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  • 1. CarnivàleCarnivàlePremiere September 14, 2003Finale March 27, 2005AirsCreator Daniel KnaufNetwork HBOStyle 60-minute fantasy dramaCompany Home Box OfficeEpisodes 24Seasons 2Origin USACarnivàle follows a traveling carnival as it wends its way across theDust Bowl, focusing on Ben Hawkins, a mysterious 18-year-old fugitivewith hidden talents who is taken in by the carnival, and Brother Justin,the charismatic, shadowy evangelist who will ultimately cross his path.The series takes place at a time of worldwide unrest, with evil on therise around the globe and the Great Depression wreaking economicand social havoc here at home.
  • 2. To each generation is born a creature of light and a creature ofdarkness. This is about all Carnivale is willing to give us. The rest, wesort of have to pick up on our own. Heres what we know. Everygeneration produces two Avatars: one light and one dark. Neither arebound to act according to their avataric designation, but both are drivenby dreams and visions which guide them along their path.Ben Hawkins and Justin Crowe are the current generations avatars.Ben, the Avatar of Light, resides in Oklahoma until he is picked up by atraveling carnival heading south, and Justin, the Avatar of Dark, lives inthe town of Mintern, California. Both men possess avataric powers,including, but not limited to: healing, telepathy, telekinesis,psychometry, illusion, and more. While Ben is more inclined to healothers, Justin embraces his darkner nature and uses his abilities toacquire power and control over others.The two other key players in the mix are Sofie Bojakshiya andthe Tattooed Man. Sophie is the daughter of Apollonia Bojakshiya, andhas spent her youth and her adolescence vocalizing her mothers tarotcard readings to their clients. Sophie is very closely bound to Apollonia,due mostly to her mothers comatose state. The younger girl is hermothers only caretaker and, from what we see, the only one asidefrom Professor Lodz and perhaps a few other gifted individuals, whocan hear her mothers thoughts. But Sofie is far more than a simplecarnie girl. She is the Omega, a mysterious role which was leftunexplained at the close of the second season.The Tattooed Man, on the other hand, is an entity known as the Usherof Destruction. His motives remain murky and unclear, but he is apowerful, otherworldly force that may assume physical form only once
  • 3. in the course of human history. Unsurprisingly, the Usher ties himself toBrother Justin, augmenting the preachers power and setting him on avery special trajectory. Unfortunately, the true purpose of the Usher,and his role in the Trinity detonation, remain a mystery.Season 1 establishes that the current age is the last age of avatars.Mankind will "forever trade away wonder for reason" with thedetonation of the atom bomb. Thus, the show starts in 1934 and thefinal event takes place in 1945. Since, during various visions anddreams, we have seen Ben, Justin and Sofie all present at thedetonation, we can assume that the three of them will, in some form oranother, survive until 1945. What we dont know is how they get thereor what they do once theyre there.Contents[hide]• 1 Cast• 2 Seasons• 3 In-Depth• 4 DVDReleases• 5 Soundtrack Releases• 6 ExternalSitesCastActor Character DurationMain CastMichael J. Anderson Edgar "Samson" Leonhardt 1 2Adrienne Barbeau Ruthie 1 2Patrick Bauchau Ernst Lodz 1 2Clancy Brown Justin Crowe 1 2Debra Christofferson Lila Villanueva 1 2
  • 4. Tim DeKay Clayton "Jonesy" Jones 1 2Clea DuVall Sofie Bojakshiya 1 2Cynthia Ettinger Rita Sue Dreifuss 1 2John Fleck Gecko 1Carla Gallo Libby Dreifuss 1 2Toby Huss Felix "Stumpy" Dreifuss 1 2Amy Madigan Iris Crowe 1 2Diane Salinger Apollonia Bojakshiya 1 2Nick Stahl Ben Hawkins 1 2Karyne Steben Alexandria Potter 1Sarah Steben Caladonia Potter 1Brian Turk Gabriel 1 2Ralph Waite Norman Balthus 1 2Season numbers in red indicate a recurring or guest role in that season.Supporting/Recurring CastK Callan Eleanor McGill 1 2Robert Knepper Tommy Dolan 1 2Scott MacDonald Burley 1 2Bill Moseley Possum 1 2John Savage Henry "Hack" Scudder 1 2Blake Shields Osgood 1 2Don Swayze The Usher of Destruction 1 2Amanda Aday Dora Mae Dreifuss 1Daniel Browning Smith Rollo the Rubberboy 2John Carroll Lynch Varlyn Stroud 2SeasonsSeason Premiere Finale #HBOSeason One September 14, 2003 November 30, 2003 12Season Two September 1, 2005 March 27, 2005 12
