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How to fundraise in US: GrabCAD sharing experience
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How to fundraise in US: GrabCAD sharing experience

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GrabCAD giving lesson at Garage48 HUB on 26th of July 2011.

GrabCAD giving lesson at Garage48 HUB on 26th of July 2011.

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  • Or CMI Durango a machine tool manufacturer from Spain who are using GrabCAD to improve their sales. They order photorealistic renderings of their machines before they actually get built. But with the power of engineering community we can offer much more value to our customers ((CHANGE SLIDE)
  • Amorak, a Canadian electric motorcycle company, is trying to win the North American national championship this year. I order to do so they needed to redesign one essential part of their superbike and they posted this task on GrabCAD (CHANGE SLIDE)
  • In just one week our engineers came up with more than 150 different designs, with complete CAD models ready for manufacturing (CHANGE SLIDE)
  • Everything you see on this screen was designed by engineers on GrabCAD. Someday everything that you see in the world will be designed by engineers on GrabCAD.


  • 1. Hardi Meybaum, CEO founders @ grabcad.com @grabcad Hardi Meybaum twitter: @hardi_meybaum
  • 2. GrabCAD
  • 3. - increases sales
  • 4. “ Want to design the lightest electric superbike?” 99 designs for CAD
  • 5. One week, 150 different design ideas
  • 6. Who am I to teach you?
    • Raised 1.5M+ USD from 15 investors (13 outside Europe)
    • Only Company who have won both SeedCamp and Techstars
  • 7. Who did I get there? ~ 800 new connection in 9 months ~ 70 presentation to ~ 3000 people ~ GrabCAD_presentation_ver281 .. and counting
  • 8. Lesson learned Accelerators are nice, but expensive be Man/Women to take advantage
  • 9. Lesson learned Network like crazy you never know who will play important role
  • 10. Lesson learned You don’t ask money you will help investor make more money
  • 11. Lesson learned And this is all irrelevant if Your product doesn’t have traction
  • 12.