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  • 1. Doing more . . . ReachingLanao Young Educators’ Civic Alliance for Progress f urther. . . MILESTONE Gaphor M. REPORT
  • 2. Mobilization and Advocacy• Conducted advocacy activities in the identified barangays• DepEd Division, District and School site Coordinated• Coordinated with the LGUs, BLGUs and other stakeholders• Orientation Meeting with parents & BLGUs
  • 3. Baseline Survey /Benchmarking• Conduct of house to house survey• Enlisted potential pupils for pre-school and grade 1 classes• Gathered other baseline data following BRAC-ADM tools
  • 4. Recruitment of Project Organizer/s (PO) and Project Coordinator (PC)• 1 Project Coordinator for Cluster 8 and 4• 5 Project Organizers – 2 for Cluster 8 – 3 for Cluster 4
  • 5. Recruitment of Learning FacilitatorsCluster 4 Pre Elem Pre Elem TOTALCluster 8 12 5 20 6 43 AdditionalCluster 8 4 brgys 47
  • 6. Enrolment of learners for pre- school and grade 1 classesCluster 4 Pre Elem Pre Elem TOTALCluster 8 360 150 600 180 1,290 AdditionalCluster 8 120 1,410
  • 7. LFS Training• Co n d u cted Lea rn i n g Fa ci l i ta to rs Tra i n i n g a t Bo l a w a n en H a l l , M SU M a ra w i Ci ty
  • 8. Construction of BRAC Learning Center• 7 0% o f BRAC Sch o o l H o u se w ere co m p l eted 1 . Brg y . Da l a o n , Lu m b a y a n a g u e 2. Brg y . Da g o o k , Lu m b a ta n 3. Brg y . Beta Pro p er, Lu m b a c a Un a y a n
  • 9. Basic Orientation for Learning Facilitators• Conducted 3-day basic orientation to learning facilitators on the following: – School discipline, management of school operations – how to prepare and use indigenous teaching-learning materials – engagement and mobilization of parents and community
  • 10. Procurement of classroom facilitieso Flags o Erasero Blackboards o Chalkso Floormats o Scissorso Glass o Other LF ando Petchel Learniner supplieso Kito Visual aidso Class Registero Class Records
  • 11. Organization of BRAC Learning Center Parents Committee• PTCA w ere co n ven ed• Pa ren ts Ag reem en t w a s execu ted
  • 12. Activities April May JuneMobilization and Advocacy PhaseBaseline Survey /BenchmarkingRecruitment of Project Organizer/s (PO) andProject Coordinator (PC)Recruitment of Learning FacilitatorsEnrolment of learners for pre-school and grade 1LFs TrainingConstruction BRAC Learning CenterBasic Orientation for Learning FacilitatorsProcurement of classroom facilities and suppliesOrganization of BRAC Learning Center ParentsCommittee
  • 13. Challenges• Limited lot for the construction of BRAC Learning Center.• The additional 4 school in municipality of Marogong.• Peace and Order condtion of some of target barangays.• Inaccessibility of road of some of barangays in Marogong.