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SharePoint - Intranet CMS?
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SharePoint - Intranet CMS?


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Presentation about whether Microsoft SharePoint is suitable for use as a CMS by Frank MacDonald from Heriot-Watt University at the April meeting of the Scottish Web Folk in Glasgow. (Uploaded with …

Presentation about whether Microsoft SharePoint is suitable for use as a CMS by Frank MacDonald from Heriot-Watt University at the April meeting of the Scottish Web Folk in Glasgow. (Uploaded with permission.)

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. SharePoint – Intranet CMS? Scottish Web Folk University of Strathclyde 17th April 2009
  • 2. Introduction  Frank MacDonald  Web Development Manager Heriot-Watt University  Started February 2009  ‘Web Refresh Project’  SharePoint project collaboration & Intranet  SharePoint since January 2007  CMS unsuitable for Extranet / Intranet  SAC
  • 3. SharePoint - Introduction  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)  Collaboration platform  A password-protected web accessible database of files and web pages that is accessed using a familiar Microsoft Office interface that allows advanced collaboration and document management features.  WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 Standard/Enterprise  Campus agreement  Licences <£1,000!
  • 4. SharePoint - Versions
  • 5. SharePoint - Roles
  • 6. SharePoint @ HW  Install in a day, configure in a lifetime…  Centrally provided SharePoint platform to encourage schools, lower duplication & costs.  Pilot project for managing SunGard Banner project.  Structure to allow staff Intranet by stealth.  Live site
  • 7. SharePoint @ HW
  • 8. Why discuss SharePoint?  Is SharePoint a web CMS?  Depends.  Do you have .NET skill resources to adapt look Unlikely…  Complex to configure, Ferrari  Accessibility issues, AKS  SharePoint is not a Web Teams responsibility  Yes and no.  Blurring of what is a web service and traditional IT infrastructure, conflict?  Do you get involved in Intranet sites and custom applications? If yes then SharePoint is relevant.
  • 9. Is SharePoint an Intranet CMS?  Yes!
  • 10. Key SharePoint advantages for Intranet  Ease of use for developers & site owners.  Simple, familiar, and consistent user experience.  Microsoft Office integration.  Document management bias.  Audience and authentication based on Active Directory single sign on & groups.  Team and project management content targeted at multiple audiences and content in same location.  Announcements, alerts, custom lists, workflow, forms, calendars, workspaces to name but a few.
  • 11. ECM / SharePoint CMS Integration  CMS Market consolidation, fewer standalone CMS
  • 12. ECM / SharePoint CMS Integration  ECM definition…
  • 13. ECM / SharePoint CMS Integration  SharePoint's role in ECM, is it ECM?  No, ‘ECM lite’, it requires other products to function.  “Though it covers a broad spectrum of capabilities, MOSS 2007 is not yet a full enterprise content management (ECM) system. Organizations requiring advanced content management capabilities and process-centric applications will need to augment their capabilities with partner offerings, or deploy MOSS 2007 alongside an ECM system rather than as a replacement for it.” Gartner  Nevertheless,  Strong focus on SharePoint integration in CMS market.  What business has the resource and discipline to introduce ECM?  SharePoint introduces concepts of ECM to the workplace.
  • 14. SharemyPoint  SharePoint is relevant to Web Teams that manage an Intranet or want to investigate project collaboration / document management.  It is ideal software for managing an Intranet, easy to use simply or quick to develop advanced features.  Low cost approach for academic sector.  Any CMS selection should strongly consider integration with SharePoint.  However  Watch out how SharePoint is resourced, admin to training.  Do not underestimate the support required.  Don’t run before you can walk, remove features until strategy in place.  Maintaining high standards in the Intranet, if it is easy to use it may be easy to abuse!
  • 15. Questions  Do you think you will be involved with SharePoint?  Do you have a central SharePoint Strategy at your institution?  What is your ECM strategy?  How do we deal with integration and functionality cross over of VLE, SharePoint, CMS and ECM!?