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Franklin Partners Basic Overview
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Franklin Partners Basic Overview


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Background on Franklin Partners mortgage investments. Perfect as a higher return alternative to fixed interest for self manage superannuation funds.

Background on Franklin Partners mortgage investments. Perfect as a higher return alternative to fixed interest for self manage superannuation funds.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Adviser Overview How a Franklin Partners Mortgage assists your SMSF Clients
  • 2. Why mortgages?
    • Bricks and mortar security AND liquidity
    • Stable returns
    • Higher yield than fixed interest
      • On average 400 basis points (4%) above fixed interest of similar term
    • Transparency
      • All property details are easily found and checked
    • Safety
      • Your SMSF has clear title to the mortgage registered as an interested party on the title
  • 3. Bricks and mortar! Your choice of property type, residential, commercial, rural, and areas whether metropolitan, suburban or regional
  • 4. Stable returns
    • Franklin Partners mortgages have a fixed return for the life of the loan with all interest paid in advance.
    • You know exactly the return no surprises.
  • 5. Higher returns*
    • Franklin Partners target mortgages that return a net 4% above the comparable fixed term rate.
    • These mortgages are at low loan to valuation ratios to minimize risk.
    • The reason these returns are achievable is because we have removed the middle men. No bank overheads etc…
  • 6. Comparison to fixed interest
    • The following slide illustrates the increased return mortgages provide over fixed interest
    • An increase of $34,660.00 net in five years
    • Why?
      • Mortgage interest is paid in advance
      • All interest is net to you NO FEES
      • Franklin Partners mortgages have a 4%p.a. higher return
  • 7. $34,660.00 increase over 5 years FI rate 6.25% FPM 10.25% FPM interest In advance $100,000 invested
  • 8. How does it work?
    • Franklin Partners sources the mortgage through it’s network
    • The loan is underwritten
      • Property is valued
      • Borrower identified
      • Credit history is checked
      • Purpose of the loan assessed
  • 9. How does it work?
    • Franklin Partners funds the mortgage with its own funds
      • This ensures that your Client’s SMSF is not in “the business of” lending which may offend the ATO
      • Fully insured Solicitor assures “clear legal title”
    • The Financial Adviser/Client complete
      • FPM letter of advice
      • Letter of intent to buy the mortgage
      • FPM assignment of mortgage
  • 10. How does it work?
    • Client transfers funds to Solicitors trust account
    • Solicitor
      • Completes assignment and returns to Financial Adviser
      • Registers Client as an “interested party” on the mortgage
      • Transfers interest to the client as instructed
  • 11. How does it work?
    • Franklin Partners
      • Pays Adviser on behalf of the borrower
      • Monitors management of the mortgage
      • Notifies Financial Adviser and Client before end of the term
      • When the Solicitor redeems the mortgage Franklin Partners returns the funds or sources a further investment for the client as instructed.
  • 12. What to do now?
    • Click here to email Gary FitzGerald Snr Partner to arrange a personal call
    • Visit
    • For further information and background
    • Or
    • Call now on (+61) 0439810652 and we can get started.