  • 5. In-Depth• At a Glance: Additional information about the seriesDVD ReleasesTitle Release Date #Season SetsThe Complete First Season December 7, 2004 1 purchaseThe Complete Second Season July 18, 2006 1 purchaseCarnivàle/Justin Crowe< CarnivàleJustin Crowe/Alexei BelyakovCarnivàleActor Clancy BrownFirst Appearance 1x01 - MilfayLast Appearance 2x12 - New Canaan, CASeries Billing Main CastEpisode Count 24Notable Episodes
  • 6. Contents[hide]• 1 BasicInformation• 2 CharacterHistory• 2.1 Season 1• 2.2 Season 2• 3 MemorableMoments• 4 Trivia• 5 QuotesBasic InformationCharacter HistorySeason 1The current generationsAvatar of Dark. Born Alexei Belyakov inRussia, Justin and his sister, Irina (Iris), fled to North America with theirmother, Plemina Belyakov, in order to escape their father. Consider theeventual revelation of the identity of Justins father, it seems much morelikely that Plemina went insane after Justins birth and fled from herhusband in a fit of psychosis, telling the children that their father wasa "bad man." Justin and his sister were the only survivors of a traincrash in the California Sierras which killed their mother, presumablyorphaning them. During their time in the wilderness after the crash,they were located by a man who had been sent, presumably by theirfather, to find them. In order to protect his sister, a youngJustin snapped the mans neck. Both he and his sister repressed anymemory of the incident, although it becomes clear that while Justin hadforgotten it, Iris had not. Eventually, they were found by ReverendNorman Balthus, a Methodist minister who would become theirsurrogate father.
  • 7. Justin took after his adoptive parent and joined the clergy. Iris remainedextremely involved in his life, and in 1934, due to an influx ofimmigrants to Mintern, the two siblings took it upon themselves toprovide a church for them. Justin believed that he was acting under thewill of God, due to one of thevisions hed had as a result of his Avataricheritage. The church, which doubled as a childrens ward, burneddown, killing the children and sending Justin on a journey into thewilderness. During this time, Justin regained his memoriesfrom thenight of the train crash and learned to harness his telepathy during astay at a mental institution.Upon his return to Mintern, he found a reporter, Tommy Dolan,accusing him of burning down the church, only to learn that it was Iriswho set the fire. Finally, after confronting Norman concerning the oldermans fears that Justin had become possessed, Justin acknowledgedthat "there is no demon in me: the demon is me."Season 2Season 2 picks up right where 1 left off: Justin is in the middle of hissermon, preaching apocalypse, while Ben is killing Lodz. As Benchokes the life out of the professor and resurrects Ruthie, Justindoubles over in pain, somehow psychically affected by Bens use of hispowers. This is not the last time that Justin will be able to sense whenBen is using his abilities.At the same time that Justin is struck, Norman Balthus collapses on thestairs outside the Methodist ministry. This is possibly Justins doing,worried that Norman will reveal his true nature, and possibly justpsychic backlash from Bens resurrection of Ruthie. Either way, itplunges Norman into a comatose state, similar to Apollonias. As his
  • 8. surrogate son, Justin is given control of Norman and has Iris care forhim in their home.Justins TreeMore pressing on Justins mind, however, is what is revealed to himby Wilfred Talbot Smith, an occultist who chanced upon Justins identityas the Avatar of Dark. Smith informs Justin of the nature ofavataricbloodlines and tells him that he must seek out Scudder in order tobecome the Prophet. Roughly around the same time, Justin finds theactual tree hes been seeing on the Tattooed Mans chest in his visions.He realizes that the tree is where he will build his temple, his NewCanaan. This temple features many radio antennas, heavyforeshadowing of the fact that Justin is now able to use the radio tosubliminally control others.The Gospel of Mathias
