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Garagerasmus Foundation Complete Profile
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Garagerasmus Foundation Complete Profile


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This is the complete profile of garagErasmus Foundation, the project of reuniting Erasmus Generation and building the largest professional network in Europe. …

This is the complete profile of garagErasmus Foundation, the project of reuniting Erasmus Generation and building the largest professional network in Europe.
The network forges an alliance of former Erasmus students who are presently European professionals in several fields; and who owe their entry into the labour market, the acquired professionalism and a united Europe oriented lifestyle to that study experience abroad.
garagErasmus aims at contributing to build a truly united European society, which is able to create opportunities of innovation and development by taking advantage of the best professionals in the network and promoting their entrepreneurship potential and ideas. garagErasmus invests on human capital.
The Foundation is independent and is not affiliated to any political party.
garagErasmus Foundation was introduced and presented at the European Parliament for the first time on the 5th of November 2012.

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  • 1. The Erasmus Generation professional network Foundation
  • 2. garagErasmus Foundation is a network that can transform knowledge and dynamism of Erasmus Generation into sustainable economic growth and a more united Europe
  • 3. garagErasmus is a Foundation with a private/ public approach: institutions and companies together for the future of Europe’sYouth
  • 4. garagErasmus is building an ecosystem with the Erasmus Generation at its center
  • 5. garagErasmus has 3 main goals:
  • 6. Startup Facilitating young entrepreneurship
  • 7. Facilitating the placement of talented people Recruitment
  • 8. Facilitating business partnerships inside the network and attracting investments Business internationalisation
  • 9. The garagErasmus engine Private and Public Alliance to empower Erasmus Generation Erasmus Generation Professional Network Start-ups Placement Business Internationalization 21 3 Goals garagErasmus
  • 10. garagErasmus’ Identity Card Birth Date: 4 October 2012 Offices: Pisa,San Rossore Park Brussels,Rond-point Schuman Board Members: 6 Status: The Private and Public Alliance to empower the Erasmus Generation (involving 10 new Foundation Members) has been launched Assets: The Erasmus Generation Professional Network (4.300 registered members until now) Thanks to: 10
  • 11. Offices The HQ is located in the wonderful natural park of San Rossore (Pisa), former residence of the President of the Italian Republic. •  1 minute by foot to the Mediterranean Sea •  10 minutes by car to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and University (tech research excellence pole in Italy) •  1 hour by plane to all European capitals San Rossore is an ideal location for institutional and creative events to be organized by the Foundation. The Brussels office is located in the heart of the city’s political and institutional life,next to the European Commission. Nicola Filizola is the Director of this office. He is also the external relations manager of the major EU financing programme for ICT for health. The Brussels office is at the heart of the Foundation as it liaises with European networks,private enterprise, individuals,national permanent missions and European Institutions. Pisa (Italy) Brussels 11
  • 12. Our asset: Erasmus Generation 3 m i l l i o n p e o p l e between 25 - 45 years old, from all Europe, experienced Erasmus in the last 25 years
  • 13. Board of Directors Francesco Cappè Executive Chairman Marco Mazzini Deputy Chairman Co-founder and Deputy Chairman of garagErasmus Foundation. Forty-two years old, he was Erasmus in Paris in 1995; he holds a degree in Law in the University of Pisa and a Master in Communication and Media. He has been executive manager and board member for 15 years in several digital and advertising agencies (Zodiak Media Group,WPP, Publicis, LBi etc), developing innovative communication projects for international brands such as Ferrero, Microsoft, Barilla, Fiat, IKEA and many others. He is co-founder and partner of a consulting firm specialised on advisory and training for Brands and Companies on digital and content marketing. Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the garagErasmus Foundation, Cappè was born in 1971 and was an Erasmus student in Bilbao (1996). He holds a degree in Law (thesis in Ireland) with a Master in International Relations in interdisciplinary perspective. Deputy Director of the Human Rights Center at the University of Pisa from 2000 to 2003, for 12 years (until September 2012) he was employed as a United Nations official, Head of Security, Dialogue and Innovation at UNICRI. From 2006 to 2011 he was a member of the UN Secretary General Task Force on Counter- Terrorism Strategy in NewYork. He is the editor and co-author of the book “Generazione Erasmus: l’Italia dalle nuove idee”; he now teaches “Future Studies and Strategic Forecasting” at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa. Carl Björkman is a Swedish national with an international background, having grown up in Africa and worked in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. Carl is currently Director and Head of International Organisations and Government Affairs at the World Economic Forum. He has previously worked for Bloomberg, the United Nations and the European Commission. He serves on the board of several non-profit organisations including Turnlight and Waterberry Development Organisation.  