Ozri08 Key Note


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Keynote address at the 2008 ESRI Australia Conference in Canberra

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Ozri08 Key Note

  1. 1. DEPARTMENT FOR FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES IS GIS JUST MAP CANDY? Presented by: Gary Maguire Manager, Online & Geographic Services
  2. 2. BACKGROUND Department for Families & Communities • Mandate • Assist the vulnerable • Individuals or families who may be poor • At risk of harm or isolation • Connect them to choices and opportunities Extract from - Connecting to the future
  3. 3. Value in the Business Value in the Business GIS Evolution in DFC GIS Evolution in DFC Getting Success Getting Success Next Steps Next Steps
  4. 4. CONNECTING THE BUSINESS Targets Strategy South Australian Line of sight Strategic Plan DFC Tactile Connecting to the Future Operation Organisational Development Domiciliary Care SA Disability SA Information & Families SA Knowledge Mngt. Housing SA Corporate Services Carers SA Online & Community Connect Geographic Service Office for Ageing Library Services Mail Services Office for Volunteers Online Services Office for Problem Gambling Coordination GIS Services Office for Aboriginal Housing Management Records Mngt. State Recovery Office Governance Analytics E-Reference Publication Customers
  5. 5. BUSINESS DRIVERS Attracting and Retaining Caring for Building our People Trust in our People People Empowering Engaging Our our people to People in Perform Change Recognition of our People Organisation Strong Effective Governance Value Driven Partnerships Business Operation Capability Integrated Connected Service Offer Customer Interaction Case Management System and Integrated Service Model Operation
  6. 6. GIS Evolution in DFC GIS Evolution in DFC
  7. 7. GIS IN THE BUSINESS 1998 – 2004 (South Australian Housing Trust / Housing SA) 1998 - 2002 2002 - 2004 Desktop GIS Land & Asset Mngt. EView Client Map Library Hardcopy maps GIS File Server Statewide Desktop GIS ArcInfo GIS File Server SAHT Warehouse SQL Server ArcIMS ArcSDE EView Hardcopy maps
  8. 8. GIS IN THE BUSINESS 2005 – 2006 SharePoint (Intranet) single (Housing SA to DFC Corporate) gateway to all GIS products, information and services Desktop GIS Research & Office for the Ageing Pilot Customer Land & Asset Mngt. Asset Planning Demographics EView Client Info. System EView Client Map Library Hardcopy maps EView Client Statewide PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT Fund Grants SQL Server Server GIS File ArcIMS Warehouse SAHT SQL Server ArcIMS State Government Management ArcSDE EView ArcSDE EView ArcSDE & Image Servers System
  9. 9. GIS IN THE BUSINESS SharePoint State Recovery 2006 – 2008 Community Strengths Office Survey (Public Domain) ArcServer SVG Viewer (DFC Corporate) Desktop GIS Corporate GIS AAS Aboriginal Asset Office for Pilot Customer Land & Asset Mngt. Field Capture Services (AAS) the Ageing Info. System EView Client Map Library ArcPad Dekho Client EView Client EView Client Statewide DMZ Hardcopy maps PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT ArcServer Environment ArcServer Environment GIS File Server SAHT Warehouse Fund Grants SQL Server ArcIMSServer Image SQL Server ArcIMS State Government Management ArcSDE EView ArcSDE Dekho EView ArcSDE & Image Servers System
  10. 10. Getting Success Getting Success
  11. 11. EXECUTIVE ENGAGEMENT • Innovation • Communicate • Partnerships • Build on successes • Understand drivers • Value for money “Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand.” Confucius
  12. 12. INDIVIDUAL & TEAM STRENGTHS • Strength based approach: • Know your strength & staff strengths • Utilise their strengths • Cut out weakness • Build strong habits Take your interests seriously
  13. 13. TEAM DYNAMICS • Team is a Guiding Coalition • Leadership vs. Management • Balance team ++ Short-term Success High Success (Change Agents) Leadership + Limited Success Low Success (Control Agents) “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of 0 + ++ things you can't see from the centre.” Kurt Vonnequt Management
  14. 14. GIS FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE Executive Support + People (Customers, Staff, Team) Transformational + Business Practice Innovation Effort + Technology = Transformational Time Business Practice
  15. 15. Planning / Admin. TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE Utilities BUILDING ON SUCCESS BUILDING ON SUCCESS Grants Funding Transport Mobile Assets Office For the Nunga Ageing Assets Wali Socio Economic Facilities Land Planning Utilities / Admin. Tenancy Property Demo- graphics Facilities Housing Planning / Tenancy Demo- SA Administration graphics Planning Land / Admin Property State Facilities Environmental Recovery Transport Demo- graphics Facilities Utilities Facilities Planning Disability General Demo- / Admin Local & SA Interest graphics Regional MapIQ Profiles Housing Families SA SA Health Transport
  16. 16. Nunga Wali Spatial
  17. 17. Next Steps Next Steps
  18. 18. Futures • Objectives (2008 – 2010) • Organisation Customer • Customer Centric Delivery • Choices & Opportunities Single Entry • Partnerships Point • Operational Franchise • Mobility & Web deployment • Case workers Geospatial • Disaster recovery Information • Technical Systems • Distributed collaboration & integration • Geospatial business alignment (State) • GIS Portal Migration + Business Intelligence integration • MapIQ (public release)