Thrills and spills of eCommerce
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Thrills and spills of eCommerce



DOSUG Ignite presentation. The history of ecommerce and what is required for successful ecommerce.

DOSUG Ignite presentation. The history of ecommerce and what is required for successful ecommerce.



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  • Another form of ecommerce
  • What was truly important for the growth of ecommerce, was the adoption by major retailers... As they saw that it was a viable, and in many ways, better way of doing business.
  • Because after all no one wants to be this guy… who is the prime candidate for at-home shopping. Buying habits
  • Approximately 210 companies failed. The dot-com bubble crash wiped out $5 trillion in market valueof technology companies from March 2000 to October 2002.
  • These companies had good ideas and looked great on paper, but were overcome by bad execution.
  • Print newspaper readership had gone down 15% per year since 2006
  • Despite the proliferation of product and service web sites and companies selling things online… We are really still in the infancy stage of ecommerce. Looking back in 10 years, we will be asking how we ever “got buy”.
  • The instinct was there all along, but execution is king… It’s not just about a good idea. You have to support the industry you are in, or the going will get tough (napster).
  • Viral media, local social media, customer service, ad campaigns, analytics
  • In order to properly execute ecommerce, there are numerous support mechanisms and infrastructure components… order management
  • Security, customer service, privacy
  • Measure, track, refine and improve. Without improvement, you will loose customers in the end. Your competitors are innovating and they will take your market share.

Thrills and spills of eCommerce Thrills and spills of eCommerce Presentation Transcript

  • eCommerce
    Thrills and Spills
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  • The Early Days…
    The Teleputer
    Michael Aldrich - 1979! Innovator and entrepreneur credited with inventing Online shopping!
    amazon© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • eCommerce as you don’t think of it...
    EDI /ASC X12
    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    American Information Exchange (AMIX)
    Boston Computer Exchange
  • Pioneering the way we shop…
  • So you can avoid this.
  • And thanks to these folks getting on board…
    Six Sigma / TQM
  • You don’t have to be this guy!
  • However there was some fallout.
  • The graveyard!
  • The demise of the past
  • To print or not to print…
  • We have the future in our hands…
  • Revolutionizing an industry
  • An industry that is evolving
  • Technology has led the way!
    Web 2.0
  • The social landscape…
    Forbes 01.22.10
  • The mobile landscape…
  • Open source = Open Commerce
  • Successful eCommerce
  • Taking care of the customer
  • Defining Success
    Listen to the customer