The Holy Spirit has
established the
Vision for Full Turn.
It’s time to Fill the
House in 2014.
-This yea...
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2014 Full Turn Vision


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2014 Full Turn Vision

  1. 1. The Holy Spirit has established the Vision for Full Turn. VISION RALLY It’s time to Fill the 2014 House in 2014. -This year is going to be a year of restoration and recovering what was lost. -This year you will begin to increase in every area of your life as you pray, serve, and give in new measure. -This is a year of increased vision. As you walk in covenant relationship with God He is going to open up the windows of heaven and show you things that you have never seen before. -2014 is a year of freedom where the things that have chained you in the past will be broken over you and your family. -This year you will begin to walk in a new glory, meaning a distinctive and beautiful, Spirit revealed change. -This year will be a year of personal and corporate growth. -The men in this church are going to begin to receive a vision of how their family can better serve the Kingdom of God. -The women of Full Turn will become a driving force to fulfill the vision of the house. -This will be a year that challenges us to go to a new level of understanding in the things of God. -This year the gifts of God that are in your life are going to begin to manifest as you walk in the vision. -This year the plant that has sprouted under the soil will be seen and begin to produce branches that will bear fruit. -This will be a year of fruitfulness, the year of acceleration, multiplication, and increase. -This year we will see our homes, lives, and church filled with the glory of God. 4 Corporate Goals for 2014: Our Personal Goals for 2014: Bringing the Vision into Focus The Year of Outreach - impacting our city through intentional acts of kindness Global missions - $50K target, to include Fire Bible development and other global outreach Encounter 2014 - invest spiritually into our people through encounter Season of Increase - all our campuses, ministry teams and connectors need to thrive and grow; we will begin equipping each team to be prepared for this growth PRAY SERVE GIVE 1. Family Altar each week 2. Personal daily prayer/devotion 3. Ask God to give you an amazing love and compassion for your local community and the people in it. 4. Take neighborhood walks and pray over each house asking The Lord to give YOU an opportunity to minister to that family and "fill the house" with God's purpose, plan and destiny for their lives. 5. Select a specific community/ city as the Holy Spirit leads you and take ownership of people in that community. 1. Be a part of our church wide outreach events taking ownership of the entire region of people that God wants to "fill the house" with. 2. Find simple ways to serve your specific community that you are praying for. 3. Demonstrate your love for your neighbors by serving their needs. 4. Start or stay on the road to your purpose and calling by serving on a ministry team that you are passionate about. FILL 1. When you trust God with all of your heart, demonstrate that trust by GIVING God the Tithe (10%) and acknowledging that He is your source. 2. When you fall in love with God's vision for His church where you are planted, you're compelled to GIVE significantly in your offerings to enable the advancement of the Kingdom. ---- Set a specific target for your offerings 3. When God gives you the love for your community through prayer, determine to live below your means so that as a family, you will have the ability to GIVE to that community and its people to demonstrate that love. ONE CHURCH // 2 CAMPUSES THE HOUSE 2014 FULL TURN