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Slides from the Twitterversity session in the Social Media Hub from CIPD Annual Conference 2012

Slides from the Twitterversity session in the Social Media Hub from CIPD Annual Conference 2012

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  • 1. CIPD Annual Conference2012Twitterversity – the ‘why’ of socialengagement for HR professionals
  • 2. What?
  • 3. Why?
  • 4. “Human social networks andcommunities are both well established,robust social structures that pre datetheir online counterparts by a amillennia. Humans naturallygravitate to and desire theinteractions that these structures allow.We want to belong”.Dr Michael Wu
  • 5. Been there done that…
  • 6. Technology moves on…
  • 7. Social is a culture, a movement.The technology is largelyirrelevant and will change. Theimperative is to understand thebigger picture, what is happening- the movement. This will allow youto understand how to make the bestof it, regardless of platform. 
  • 8. Peer to Peer
  • 9. 100% of support calls through the community No agents or call centresFastest growing telco in the UK Net Promoter score of 73
  • 10. 100% support calls through community No agents or call centresAngry Birds promotional campaign designedby the superfans
  • 11. One Superfan has posted over 45,000 times. Hisanswers to technical questions have been viewedmillions of times giving him a greater reach than thecompanies own advertising campaigns.
  • 12. “The 300% increase in searchengine placement for top keywords – a natural product of their community’s open, dynamic conversation – is itself worth millions”. Hewlett Packard Community
  • 13. If it’s good enough forcustomers…
  • 14.’s good enough for employees too.
  • 15. Conversation the new currency
  • 16. “Social media, which consists ofsocial networking sites, content sharingsites, blogs, and micro blogging sites,saw the biggest percentage increase(75 percent) in trust among mediasources.”Edelman Trust Barometer 2012
  • 17. “Smart businesses will take advantage of this dispersion of authority. They will talk to their employees first, and empower them to drive the conversationamong their peers about the company and its role in society.” Edelman Trust Barometer 2012
  • 18. If customers can solve theirown support issues…. ……then surely employees can too?
  • 19. “We  are  in  the   Compuserve-­‐Prodigy-­‐AOL  stage   of  social  media   evolu<on.    It’s   a@er  Netscape  and  before  Google   in  equivalent   internet  <me.” John Sumser
  • 20. Back to twitter… ……it is your entry point into the social, real time world.
  • 21. Have a go…•  Log on to•  Search these terms in twitter search bar: –  #HR –  #ConnectingHR –  #traincrimes –  #commutinghell –  #leadership
  • 22. Further reading…The Science of Social: Beyond Hype, Likes andFollowersDr Michael Wu The Starfish and The Spider Ori Brafman and Rod A Beckstrom
  • 23. Thanks!Gareth 742