sxxtial ihr: :man lhmnøn ICT Web Connecfs virtual communities empower local people through the provision of accessible, audience-appropriate services and information, along with innovative multimedia content provided by community members themselves
  10. 10. Web Connect- Sites lnrtrrtasing uxial inrJu-ucm through ICT Web connect is made up of online geographical communities & communities of interest. Geographic sites: Community of interest sites: - Mymanchester Deaf Community - Cheetham and Crumpsall BME community in Manchester - Harpurhey, Lightbowne and Moston Sure Start Cheetham - Miles Platting and Ancoates - Ardwick. Longsight and Levenshulme - Gorton - Burnage - Moss Side Bury - Partington and Carrington -Charlestown and Lower kersel
  11. 11. Web Connect lnnrnnsnng xocinl lrnalu-ucun through ICT r Developed by communites owned by local communities r Provide source of local information and access to services ' Give a 'Sense of Place' and local ownership r Support the development of online and offline social networking r Developing bonding, bridging and linking social capital ' Interactive - way of informing and consulting with people In 2005-06 there were 600,000+ unique visits to the websites 64% on the previous year
  12. 12. lnnrnnsing xúcinl iruclimçun through ICT í, r 1 o í, r | n Strong and positive relationships are being developed between people from different backgrounds in On-Iine photographic the workplace, school and Competition within neighbourhood Intergenerational Community reporters i / School/ Care homes __ . i'icii~ii'- Job opportunities _. _ l u. ” Â _ Stories , poems i __ about the local area / bli/ f x Local Memories & aspirations VOX POP ? n What Audio and video people think E-Iearning presentation
  13. 13. t' . lllmlllllllï skip IiVIGDOOH atccssibiliłv Digital chalcnqc - uanclleøtcr reaches the finale "C nkiïlïú 121. v 1006 - t-e ten tinahsts to the Gz-. er-r-enfs Digit: Che! enge wer : mounccd al a ocrcmony h: i: n Lø1:: r icæy. rchcnzr uns nanz: :athe “wuïmn cnlv fina ctthe Non' maa. The ne r'. :in -i l bethe preoarïtion an! Lbmiczm inwin-manne: aanvra-cv a! nn . Mu-noa hi! b, kn-ucr 23:1'. n. bad uil n z: lnbeamhen Munch MCIN (Bremer Mu--hø-v-"r qwrmbd [TT and : '1'1' rúv dvvr-ł--r-ø-ü nrç-rin-ir-nłn. Manr--drr 'hyt-I E E ll'. 'lnfllr`hł Agt-nr” HM n maar vãnr æ-nnr- : ln-vi h! 'Isl agt Pęjçtiçę Norfh wgst IIC : Nl . ..nl-uk tu Uma an. a 1:1 rlir : ma: d'eau mnrr. haa 'EIGMN larzhed a new wszcite "Eecx s' phų I” P uw: markeer-aa: :: v.. .m= -ų emot. uw o. . w. . l ~, l . . : cr 'Hannu '_CCT; _-~. øl thi I'I Finn-Waco ? IW prr't_'P1'1“-<, The (PT: rt 'rual 1Iã"PYII`9C`, mhwa-q nn "rn-r, A'. "1 immune Iim-nprænr nm rI: n4-e P: IN' _ Ewcpear Ccmrriisziovi a: <5v. Thi: :is cet: :Lt T: :haretre bas'. anc'. :e Oàhê: with ' t'a T h e re l S a i'm-J: “'3.. l sl (nul-sl J-: I Um I I: -l . = -w. ani-mu. so far. L. _Lill and Juan am. ui UL » - nr "i-th--ring ringa-h "r r- ønųirø that tiłurp rr-igr-in-n-c ifrgvvrll-w nl' tun-law) hnn- Colïų rn O n V l S] O n Ihr hurk rłmrr-r tvpørrnrt. mun- an d a n (nninmilty RPpmIPisNfłws anna-unwinds' Of belonging fOI' all communities lnønmunúy IłrpnHrv-ę 'iluhluęuvl nn myýhnrårtvbr (H chf. , v 'I Pour: nga: Commumv : woner: aan nm cr; ïïží atu ėc pm! chez! 01 : hé 'Inlinlhdli' ænn. 'lv uu [al al nrm. " vuur. nier. eł-: MCIII win uu . l e valgl. law-g u . Ieldv rede: used live wwwïriymanchesternet r : Uyułrwmniuúab -IKLQUEJÊIIIIMÉ-úałjųé
  14. 14. tnnnns Community reporters - Partners MCIN - Recruitment, project management, additional services, link to Learn net centres and outreach, tutors, accredited courses, mentoring/ support/ social, programming schedule link to other community media content providers MANCAT - community reporters who are students, provide training, venue, production facilities, specialist training provision, distribution channel, Internet TV studio and online radio station BBC - Advanced reporters training skills, work experience, job shadowing, radio, TV and web site for distribution channel for content
  15. 15. Web Connect- Training Inuc-'Isirlg social inclusion (irony: ICT 'iBasic ICT training ? Online and offline basic skills courses 'iBlog training on Wordpress and Blogger ? Video and audio podcast production training ? Training in developing content using mobiles Media club development and facilitation Advanced training in reporting and journalist skills in partnership with the BBC Advance training in becoming a Community Producer, working with the media clubs to produce local content Further and advanced training in social software, in partnership with MANCAT (potentially to Foundation degree level)
  16. 16. Web Connect- Inncnâln! m. . inçlųuan ". .om acv C O n nt i4.. .-. ... .. . l. 'ui -møtmųuųnønh . Iwøuøa-ų-. ųmoųuy ' Content Creation http: //www. mywebconnect. info/
  17. 17. ill " V i ' iii' lllli wil li* auuwiwttumzhmümlørnlų -'- ïhllulmllilW . minun . n n. mein] cllticlorl tlckfor | cllcklur All | Ardwirk | Lonqsidt pvcųvłoulųc lãl l l L-, _LJ AU. vi] Mïthålwotts v a* Welcome to nLLtogetheininfo ALLLUyuHs . inlL s c LLcl -J" nunilv : ils plLalJlllg Ull| l`ls lllrLlllldlLl J I a is g: ui' 531'. Les Killers; lJ uunwiile: l the fxdwtl Lnpiglil and Luwisłnd t: :laas ” Tu Pricwuliuslur Irish Fusjval 2904 fill -IÊJI Hard 333- . Q LM. " v “w” ) Lalustlíuk: i” sa, 1 Eeczicrun: wt: Fmazt _ _ r-a Heb ~ Ms mo `. 2 T we Hes Jr- ų' Ê-*cxru Ur' w! sluit-r' . - Fr--nænwæøi , r 5 izgęz ' 4 'ir-sr Th: T_'_| l;il. 'irlr m! sit-fur' n sw: |`: ~llll . mrt- p; hle. innñ- *rrluøster | lrunll är. in* y-, ..», '.'. .m ęw i-r . ..*. .. : l . .4,l lillTHÊï is : i r: :1 r* n* rim Vi" waar : ma: S~ s= :~iï~í~: C-t : url : r or r gi “for 3 | :iwi tziïltlilïí.
