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iPad basics

  1. 1. IPAD BASICS: TIPS AND TRICKS Jenna Garber Instructional Technology Specialist CENTER GROVE COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATIONSpecial Thanks to: Julie Bohnenkamp, Director of Technology
  2. 2. SETTINGS INFO Airplane Mode Connect to WiFi Notification – mail, message ―dings‖ Brightness & Wallpaper General  Auto-Lock: screen turns black  Passcode Lock: asks for passcode  Can change passcode here  Side Switch: Lock rotation OR mute  iPad Cover Lock/Unlock - OFF
  3. 3.  Very important in case your iPad ever gets reset! Create iCloud account in settings and turn iCloud backup ON Will automatically create a backup when plugged in, screen is off, and WiFi is connected. Can restore from iCloud backup to get apps, folders, settings, etc. back.
  4. 4. ICLOUD SETTINGS Choose what you want to back up in iCloud settings If Photo Stream is turned on, all pictures you take from any iOS devices using the same iCloud account will show up.
  5. 5. AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS If you have more than one device, you can automatically download new purchases
  6. 6. SET UP EMAIL Click ―Settings‖—‖Mail, Contacts, Calendars‖—Add Account – choose Microsoft Exchange Fill out full CG email address, username, password, domain (centergrove.k12.in.us), Next Continue Fill in server address (exchange.centergrove.k12.in.us), Next Turn ON anything you would like to have sync with your device, and make sure anything you do not want is turned OFF. Done
  7. 7. EMAIL, CONT’D If you set up a passcode for your iPad, please note…if you enter the wrong passcode four times in a row, your iPad will be completely erased! You can turn off the sound alerts of new e-mails. Be sure to change ―Mail Days to Sync‖
  8. 8. BATTERY The battery life is 10 hours. Apple recommends going through at least one charge cycle per month (charging to 100%, then lowering it down to 0). Do not expose the iPad to extreme heat or cold (room temp is best) Adjust brightness Manually close out of apps to conserve battery life
  9. 9. OTHER TIPS LOCK up your iPad(s) when not in use Cleaning  NO window cleaners  SOFT microfiber cloth
  10. 10. APP STORE Go to App Store Set up iTunes account to get started Search by Featured, Genius, Top Charts, Categories, Purchased Purchased Feature Download updates periodically
  11. 11. ADDING APPS To add an app: Find an app, click ―Install‖ iPhone v. iPad apps You will be prompted to type in your iTunes password
  12. 12. DELETING APPS To delete an app: Push down on app icon until wiggle and x appears. Click the x to ―delete.‖ Press home button to return to normal screen.
  13. 13. ORGANIZE YOUR APPS – CREATE FOLDERS Click and drag ―similar apps‖ on top of each other and create a title for your folder. You can have up to 20 apps in a folder
  14. 14. GOT TOO MANY APPS? CAN’T FIND YOURAPP? Swipe your hand right on the home screen to get to the quick search and type your app name. Also searches keywords in emails
  15. 15. TAKE A SCREEN SHOT Step 1: Quickly click down on the home button and the power button at the same time (holding them down for too long will restart your iPad).
  16. 16. SEND SCREENSHOT TO EMAIL  Step 2: Look for the picture in your Photos app  Step 3: This is the universal icon to send any picture or file to email or other options. Always look for this.
  17. 17. MAKE A SHORTCUT TO A WEBSITE Always typing in long URLs to get to frequently visited websites? Add to Home Screen to create an app-looking icon on your home screen. Tap on the icon to go right to the website.
  19. 19. INSTANT COMMUNICATION BEYONDEMAIL WITH FACETIME Set up in iPad Settings Video calls Face To Face between any iPhone and iPad 2 or 3 Note…must be connected to WiFi to do this!
  20. 20. SPLIT KEYBOARD TO ―TEXT‖ When a keyboard on the screen appears, swipe two fingers away from each other on the keyboard toward the edges of the iPad.
  21. 21. UNDOCK KEYBOARD Hold down on the keyboard button in bottom right corner for a couple seconds. You’ll see ―Undock‖ and ―Split‖ Undocking will let you move the keyboard up or down on the screen.
  22. 22. MULTITASKING (WITH IOS 5.0 OR NEWER) Turn on in General settings Using 4-5 fingers:  Pinch to Home Screen  Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar  Swipe left or right to switch between open apps
  23. 23. MULTITASK TO RECENTLY USED APPS Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar OR double click Home button Quickly jump to recently opened apps
  24. 24. TROUBLE SHOOTING If apps are acting ―funny‖: Get out of app, double-click home button, hold down on any app until they wiggle, tap little minus sign to close app. Try opening the app again. If iPad freezes:  Turn your iPad off or restart it (home and power buttons at same time for 3-5 seconds).
  25. 25. WANT TO LEARN MORE? CHECK OUT THE APPSTART APP or go to www.appadvice.com RESEARCH EDUCATIONAL APPS www.iear.org and http://appitic.com/ LEARN WITH VIDEO AT http://www.apple.com/ipad/guided-tours/ READ ABOUT EDUCATION USE AT: http://www.scoop.it/t/ipads-and- tablets-in-education 50 RESOURCES FOR IPADS IN THE CLASSROOM: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/igeneration/50-resources-for-ipad-use-in- the-classroom/16126 REVIEW OF TIPS AND TRICKS: IPAD SECRETS: http://www.everythingicafe.com/review-of-tips-and-tricks-ipad-secrets- for-ipad/2012/05/05/
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. IPAD BASICS: MY FAVORITE APPS Jenna Garber Instructional Technology Specialist CENTER GROVE COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATIONSpecial Thanks to: Julie Bohnenkamp, Director of Technology
  28. 28. ACCESS YOUR DOCUMENTS ON THE GO Dropbox Free app or www.dropbox.com Install on computer to act like jump drive Create folders (and subfolders) and upload files into them Share folders with other people All files in shared folders can be seen by anybody who has been invited. Limit of 2GB space for Free Account
  29. 29. NOTE TAKING Evernote Free app or www.evernote.com Text, Audio, Photo notes  Send emails to Evernote to save Tag notes to find later  Keep digital copy of recipes Syncs notes wirelessly so they go  60MB/month Limit wherever you go
  30. 30. GROCERY AND TO-DO LISTSWunderlist Free app or www.wunderlist.com List for each store Share lists with others Push/email notifications Add due dates Prioritize list items
  31. 31. PERSONALIZED NEWSZite Personalized magazine based on your interests #1 iPad news app of 2011
  32. 32. SCANNING APP Genius Scan Turn your device into a scanner Take picture of document and quickly turn images into PDFs to email or save
  33. 33. NEED TO DO MORE THAN VIEW OFFICEDOCUMENTS? Pages, Keynote, Numbers - $9.99 each (iWork is the series) QuickOffice PRO - $9.99 Office HD - $7.99 Documents To Go – Premium Office Suite $16.99
  34. 34. CONNECT TO VIRTUAL COMPUTER Ninja VMware Desktop View Access Windows virtual  Access Windows virtual desktop desktop Open programs like Word,  Open programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint on iPad Excel, PowerPoint on iPad
  35. 35. APPS FOR FINDING APPS App AppsGoneFree Shopper Tells newest App Store apps,  5-10 Temporarily free apps daily sales, freebies Ratings and Reviews Track Changes in price