Design zen presentation, rfs, fall 2012
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Design zen presentation, rfs, fall 2012






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    Design zen presentation, rfs, fall 2012 Design zen presentation, rfs, fall 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • DESIGN ZEN: ATTRACTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL WEBSITES Graham Garner • E-Business Practicum BA/CA 388-01 Wartburg College • Fall 2012Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE (IA) • Structural design of information environments • Combination of organization, labeling, search, and navigation systems • Making web sites usable and findable • Focused on design and architecture on the Web; it’s an art and a scienceTuesday, October 16, 12
    • WHY IA MATTERS • The cost of finding information is lost productivity. • The cost of not finding information is that bad decisions come from bad information. • It costs more to fix a problem twice than it does once. • The cost of maintenance is clear. • Building a brand costs money and time.Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • BUILDING BLOCKS OF IA: USERS Do you know whos using your web site? Do you know how theyre using it? And perhaps most importantly, do you know what information they want from your site?Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • BUILDING BLOCKS OF IA: CONTENT Think about all the stuff that makes up a web site. Think about Ownership, Format, Structure, Metadata, Volume and Dynamism.Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • BUILDING BLOCKS OF IA: CONTEXT What makes your business unique? Then, find ways to align the information architecture with the goals, strategy and culture of your business.Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • ORGANIZATION SYSTEMS Present the sites information to us in a variety of ways, such as content categories or specific audiencesTuesday, October 16, 12
    • NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Help users move through the contentTuesday, October 16, 12
    • SEARCH SYSTEMS Allow users to search the contentTuesday, October 16, 12
    • LABELING SYSTEMS Describe categories, options, and links in language that (hopefully) is meaningful to usersTuesday, October 16, 12
    • QUESTIONS USERS ASK 1. Where am I? 2. I know what Im looking for; how do I search for it? 3. How do I get around this site? 4. Whats important and unique about this organization? 5. Whats available on this site? 6. Whats happening there? 7. Do they want my opinion about their site? 8. How can I contact a human? 9. Whats their physical and mailing address?Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • ZEN OF WEB DESIGN Clear your mind. Relax and meditate. Observe and learn from the masters. Obtain clarity. Become one with the web.Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • With nearly 70 categories, Website entries make up the majority of Webby Awards Winners, Nominees and Honorees. Some are beautiful to look at and interact with. Others are a testament to usability and functionality. And a handful excel across the board. To be selected among the best is an incredible achievement worthy of praise -- and perhaps a little bragging.Tuesday, October 16, 12
    • COUNTERSPILL.ORG Activism • GreenTuesday, October 16, 12
    • BEETLE.COM Automotive • Best Navigation/Structure Best Visual Design - FunctionTuesday, October 16, 12
    • MANILLA.COM Banking/Bill PayingTuesday, October 16, 12
    • VISITNORWAY.COM Best Home/Welcome PageTuesday, October 16, 12
    • KINETIC.COM Best Visual Design - AestheticTuesday, October 16, 12
    • MASHABLE.COM Blog - BusinessTuesday, October 16, 12
    • PINERIDGESIOUX.COM Charitable Organizations/NonprofitTuesday, October 16, 12
    • URBANEARS.COM Consumer ElectronicsTuesday, October 16, 12
    • GOOGLE MUSIC Corporate CommunicationsTuesday, October 16, 12
    • MINT.COM Financial ServicesTuesday, October 16, 12
    • ALLSTATETEENDRIVER.COM InsuranceTuesday, October 16, 12
    • EPICURIOUS.COM LifestyleTuesday, October 16, 12
    • PITCHFORK.COM MusicTuesday, October 16, 12
    • ASKAPATIENT.COM PharmaceuticalsTuesday, October 16, 12
    • PADMAPPER.COM Real EstateTuesday, October 16, 12
    • FERVR.NET Religion and SpiritualityTuesday, October 16, 12
    • BEASTANDTHEHARE.COM RestaurantTuesday, October 16, 12
    • ASOS.COM RetailTuesday, October 16, 12
    • ESPN.COM SportsTuesday, October 16, 12
    • SESAMESTREET.ORG/MUPPETS YouthTuesday, October 16, 12