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AvePoint - Managing the SharePoint Disruption
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AvePoint - Managing the SharePoint Disruption


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Managing the SharePoint Disruption. Ensuring your business gain exceeds your business pain. …

Managing the SharePoint Disruption. Ensuring your business gain exceeds your business pain.

In many organisations, SharePoint is a disruptive technology: it’s no longer business-as-usual for managers, for users, or for IT. SharePoint shines a spotlight on everything that’s good and bad about your company’s business processes, project management, change management, information management policies and IT service delivery.

This presentation will explore the lessons learned and common themes from thousands of organisations, large and small - from IT professionals, managers, developers, end users and CIOs around the globe. This comprehensive discussion will highlight the business, cultural and technical impact of SharePoint on an organisation - the business values and the “gotchas”. You’ll learn the steps you can take to plan for and implement SharePoint as a platform that will support a dynamic enterprise.

You will take away a framework within which to understand and communicate the role of SharePoint in your organisation, a punch list of issues to consider in your planning and deployment and an understanding of the business, technical, cultural and procedural components of a successful SharePoint implementation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. SHARE CONFERENCE 2011 Manly Beach, NSW, AustraliaManaging theSharePoint DisruptionGarth LukeGeneral Manager, AvePoint AustraliaVP, Sales, AvePoint, Inc.
  • 2. Garth Luke - History General Manager, AvePoint : ANZ, South Africa Vice President of Sales, and  Over 15 years experience in the technology sector  Started with Microsoft in 1996. Enjoyed the following roles:  Consultant  DB Admin  Programmer  Project Manager  IT Manager  Product Manager  Has experience talking to CXO, Director, Global Architects in EMEA, North America, ANZ.  Extensive knowledge of ECM, SQL Server, Web Dev, and I.T. Infrastructure Management  @GarthLuke on Twitter
  • 3. Garth Luke - Today General Manager, AvePoint Australia Vice President of Sales, AvePoint, Inc.  Based in Santa Clara, CA, USA (The Heart of Silicon Valley)  Sales (Channel, Direct)  Marketing  Technical Pre-Sales  Support (AU Only)
  • 4. AvePoint Company OverviewWorld’s Largest Provider of Enterprise-Class Governance Solutions for Microsoft SharePointBackup & Recovery, Administration, Replication, Migration, Compliance, Storage Optimization Company Background Products & Customer Growth Founded 2001 40 10000 Customer Headquarters Jersey City, NJ 8000 Customers 30 s Products Development USA 6000 20 4000 Offices 19 across 5 continents 10 2000 Employees 950 (650 in R&D, 70 MCTS) 0 0 Customers Over 10,000 Deloitte Fast 500, Inc. 1000, Awards Ernest & Young EOY 2010 A depth Managed Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner, Microsoft The Only SharePoint Focused ISV Partner who is a global MTC Alliance member
  • 5. How is SharePoint“disruptive”
  • 6. We can’t getanything deliveredbecause they keepadding requirements
  • 7. We can’t keep upwith the demand…
  • 8. We can’t get enoughfunding…
  • 9. They don’tunderstand…
  • 10. My boss doesn’tunderstand…
  • 11. We don’tunderstand…
  • 12. SharePoint shines aspotlight oneverything that’swrong with us
  • 13. How do you managethis disruption?
  • 14. The answer lies inthe questions…
  • 15. WHERE are we going?Understand enterprise strategy
  • 16. Vision
  • 17. Why SharePoint?Align SharePoint with your enterprisestrategy
  • 18. Deliver strategic valueSharePoint doesn’tmatter.Business matters.
  • 19. Alignment
  • 20. Where & Why: Strategy & Alignment• What is the enterprise strategy?• How does SharePoint fit into the enterprise strategy?
  • 21. WHAT are we doing?Define the requirements for each solution
  • 22. Deliver a SolutionSharePoint doesn’tmatter.The Solution matters.
  • 23. WHAT? What are we doing? Requirements Categorize requirements Metrics
  • 24. What: Requirements• What are we doing?• Why are we doing it?• Who is behind requirements?• How do we know it worked?
  • 25. HOW do we do it?Establish a process for delivering solutions
  • 26. A Discipline of the 4 D’s Define Define the problem Design the solution Define Deploy Design Develop the solution Validate Design Develop Deploy the solution Delegate to operations Develop Do it again!
  • 27. How: Process• What is our process?• How do we manage it?
  • 28. WHO does it?Define roles, responsibilities andaccountability
  • 29. Define Roles & Responsibilities• Who gathers requirements?• Who determines the solution?• Who builds the solution?• Who deploys the solution?• Who manages the project?
  • 30. WHO is involved? Identify your constituencies  Who drives SharePoint and why?  Who is impacted by SharePoint?  Understand the dynamics of and between each of these groups
  • 31. Who: People Matter• Who is on the project team?• Does the team have the skills?• Who are other constituents?• What matters to them?
  • 32. WHEN are we doing it?Commit to ongoing, continuousimprovement
  • 33. Long term commitment to innovating andimproving • This is an ongoing journey • Step by step • Evolutionary process • Budget for 2012, 13, 14, 15?
  • 34. Deliver a Trusted ServiceSharePointmatters.
  • 35. Build A Platform Users Can TrustArchitect SharePoint as aplatform that happens todeliver the first solution
  • 36. Build A Platform Users Can TrustOptimize the service for theorganization rather thanproduce what iseasy, cheap, or expedientfor this project
  • 37. When: Continuous Improvement• Is there a long-term commitment to SharePoint?• Is there an understanding of steps and evolution versus deployment?
  • 38. Managing the SharePoint Disruption WHERE: Enterprise strategy WHY: Alignment of SharePoint with enterprise strategy WHAT: The Solution HOW: Business Process WHO: Roles & Responsibilities WHEN: Continuous Improvement
  • 39. What is SharePoint governance
  • 40. What is governance? Governance defines thepeople, processes, policies and technologies that deliver a service
  • 42. BUSINESS PeoplePolicy Process Technology
  • 43. Accountability
  • 44. Quality
  • 45. Restrictions
  • 46. Appropriateness
  • 47. Discoverability
  • 48. Compliance
  • 49. Storage
  • 50. Resources TechNet   SharePoint Adoption Kit  ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Questions & Answers Please submit your evaluations!
  • 51. Questions
  • 52. Contact AvePoint Garth Luke Vice President of Sales | GM AvePoint Australia Christian Lucarelli Director of Sales, Australasia Michael Rain Systems Engineering Manager Yuyu Wang Support & Dev Manager OR Sales_AU@AvePoint.comAvePoint Australasia | Level 22, Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia | (03) 9620 0200