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I requestmanager configuration_and_customization022813


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. iRequestManager Configuration and Customization
  • 2. Anyone can enter a Work Request in any web browser.
  • 3. Unneeded fields can be hidden What’s in a Work Request?
  • 4. •Can show all Work Requests made with Work Order Status •Also shows Closed Work Requests for user- number of days •Can show just Work Requests made by Requester or by anyone •Can filter to show just one Facility or just one Department •Can find within list Can Requesters Check on the Status of their Work Request at any Time?
  • 5. Can iRequestManager remember my phone # and email address?
  • 6. •Email particular people •Page/Text message particular people •Print the Work Request •Bring up message box (must be logged into MediMizer) How do I Know When a new Work Request Arrives?
  • 7. • All Work Request appear in Process Work Request Form • Can be approved or rejected there • Can be edited or corrected • Can be assigned to technician • Technician can be notified by email or page/text message • Can print Work Request/Work Order How do I Approve Work Requests?
  • 8. • Work Requests automatically become Work Orders • Work Orders auto- assigned to preferred Servicer • Can be auto- printed as Work Orders Can it just make all Requests into Work Orders?
  • 9. • If a MediMizer tech or Requester has Work Order Add rights, any Work Requests they add will be automatically made into Work Orders • Can also configure a global password to give to managers. If password entered correctly, Work Request is auto- approved. (Useful for all guest mode.) Auto-Approve just some Work Requests
  • 10. Customize the look of the Web Portal
  • 11. • Decide who gets messages when • All outgoing message templates for email and paging can be customized • Can plug in fields from Work Request, Work Order, Assigned Employee, Requester, etc. Customize outgoing email messages or pages to help desk operator, technician, or requester
  • 12. • Select required fields • Select which fields are shown • Change what fields are called • Select whether to show facility/department codes or not in drop- down list • Area field can not be hidden or optional if Equipment is specified (new in version 13.2.29) Tailor your Work Request Form
  • 13. • Simple option: Everyone’s a guest. Just enter your name, phone #, and/or email address when putting in a Work Request • If you expect some users to return frequently, allow them to self-register. iRM will remember their name, password (if used), phone # and email address. Also remembers what department they are in. • Can require all users to register (no guest mode) • Or make it so only people you create accounts for can access system (makes sense for ISOs) Determine How to Get Into iRequestManager
  • 14. • May have password • Must have password • Must have strong password (as defined in Program Setup | Advanced Security tab) • No password fields Do Requesters Have Passwords?
  • 15. • Simple HTML web form can be used with other web servers (Apache, etc.) • HTML form can be completely customized – different colors, fonts, layout, etc. • Can use Work Request Client Program to enter Work Requests • Can accept Work Request text forms through email (MAPI) • Can process Work Request form files put in drop box folder • Drop box can be used to integrate with outside systems • Legacy and web portal can be used together for same MediMizer Legacy iRequestManager Features Supported
  • 16. • Each requester can be limited to one or more Facilities • Different people can be notified of Work Requests submitted from different Facilities • Auto-printed Work Requests or Work Orders for different Facilities can be sent to different printers What if you have multiple Facilities? • Can turn on or off Facilities question for self-registration • Can set Facilities applicable when you enter or approve a new Requester • Set Facilities for Requesters or Request Handlers in Employee Form, Facilities tab.
  • 17. • A single copy of iRequestManager can handle multiple MediMizer databases (e.g., biomed and facilities) • Can have separate launch icons or links for each database • Or have a single launch icon and iRM will ask which database you want to look at • Shows only Work Requests for the selected database • Completely separate Work Requests customization for each database (13.2.29) • Can also have different email response messages per database (13.2.29) • Different Request Categories for each database • You can select which databases accept Work Requests and which don’t • PLUS you only need to buy ONE copy of iRequestManager for both databases if they are both used at the same site Multiple Database Support
  • 18. Multiple Databases Using Same Department • For instance, biomedical and facilities groups using a single MediMizer database • Requests can be processed by same people or different people • Could use Facility as which department to send to. Different people can be notified with request notifier if Requests came in with different facilities. • Requests can be printed on different printers (presumably in the right department) based on Facility specified in the Work Request • Or could specify Department in Request Category • We’ll work with you on the best configuration for your needs
  • 19. • Select which columns are shown • Order of columns • Names of the fields (on Terminology tab) • Number of rows shown per page • Show everyone’s Work Requests or just currently logged in Requester’s Customize Work Request List
  • 20. These components can be installed on a single server or separate servers. Components of the iRequestManager System
  • 21. 1. Allow entry of new Work Requests through the web and store them in the MediMizer SQL Server database. 2. Send automated email messages to Request Handler(s) that there are new Work Requests 3. Displays Work Request List 4. Shows Work Request Form with details of a specific Work Requests 5. Validate Requester Logins 6. Register new Requesters 7. Select a database What does the Web Portal Do?
  • 22. Only if you want… 1. Auto-Print Work Requests entered through Web Portal, Drop Box or Email 2. Use Legacy Work Requests (entered through Drop Box or Email) 3. Send received email for Legacy Work Requests 4. Send Requesters Email when Work Requests are Closed Do I Need the Messaging Server?
  • 23. Yes, just un- check “Accepts iRM Work Requests” in the Area/Project or Facility Form Can I Exclude Certain Areas or Facilities from being Shown in the Web Portal?
  • 24. • Requesters are set up in MediMizer Employee Form • Requesters generally do not have rights to log into MediMizer but may login to the Web Portal • MediMizer techs (Employees) may log into the Web Portal and enter Work Requests • Requesters are generally filtered out of the Employee List for most Requester Administration in MediMizer purposes (e.g., when assigning preferred servicers) • Supervisor can change Requester’s name, phone #, email address, and/or password
  • 25. • Requesters can add themselves through self- registration process in Web Portal • Requesters can update their information (name, phone #, email address) • Requesters can change their own password in Web Portal • If Requesters forget their passwords, they can click the “Forgot password” link on the login page and iRM will send them an email telling them their password Requester Self-Administration in the Web Portal
  • 26. Thank you for your interest in iRequestManager