DIASApprovedAccreditorsTo ensure you get the most benefit for your practice from your accreditationimplementation, talk to...
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Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme Infographic - RELEVANT TO AUSTRALIA ONLY


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In Australia the federal government's Department of Health and Ageing has mandatory requirements that diagnostic imaging practices and some other medical and allied health practices need to abide by to ensure that they remain eligible for the government's Medicare rebate. These are called the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme:Practice Accreditation Standards.

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Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme Infographic - RELEVANT TO AUSTRALIA ONLY

  1. 1. DIASApprovedAccreditorsTo ensure you get the most benefit for your practice from your accreditationimplementation, talk to a DIAS expert. Your DIAS expert will guide you through theprocess and liaise with your chosen accreditation provider on your behalf.HDAA Health and Disability Auditing Australia | 1800 601 696 | www.hdaau.com.auNATA National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia | 1800621666 | www.nata.com.auQIP Quality in Practice | 1300 888 329 | www.qip.com.auDIAGNOSTIC IMAGING ACCREDITATION SCHEMESince 2010 it has been mandatory for practices intending to provide diagnosticimaging services (listed in the DIST) to obtain an LSPN and accreditation to theDepartment of Health and Ageing’s Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme:Practice Accreditation Standards to maintain eligibility to Medicare benefits.Which modalities are included?Which aspects of my practice will be affected by implementation of the DIAS :Practice Accreditation Standards?The 15 accreditation standards encompassing organisational, pre-procedure,procedure and post procedure standards influence the following aspects:Why do we need the accreditation standards?•DoHA’s aim was to establish safety and quality standards that provide consistencyof service across a wide range of practice types.•These standards ensure patients receive a safe and effective diagnostic imagingexamination regardless of whether they present at a large metropolitan practice, arural hospital or in a specialist’s rooms.What are the benefits for my practice other than maintaining access to theMedicare rebates?Sources:Department of Health and AgeingStethoscope designed by Olivier Guin from The Noun ProjectPulse designed by Thomas Uebe from The Noun ProjectSkeleton designed by Olivier Guin from The Noun ProjectTooth designed by Elad Weizman from The Noun ProjectTeam designed by Björn Andersson from The Noun ProjectTHE BENEFITS FOR YOUR PRACTICEAcronyms:DIAS – Diagnostic ImagingAccreditation SchemeDIST – Diagnostic Imaging Services TableDoHA – Department of Health and AgeingLSPN – Location Specific Practice NumberCTComputedTomographyXGeneralX-rayMMammographyAAngiographyFFluoroscopyOPGOrthopan-tomographyMRIMagneticResonanceImagingCUCardiacUltrasoundCACardiacAngiographyOBObstetric &GynaecologicalUltrasoundNUCNuclear MedicineImagingUSUltrasoundHow do I ensure I get the most benefit for my practice from DIAS Accreditation?For more information or assistance with your DIAS requirements contact LogiQA today.Phone 07 3172 7744 or visit our website www.logiqa.com.au.Info graphic prepared by: Mary Gardam, LogiQA ©LogiQA 2013SAFETY PRACTICEEnsures correct patientidentificationEnsures correctprocedure matchingImproves patientawareness via informedconsentImproves medicationmanagementImproves focus oninfection controlmeasuresImproves client focusImproves client confidenceReduces error ratesAssists to meet regulatoryrequirementsImproves practicereputation due to timelyreports, advice andnotificationsProvides a marketingadvantage over practiceswithout accreditationImproves awareness ofpractice processesImproves consistency ofprocessStreamlines inductionsdue to improvedinformational resourcessuch as manualsGenerates improvementopportunities via clientfeedback/ complaintsmanagement processQUALITYLQ-IG-003-v1Best PracticeDIAS:PracticeAccreditationStandardsPatient CareOrganisationalClarityClientCommunicationRevenueRadiation SafetyEquipment Personnel