  • 9. Also at roughly the same time, Justin, during one of his radio sermons(thanks to Dolans help), calls out to an incarcerated convict, VarlynStroud, helps him escape from prison, and sets him on the task oftracking down Scudders whereabouts. While Stroud is on his search,Justin moves closer to accepting his avataric mantle. He has thestylized tree tattooed on his chest, marking him as the vessel fortheUsher of Destruction.Justins TattooPerhaps as a result of this, or perhaps just because he is growing moreaccustomed to his heritage, Justin starts down an extremely dark path.Beginning with the psychic seduction and mental and physical rape ofhis maid, Justin develops a voracious appetite for destruction, rapine,and wantonness. Iris, who cleans up his messes, implies that Justinhas always been possessed by such appetites, and recalls an incidentin St. Paul when Justin raped a young gypsy girl named Apollonia.After a while, Stroud manages to locate Scudder, and Justin gets aglimpse of Bens face, via the death mask sent to him by EvanderGeddes (also a radio conscript of Justins). Moreover, Sofie deserts thecarnival and makes her way to Justins house as his new maid.Following a close escape attempt, Justin decapitates Scudder and
  • 10. receives his boon. He is now aware that a carnival hides his foe, anddue to a growing infatuation with Sofie, he is eventually able to discoverher carnie heritage.Justin remains unaware of Sofies acquaintance with Ben until Sofiehappens to see him barechested one morning. Recognizing the treetattoo from the vision of her mothers rape, Sofie belies her awarenessof Justins identity and her connection to Ben. Meanwhile, Iris, in aneffort to curtail her brothers destiny, has manoeuvered the carnival intoNew Canaan. Justin is aware of hers and Normans planned betrayal,but forges ahead regardless. He marches boldy into the carnival,cognizant of the fact that a trap has been planned, and mounts theferris wheel. As Ben siphons the life from him, Justin is driven into afrenzy by the strain, and halts the ferris wheel with his mind to seek outhis foe.The two play cat and mouse in a stormy cornfield until Justin deals Bena seemingly fatal stomach wound. Ben manages to recover enough tostab Justin with his army knife. The blade, however, breaks from the hiltand Justin is not wounded. Reveling in his triumph, Justin is about tofinish Ben when Ben remembers Managements words: "Behold, theUsher, a dark heart dwells where the branches meet. Anointed dagger,plunge thee deep." While Justin is gloating, Ben grabs the broken bladeand plunges it into the center of Justins tree tattoo. The wound is fatal,and both men collapse.The next morning, Sofie, now acting as the Omega, drains the life fromthe cornfield to resurrect Justin.
  • 11. Memorable MomentsTriviaQuotesCategory: Carnivàle/CharactersCarnivàle/Mythology< CarnivàleContents[hide]• 1 The Alpha• 2 TheAvatara• 2.1 Prophetsand Princes:Avataricbloodlines• 2.2 Avataricpowers• 3 TheOmega• 4 The UsherofDestructionThe AlphaIn the Age of Wonder, first there was the Alpha, the first femaleProphet. She lived before the Flood. Her story is now lost with thedestruction of the Royal Library of Alexandria. From her, to everygeneration is born a Creature of Light and a Creature of Dark, which
  • 12. implies that she contained both light and dark within her. TheseCreatures are known as Avatara, manifestations of some higher power.Other than the Alpha, they have always been male.The Avatara•While the moral defect (i.e. Light or Dark) is randomly assigned to anAvatar upon birth, it will also play against their basic human nature thatcan be good or evil. When Avataric and human natures coincide, theAvatar will work well towards the goal of his House. When they are inopposition, the opposite is likely to happen (like with Scudder).•The avataric blood travels within families forming a dynasty. The firstborn son of an Avatar is himself the Avatar of a new generation.Whether the new Avatar is Light or Dark is chance. All that matters isthat there is one of each per generation.•Any other children to an Avatar other than the eldest male is aVectorus. The Vectori are those with avataric blood who are notthemselves Avatara. They are not uncommon and are usually female.They cannot become Avatara, as that mantle is only conveyed uponbirth. They can exhibit some minor powers and are often crazy in someway.•A woman who gives birth to an Avatar is stricken barren and insane.Before that time, she can give birth to unlimited females from an Avatar.Prophets and Princes: Avataric bloodlines•The eldest Avatar within a House is called the Prophet and has blueblood. The next in line is the Prince. The Prophet always seems toknow his Prince even if he is in a different family.•If the Prince dies before the Prophet, a dynasty ends and the first malechild born elsewhere in the world with the most avataric blood is the
