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  1. 1. CourseReflectionA Crash Course in CreativityThis brochure will discuss the amazing things I have learned while Itook this course. I talk about how this course has changed myattitude about the world, how I will apply it to my work, and themany skills that I have picked up.+
  2. 2. 2skills:The things I learnedThe course A Crash Course in Creativity has taughtme how to be a thinker and problem solver. Thatthere is no one solution to a problem, but severalthat need to be explored. When doing theprojects, I was constantly challenged to think ofinnovative ideas and how best to present them tomy classmates. I learned to express the ideas inmy head into tangible pieces of work. It was acathartic experience that left me wanting more!+
  3. 3. 3Career HelpEducators need to teach creativityBeing a future educator, I found this course to be extremely beneficial inbecoming a better educator. As the world continues to get smaller, jobs andskills that were once needed are becoming obsolete. Manuel labor is beingreplaced with technology, and more and more workers will be displaced.What does this mean for an educator? We have to start educating our studentson being creative thinkers. Instead of route memorization and teacher-centered classroom, educators need to create an atmosphere that fostersexploration, learning, and teamwork. Students need to learn that no successhas ever been possible without failure. That failure should not be seen as theend to a mean, but as tool that aides in innovation. This course as taught mehow to engage my students in a creative atmosphere. Though I cannot teachmy own creativity course, I can alter the assignments and projects to help mystudents reach their creative best. Science no longer has to be a course aboutmemorization and difficult vocabulary words, but a engaging class that helpsstudents reach their creative best.+
  4. 4. 4+the inter-web:Taking a course onlineTaking a course online are something that I am use to, but working with people around theglobe in real time was definitely something I had never done before. Though I wasunsuccessful in finding a team that worked for me, I was able to discuss and share ideaswith my classmates via the forums. I found that writing on the forums helped with mycreative process. I was able to get feedback for assignments before the due date, and thisallowed me to look at my pieces in a more critical fashion. The feedbacks and ratingsgiven to each assignment were encouraging and often times critically pleasing.I also learned about tools that helped bring out my creative side. Mind-maps and Prezi aretools that I had never used before, but now have become apart of my learning and thinkingexperience.
  5. 5. 5Attitudeabout theWorldCreativity is found onall corners of theworld! This course hasshowed me that thereis a natural innateability for humans tobe creative. Theassignmentssubmitted by myclassmates haveamazed me and leftme inspired.+
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