He has an MA in International Relations and a postgraduate MLitt in Management, Economics and Politics from the University of St. Andrews as well as an Executive Master in Global Leadership from INSEAD, Columbia University, London Business School and Harvard. Carl Björkman Board Member 13
  • 14. Board of Directors Ann Katherine Isaacs Board Member Ann Katherine Isaacs, Erasmus Staff Ambassador from Italy in 2012, was born in Astoria Oregon USA (1943). She studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and the State University of Milan, taking her degree in Modern History. Professor of Renaissance History at the University of Pisa since 1975, she has been active since 1989 in the development of higher education in Europe and in other continents (ECTS/DS Counsellor for the European Commission; Bologna Expert for Italy; member of Tuning). She has coordinated the European History Networks since 2000, and is now carrying out a large scale Tempus project in Central Asia. Stefano Giovannelli Board Member Stefano Giovannelli holds a degree in electronics from the University of Florence. He has worked for 27 years for the United Nations focussing on industrial development, technology transfer and foreign investment. He has worked in many countries, particularly in South East Asia and China, and in the Mediterranean. Since 2009 he is the Managing Director of the Economic Promotion Agency of the Tuscany Region. 14 Vito potenza Chairman of Ethics,Disciplinary and Private Relations Committee Vito Potenza is founder and senior partner of the Associated Chartered Accounting Firm Potenza & Partners operating both in Milan and Monza., providing consultancy and technical sup port to its Italian and International clients. Since February 2012 Vito Potenza is Contract Professor at the Bicocca University of Milan for the course “Company Evaluation” after giving, in the past technical lessons at University of Castellanza for the course of Criminal Law and Economics in the year 2006 and in 2011 at the Bicocca University of Milan in the course Company Governance. In the year 2009 he has been elected Provincial Coordinator of Monza and Brianza for the Carabinieri National Association
  • 15. Foundation Members •  garagErasmus Foundation is building an Alliance to Empower the Erasmus Generation •  The Alliance will be composed of 10 Private and Public organizations in Europe by September 2013 •  Members of the Alliance so far:
  • 16. Our model Erasmus Generation (ex Erasmus students and similar experiences) garagErasmus Membership Partners Beneficiaries Call for ideas & startup Incubators Partners Call for talents Recruiters Private entities, companies Projects Partners Sponsors We want leverage our network to activate services for partners and opportunities for the Erasmus Generation members 16
  • 17. A multi-funding system Foundation Members Project Donors & Sponsorships Clients of our services 17
  • 18. Foundation developlment plan • Reunion   • Network   Digital   Pla3orm   • Brand   development   Step   1   • Clustering   • Matching   • Organizing   Step   2   • Calls   • Events   • Projects   Step   3   Recruitment Services Packages Services Delivery Sponsors Foundation Members Institutions Foundation Members Institutions Sponsors Foundation Members Clients Fundraising.Developmentsteps 2012-2013 (I sem) 2013 (II sem) From 2014 on 18
  • 19. GARAGERASMUS ACTIVITIES An overview of recent activities (april 2013)
  • 20. Activities: timeline May Book: Erasmus Generation October birth of the garagErasmus Foundation Florence: Workshop “new Digital Makers” November Pisa-Bruxelles: Kick off of the Reloading Europe Tour December Florence: Check-in Europe,The Launch February #Erasmusvote initiative March Event “Reloading Europe in Pisa” April Event “Reloading Europe in Istanbul” Coming A Miracle at the Square of Miracles (Pisa) Coming Italian & European Parliament events (Rome,Brussels) Coming Erasmus Person of Year Award – TBD Coming Stories: TV docu-reality about former Erasmus success professional stories 20
  • 21. The book 21 Published in Italy “Erasmus Generation: the Italy of New Ideas” May 2011 Edited by Francesco Cappè Introduction by H. Ceri Jones,founder of the Erasmus Program
  • 22. Workshop on Digital handicrafts Florence,Agency for the Promotion of the Tuscany Region, 14 November 2012 artigianato 2.0 artigianato 2.0 22
  • 23.  Pisa   Turin   Geneva   Brussels   Reloading Europe Tour 2 symbolic visits and then in the centre of Europe to read the Appeal to the Erasmus Generation! 3-5 november 2012 23
  • 24. From Pisa to the European Parliament 24 Pisa – Foundation’sheadquarters Turin – La Stampa offices Brussels – European ParliamentGeneva – Cern