  • 13. new Prince unless the Prince had a son in which case the son will raiseto Prince. If the Prince loses his son while the Prophet still lives, nonew Avatar is born until the Prince rises to Prophet then a new Princewill be born elsewhere in the world starting a new dynasty. A dynastyusually lasts about 3 generations.•When a Prophet dies while a Prince also lives, one of two thingshappens. If the Prophet dies at the hands of his Prince, the Prince willgain the mantle of Prophet with an extra boon. This boon is likelyadditional powers and knowledge not otherwise gained. If a Prophetdies in any other way, the Prince will be automatically raised to Prophetin his stead.Avataric powers•All Avatara draw from the same pool of powers. It is only in how theyare used that differs. Imagine there is a toolbox with a knife. Both theAvatar of Light and the Avatar of Dark can use the knife. Whereas theAoL might use the knife to help someone else, the AoD will likely usethe knife to kill someone. On an individual basis, there is nothing toprevent an AoD from also healing someone, or from an AoL killingsomeone, it is only on the large scale average that the general trendcan be seen.•Healing someone in body requires the transfer of energy fromelsewhere. To bring someone back from death requires the Avatar toconsciously completely remove the life from someone else and"transfer" it. This resurrection may form a connection between the twoindividuals, as with Ruthie and Lodz. Healing someone in spirit, on theother hand, requires no such transfer in energy and is unlimited inscope.•Other types of powers, like astral projection, are trying on the Avatar
  • 14. and may cause him damage. Thus, an Avatar is still mortal even if theyare more resilient. Anybody can kill a normal Avatar.•Avatars exert a degree of control over dreams. Both Scudder andBelyakov were adept at manipulating the dreams of those theyemployed (mainly Ben, although Scudder sent dreams to otherindividuals as well). Avatars also seem to be present in each othersdreams, though they are often unaware of it (Justin was present inmany of Bens dreams, but while Ben remembered his face, Justin wasclueless as to what Ben looked like untilmidway through the secondseason).•Finally, an Avatar can grant some small measure of his power to amortal. This does not make the mortal of the avataric blood, but doesgive them additional powers. Lodz is an example of this. Scudder giftedhim with his mentalist abilities and his psychometry, but also tookLodzs sight in the process. As a result of the transaction, Lodz is ableto sense where Scudder is.The OmegaThe final part of the equation is the Omega. It has been assumed byoccult scholars that the Omega and the Usher are one and the same.This is not the case. The Omega is the last Prophet. She is also afemale, the bookend to the Alpha. As the Omega, she will be ruled bythe principle of the three selves of the Gospel of Thomas. The fixedhidden self is likely Dark, the varying hidden self is likely Light and thevarying visible self is a mix of the two, varying between both extremesyet tending to Dark.Once again, the Omegas role in these matters is unknown.
  • 15. The Usher of DestructionThe Usher of Destruction is a unique creature. He has been prophesiedthroughout the ages but can only be manifest once. In visions, he isseen as the Tattooed Man. He can only be killed by an anointed bladethrust into the bough of his tree tattoo where the dark heart dwells. Wecan assume that the blade must also be whole, since Bens brokendagger was not enough to permanently kill Justin. Regardless, theUshers motives are also unknown, but we can assume they involve"destruction."Category:Carnivàle/EpisodesList of Carnivàle episodes.
  • 16. Pages in category "Carnivàle/Episodes"The following 26 pages are in this category, out of 26 total.*• Carnivàle/Season Two• Carnivàle/Season OneA• Carnivàle/After the BallIs Over• Carnivàle/Alamogordo,NMB• Carnivàle/Babylon• Carnivàle/Black BlizzardC• Carnivàle/Cheyenne, WY• Carnivàle/Creed, OKD• Carnivàle/Damascus, NED cont.• Carnivàle/The Day ThatWas the Day• Carnivàle/Day of the DeadH• Carnivàle/Hot andBotheredI• Carnivàle/Ingram, TX• Carnivàle/InsomniaL• Carnivàle/Lincoln Highway• Carnivàle/Lonnigan, Texas• Carnivàle/Los MoscosM• Carnivàle/MilfayN• Carnivàle/New Canaan,CAO• Carnivàle/Old CherryBlossom Road• Carnivàle/Outside NewCanaan• Carnivàle/Outskirts,Damascus, NEP• Carnivàle/Pick a NumberR• Carnivàle/The River• Carnivàle/The Road toDamascusT• Carnivàle/Tipton