Theme 1: Big History


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Theme 1: Big History

  1. 1. Big HistoryGarethglen Laguna
  2. 2. The Day the Universe ChangedThe Way We Are• As our knowledge changes and expands, as does the Universe• The amount of effort you defend, increases the amount of importance• We, as humans, think our version is the best version• Freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness
  3. 3. The Day the Universe ChangedOur Curiosity• Questions; we ask so many questions over time• Curiosity from the Greeks• Questions are unsettling, evolving and fulfilling• Questions were institutionalized• Pass it on• Keeping order• We are always looking for change• Today’s scientific research labs are creating more questions to find more answers
  4. 4. Journey of Man• Blood – Hidden time machine in our genes• Luca – First man to use blood to see past ancestors• Used markers to find similarities within our genes; connecting us to various groups of people.• Everyone might be related• Birthplace of humans is Africa• The Sun People – their markers are different than other markers
  5. 5. Journey of ManThe Move from Africa• Climate changes• No sense of evidence in terms of traveling• Traveling through the world to search for connecting genes• Africa, Australia, Middle East , India, China• In Europe they found paintings in caves and underground• Spencer Wells found a way to connect us all - ROOTS
  6. 6. Catastrophe• Tree ring growth – patterns of wide and narrow tree rings shows the history of climate changes• 3 Suspects – Volcano, Asteroid, Comet• No evidence of asteroid or comet• Krakatoa Volcano – fatal disaster• The Plague• Effects around the world triggered migration• Cattle Economy vs. Horse Economy
  7. 7. Catastrophe• Evidence of natural climate changes found within remains of volcanic eruptions• Hyphothesis: explosion of Krakatau would have to be extremely massive to change climate on a global scale.• Looked within various cultures history of any evidence as to what caused the plague and drastic climate change
  8. 8. Guns, Germs, Steel• Natural Resources – Prosperity and Peril• Critique of how some places prosper and some perished due to the natural resources of the land.• Jared Diamond uses Papa New Guinea as an example of a culture that did not have the blessings of natural resources.• Example: farming systems, taro roots vs. barley and wheat• It all came down to geographic luck
  9. 9. Guns, Germs, and Steel• The fertile crescent is the location where it is agriculturally blessed• An example of how agriculture can overcome another’s is how the Europeans took over the Inca’s• Even though the Inca’s outnumbered the Europeans, they had a much more advanced set of weapons.• This was due to the Europeans advancement in agriculture, it gave them time to specialize in other things and not worry about farming juxtapose to the Incas.
  10. 10. The age of discovery• Europeans went on extreme explorations of the world• This was considered the bridge between the middle ages and modern era• They wanted to search for better trading routes and riches such as spices and gold• Spices were considered to be extremely rare due to its medicinal purposes and culinary purposes
  11. 11. (contd) Age of discovery• The exploration helped build better maps and help recognize the world on a global scale.• Trade routes were established• Discovery of new lands• Explored the culture of different people