  • 25. Appeal to Erasmus Generation We are the Erasmus Generation,and we speak for a new Europe. Our vision is of a growing and united Europe,forged by the fall of the Berlin wall,the end of the east-west divide,and the explosion of connections in every direction. We are the Internet generation. We are products and protagonists of the struggle for a European society,where values and policies unite while borders fade. The Erasmus Generation has learned how to live in a land without borders. We have been educated to appreciate differences,we are thrilled by the speed of integration and the potential of a united and inclusive European society. We have no longer fear we may lose our identity or national traditions; we know that our polity is strengthened because we are different from one another. Our land stretches from the Mediterranean to the North Sea. It can become a golden bridge between west and east,north and south. Europe can be all this,and we know it. Erasmus has shaped our lives. Europe has given us a unique experience and forged our resolve. Now it is our turn to hold up our hands,recognise each other,and say Europe can,must,become the united inclusive society we envisage. We see that this will not happen by itself. We hear too much about finance and see too much bureaucracy. Where is solidarity,innovation,creativity and political courage? If Europe is stagnating,its crisis is not so much economic as cultural. New technologies can now support us in moving faster towards a culture change. We have tools that our parents did not have, we have been moulded by their vision and we have learned to be European citizens. The Erasmus Generation puts its strength and will to the task of achieving an integrated society able to produce novel ideas and ensure sustainable development in a world that is getting closer every day. Today, from the European Parliament, we call on all those who have had an Erasmus or a similar experience to raise their hands, to declare their adhesion, and to work together with us toward this goal. We are a force for change and it is now our turn, our opportunity and our responsibility. For our parents, for ourselves, for our fellow citizens, for our children. We are the Other Side of Europe. 25
  • 26. Check-In Europe Check-in Europe is the multiplatform application that will constitute the database of former Erasmus students (3 million people) 4.400   registered   users   26
  • 27. Check-In Europe •  Check-in Europe is the multiplatform application that will constitute the database of former Erasmus students (3 million people); •  The database shall feature different clusters: all subscribers will be grouped by skills and business orientation; •  After 1 month from the launch,Check-in Europe has almost 3.000 users (simply by word of mouth); •  The app is still in beta version and will be strongly improved in the next months; •  Goal: 500k check-in; 27
  • 28. Check-in Europe Launch with the President of Tuscany Florence,Palace of the Tuscany Region,4 December 2012 28
  • 29. #Erasmusvote An initiative in Italy to support the voting rights of Italian Erasmus Students 3-5 November 2012 29
  • 30. #Erasmusvote (initiative only for Italy) We believe that European citizenship cannot be in conflict with or limited by national citizenship. Our Foundation stands for a united and dynamic Europe ready to raise its hand, to implement ideas and face the challenges of development. Italian law does not foresee the possibility for Erasmus students to vote abroad during their study experiences. Such legislative bottleneck became public on the verge of the last political elections, in February 2012, when a group of Italian students abroad came together to launch an online protest ( in one week the dedicated facebook page was joined by 5000 subscribers) and lobby for a swift modification of the law. The short time before the vote made it impossible for the government to adopt the necessary measures for modification. Therefore, gargErasmus decided to support the return of students to Italy by fund-raising order to allow Erasmus students to go to the polls. Two donors gave the symbolic financial aid of €100 for each of 50 students. We received more than 600 requests, which shows the maturity of Erasmus students and their desire to be active European citizens, without giving up their national rights and duties.30
  • 31. Check-in Europe in Pisa Airport •  A full day dedicated to Erasmus, organized in Pisa with the local Authorities and University; •  garagerErasmus,in the evocative location of the Galileo Galilei Airport in Pisa,organized a Workshop entitled Ex Erasmus and Sustainable Growth: a New Europe of Ideas, work and innovation; •  On that occasion,the Foundation inaugurated an advertising format in the Airport to promote the Check-in Europe website. 31
  • 32. Check-in Europe in Istanbul 20 April 2013,Esma Sultan Yalisi, Istanbul 32 •  Launching Check-in Europe in a full day event promoted by the Turkish Minister of EU Affairs, •  Debating and engaging with local entreprenurs and start up •  Success stories of ex-Erasmus •  Networking
  • 33. garagErasmus in Istanbul. Hosted by Minister of EU Affairs 33
  • 34. Join garagErasmus and be part of the Erasmus Generation professional network!