Connecting UP Australia 2011 - Unlocking the Front Counter


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Connecting Up Australia Conference 2011 - Presentation about Geospatial technologie enablement for NGO's

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  • Connecting UP Australia 2011 - Unlocking the Front Counter

    1. 1. DEPARTMENT FORFAMILIES & COMMUNITIES A Practical Approach to Location Intelligence in Government Improving Service Delivery from Behind the CounterPresented by:Gary MaguireManager, Business & Location Intelligence
    2. 2. “A lot of information, such as the cultural backgroundof people getting the service, they (government)never do anything with it, it is just in case a ministergets asked a question”(Mark Henley, UnitedCare Wesley 2009)“The charities have a much closer connection with theclients but that is not respected and not trusted(Karen Grogan, SA Council for Social Services 2009) Source: The Advertiser 17/10/09
    3. 3. A fundamental role of Government is for the commongood and to provide help of some kind to those whocan not help themselves.If Location Intelligence is an all pervasive enabler thatstreamlining the delivery of services and providesevidence for policy decisions, why don’t frontlinestaff have this?
    4. 4. Take your Interests seriously
    5. 5. CONNECTING THE BUSINESS Targets Line of sight Strategy South Australian Strategic Plan Operational Executive Responsibility (External) Operational Service Delivery • Chief Executives (Internal) Office • Organisational Business • Domiciliary Care SA Development Technology • Disability SA • Families SA Business & • Housing SA Location Intelligence • Strategy & Planning • Carers SA • ICT Service Desk • Community Connect • ICT Infrastructure • Office for AgeingGovernance • ICT Services • Office for VolunteersCoordination • Systems Solutions • Office for Problem Gambling CustomersManagement • Knowledge Systems • Office for Aboriginal Housing Analytics • Business & Location • State Recovery Office Publication Intelligence
    6. 6. Information Business Behaviour Actions
    7. 7. Information Business Behavior Actions EBMF GIS Evidence Groups Evidence Layers Service Overlays Qualitative GIS Analysis Business Planning & Warehouse Reporting Ad-hoc GIS Desktop GIS Analysis Mapping GIS Database Repeatable GIS Web Mapping Viewing & Operational and Business Analysis Activities Information Service Data Providers(State Government & Private Data)
    8. 8. Desktop GIS Analytics Intranet GIS Cartographic Representation / Cache ExternalMobile Data Capture web GIS DFC Enterprise Service SQL / ArcServer Data Edits (version control) Quality Assurance
    9. 9. I know you have that map stuff ? State Recovery OfficeHousing SA Redevelopment OpportunitiesThe location of Anything is becoming Everything Client Density Modelling
    10. 10. Community Profiling Visualisation
    11. 11. Planning / Admin. Utilities Grants Funding Transport Mobile Assets Office For the Nunga Ageing Assets Wali Socio Economic Facilities Land Planning Utilities / Admin. Tenancy Property Demo- graphics Facilities Housing Planning / Tenancy Demo- SA Administration graphicsPlanning Land/ Admin Property State Facilities Environmental Recovery Transport Demo- Facilities graphics Utilities Facilities Demo- Service Community General graphics Overlays Capacity Interest EBMF MapIQ Evidence Evidence Health Transport Groups Layers
    12. 12. Empowerment through Location IntelligenceMore Info…
    13. 13. More Info…
    14. 14. Sharing Community Based Information & KnowledgeProblem: An system that could provide varying levels of community and health information using location technology to enable staff or citizens to make better choices. Understand ‘where’ and ‘how’ to get to these service easily. Solution: MapIQ pulls together information from various government and NGO websites and mapping services. Publishes the consolidated data to the user. Benefit: Gateways to other business data. Directly accessing Health SA - Health Services Finder, Australian Bureau of Statistic’s, Transport SA – public The difference is what you see transport, Education facilities, Non for profits – ConnectingUp Australia and DFC’s internet pages from the map.
    15. 15. Nunga WaliSpatial 24 OUT NOW ! MapIQ 2.2 ! (Selected EBM 18 Layers & Analytics)Number ofFunctionsGIS Tools 12 MapIQ 2.1 (Dynamic& Layers User layers) 6 MapIQ 2.0 MapIQ (Build for public) 1.1 3 Affordable MapIQ Carers Homes 1.0 Community Benefits 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 App’s @…
    16. 16. 1.0
    17. 17. Beta
    18. 18. 2.0
    19. 19. 2.0
    20. 20. 2.0
    21. 21. 2.0
    22. 22. DEPARTMENT FORFAMILIES & COMMUNITIESBusiness and Location Intelligence GroupBusiness Technology | DFC Chief Information OfficeThankyou Team:Penny Baldock | Susana Valdivia | Stephen Retallack | Simo Xu | David Coombe | Andrew Leane