  18. 18. ll-Aiæiil-_L-ii own il'| || i-riit. -'*Il un-. vlvri ætiii i City / SÊETTWHHFl-'Éltų' | vmchalivcdz ' łêtñh| Vłelcome to the ethni-city portal site. your g ateway to Multlculmral Manchester I Aar : e era *Stop-it n FEB, [tena 'lfrïê1ïš". ~t Leisure I : ëaixices M tduažių i, 'Jiaik aid training, I ïcu, -lųiiilaziųi an] CLlLLiiu H Fci 'lllï Suk' : rau | ealih erd 'Nel being l m; Jinne I 40 s, " and Goi/ emiraït u Irzve a 'Iü I ranspait 'i illlll iiry Pdtnl 'La Iii 'Jnnrlię-aię-i -. .Am _. ._l . ,_ The diversity of peoples background and There is a common Vision and a sense circumstances are appreciated: Snow of belonging for a" communities
  19. 19. 11 - http 'r-M. " døofqotmz-rłcl a _`nłi| -~ 'NFH' 'iiiii- '- SIIII_PX' ' 'iilii 1 llll' Vi. r-llwv-viiix- -'-ilIii-- “Ti-vs u" VÃI ali Il _` Vi-u- 'n llll v _ 7-1: i iu- f' “ “” ' “ Newsflash "' DEAF ICT Training ror the Dear Communitynmore i* C'É*"`TTLF1IÊV lnrzrTat cr Gateway - Discussion a Events: Jobs Cetlnvolved CúlllàclUb Search e Hrvne ` ` ` , Sin) _al Wvlcome to the Greater htanchu-atør Dual Community Information Gatnmray o `i_ l. '|. ",' - Site-IVO Ad. . nd 'Nharsiiew « Add your site su' : Jr: Education - AbOLIIDJÃLG. p” 'l HPMFIFS* 2 Volumaryfxtíon gaan And Famny : manchester Community Services P Sirinirręliel Rirciuilrmrnl . 4 About AdviceKil lilaiiche c9m”. `”"“y Portal 5 The Cued Speech Sýlteg I" Health Leisure Association Manchester mymnnchnstnnnnt hlminfonet Traqspm wor" cl'ioel. ti. iiii. inlo _ _ _ _ atnnpcityimt Those from different backgrounds have similar life rnpaccrLinfo opportunities Jlltogethenlnfo http: ii't~. .'i^. .'i~. i.rtavid _myixiebconriect. infr)i"2006i"i i. ~"29.~"999-eriiergency nni lnnnvn : uit
  20. 20. I'm John Paul Morris. I'm hereý K; talk about the DDA.
  21. 21. Web Connect "me" Additional services Participation in the Web Connect Trading Program with content Contributors receiving points for content production which can be traded between participants or for cash prizes Exploring Participation in the Social Media Awaçds event in partnership with the BBC Accreditation through the Community g Reporters Badge scheme K `"'
  22. 22. Web Connect "dit Ad Ct O H a | S e Ce S Opportunities to sell content through Web Connect's community media enterprise Opportunities to provide commissioned media content Membership of the Web Connect co-operative Distribution Channelfor content via the Web Connect Network of community web site
  23. 23. Why is the Digital Challenge ~-= ~~= «--~= w--~»-~~-v~-cr important for us ? Offer an opportunity for communities to actively participate in civil society ? Offer us opportunities for skills development ? Offer us opportunities to use another form to increase Social Cohesion and Social capital ? Social media offers opportunities to increase participation in democracy and develop social networks ? Opportunity to spread as national exampler FRANCHISE MODEL ? linked to ICT hub, Capacity builders, UK Online, Community Broadband Network, NIACE. and developing links to the community media association. Part of Centre of vocational excellence in media and technology lead by MANCAT.
  24. 24. Why is the Digital Challenge -~~= ~~= «I»-~«-= ~-~~v~-« important for us The community and the voluntary sector have been very involved in the design ofthe bid and lead some key part Including Consultation, Statement of Community involvement written by VCS linked to Manchester Community engagement strategy Developed Net start pack and also Net Start action plan Other organisation involved include GMCVO, CN4M
  25. 25. increasing social inclusion through ICT www. mcin. net Director: Gary Copitch (gary@mcin. net)