A manner to transform swf to avi for samsung galaxy mobile


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A method to convert SWF to AVI video for Samsung Galaxy S3 so that users can enjoy SWF file on Samsung Galaxy S3.

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A manner to transform swf to avi for samsung galaxy mobile

  1. 1. A Manner to Transform SWF to AVI for Samsung Galaxy MobileSeeing as the front runner of Samsung mobile phone devices in2012 plus a leading menace to the most popular Apple cellphone,Samsung Galaxy S3 recently has suffered supply shortage resultingfrom the raising purchases around the world. As the most advancedSamsung mobile, Galaxy SIII not simply develops its processor chipto quad-core one but is equipped with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLEDdisplay having native resolution of 1280×720. Also, fresh newapplications including S-Voice and also S-Beam are likely to assistend users to have fun with Samsung Galaxy S3.Even so, this kind of powerful Samsung cellular is not allowed towatch Flash files gradually without having the guidance of a robustvideo player. Furthermore, the present-day mobile variation of FlashPlayer is quite less amazing to meet the needs of Samsung mobileowners. For that reason, enjoying Flash easily with the help ofSamsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly not an simple undertaking forSamsung S3 users. To help play Flash SWF along with Galaxy S3,Windows owners can easily turn to SWF to AVI Converter and Macowners to SWF Converter Mac.
  2. 2. Step I: Save and next release SWF to AVI Converter.Step II: Import the SWF file for Galaxy S3. Start SWF to VideoConverter, click "Browser…" key and next choose "From Folder"selections in the drop-down list to import the SWF file.Step III: Since the most up-to-date Samsung Galaxy smartphone cancertainly recongize AVI video, you can certainly try to convert SWFto AVI. To deal with it, just click "Export", pick out "Video" box andcustomize the output document as AVI file in the drop-down list of"Style".Next Step: Personalize video variables for Galaxy S3. Choose"Export" tab and just click "Settings" press button to turn to Profilescreen. From then on, fix the video size as 1280x720 and altervarious other variables including video codec, audio codec and alsoaudio frame rate.Step Five: Change SWF to AVI video for Galaxy S3. Select "Convert"and after that just click "Play and Capture" press button to begin thecatching while playing. When the Flash SWF stops, you may justclick "End" button to begin the transformation. When the
  3. 3. transformation accomplishes, one can enjoy Flash file with the helpof the newest Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.Tips:1. To turn various Flash SWF files at the same time, go for "Input"and also click on "Switch to batch mode" key in the panel. Import allthe SWF files and next choose the output files as AVI movies forSamsung S3 mobile. Click on "Convert" tab and next the SWF fileswill be modified to AVI movies instantly.2. To turn SWF file to image series, just click "Export" tab, go for"Image series" and pick "Animated GIF" option in the drop-down listof "Style". Then click on "Convert" tab and begin thetransformation.3. To acquire YouTube clips with the help of SWF to AVI Converter,click on "From URL" and then type the URL address of the YouTubevideo.