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Content marketing presentation

  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING How does that work?
  2. 2. Why? Is content marketing effective INTRODUCTION What? Do I talk about Where? Do I talk about it How? Do I use social media channels
  3. 3. “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” WHY IS CONTENT MARKETING EFFECTIVE
  4. 4. WHY IS CONTENT MARKETING EFFECTIVE? Traditional Marketing gets in peoples faces and hopes they pay attention. Content marketing speaks only to people who want to listen. They give their permission for you to put information about your business into their inboxes and feeds or onto their mobile phones. Content Marketing works because it adds value to the consumer. It’s a two way conversation.
  5. 5. Your content is your words, either short form, long form or spoken and images or video. Share your knowledge in exchange for your audiences attention. WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT?
  6. 6. WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT? Your product is your expertise. Show your expertise by talking about it where your potential customers will be listening. Provide an education Give your potential customers the information they need to make use of your services. Listen to your audience Before you can take part in any conversation, you need to listen and understand who you are talking to.
  7. 7. What do you want to achieve? Prepare content which supports your objective. But, Be yourself! WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT?
  8. 8. The channels you choose for your content strategy will depend on your audience and the type of content you share. WHERE DO I TALK ABOUT IT? Content Strategy Channel Words Pictures Video Article How to Personality Product info Infographic White Paper ?????? Youtube Twitter Blog Facebook Vine Instagram Email Text Tripadvisor
  9. 9. WHERE DO I TALK ABOUT IT? Facebook: Ideal for business to consumer services, perfect for rich media and customer feedback Twitter: Accessible to everyone. Great for listening to your audience & conversations Linked in: Your virtual CV, create professional relationships and gain recommendations Supporting Channels Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Email, Forums, Tr ipadvisor Blog: Whether on your own website or tumblr, a place for long form text.
  10. 10. HOW DO I USE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS Almost Famous Almost famous has a shitty website and no facebook page but they use twitter to great effect by following an incredibly simple strategy. Monday I hate mondays, I’m hungover. Where should I eat? Tuesday I ate amazing food yesterday, her e’s a picture Wednesday Look what I’m cooking today – “close up picture of something cooking” Thursday Here’s what I was cooking, it’s available NOW! ( Picture of ridiculous burger ) Friday Picture of the special – “There are a limited number of these available today”
  11. 11. Almost Famous rely on retweets of their weekly special to drive footfall. Existing followers repeat their post out to people following them, meaning the post gets seen by more people. By involving their customers in the process early in the week they build anticipation and interest, the “special” tweet is anticipated and readily shared. The fact that the special tweet is usually a ridiculous burger porn image makes it sharable in it’s own right, but there would be nobody to share it without the engagement throughout the week. HOW DO I USE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS
  12. 12. OREO With nothing but a biscuit to talk about, oreo engage with thousands of people on Facebook every day. HOW DO I USE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS? Current Events Oreo hooks on to current events with imaginative image posts featuring oreos. If they can’t think up an image, they just put words up with an oreo instead of an O Completely made up bullshit Oreo love stupid shit. A picture of a narwhal with an oreo on it’s tusk? Why the fuck not?
  13. 13. LISTEN Find your potential customers and listen to what they are saying. ABSORB What do people need? How can you help them? What kind of tone will go down well? ENGAGE Join the conversation, be helpful and add value. Don’t try to sell anything yet. PROFIT?? Build an audience and develop relationships, so that your content isn’t produced in vain. HOMEWORK
  14. 14. HOMEWORK Channel Content How does this add value? What was the result?
  15. 15. HOMEWORK Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday